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1. I found _____ hard to understand the article.

A. that B. this C. it D. it’s

2. Do you find this movie ____________?

A. interest B. interesting C. interested D. interests

3. He wants to find a cheaper hotel _____.

A. to live B. living C. to live in D. to live with

4. He is so poor that he has no house _____.

A. to live B. living C. living in D. to live in

5. The ice in the lake is about one meter_____ . It’s strong enough to

skate _____.

A. long, in B. high, on C. thick, on D. wide, in

6. There is ______meat in the fridge. Let’s go to buy some.

A. a little B. little C. a few D. few

7. Let’s go and have a drink. We’ve got ___ time before the train leaves.

A. a little B. little C. few D. a few

8. I ____ frustrated when I wasn’t sure of the correct answer.

A. use to be B. used to C. used to be D.used to being

9. You used to play the violin very well,_____?

A. used you B. didn’t you C. wasn’t you D. did you

10 .The little boy 1ikes to go to sleep____the 1ight on.

A. in B. to C with D .and

11. Jack doesn’t know _________.

A. what to do it B. how to do C. what to do D. to do what

12. Bill is good at basketball,and he is ____ his schoo1 team.

A. at B. in C. on D. of

13.Mary and I will go to the museum tomorrow.

______. Shall we go together?

A. So will I B.So am I C. So do I D.So I will

14.It was ___ weather that we had to stay at home.

A.so bad B.such bad C.so bad a D. such a bad.

15.How__________ is it from Xi’an to Beijing?

It’s about ten ____________ train ride.

A. far ; hours’ B. far ; hour’s C. long ; hours’ D. long ; hour’s

16. Lucy wants to get her ears _______.

A. pierce B. pierced C. piercing D .to pierce


17. Mike_______ until 11:00 o’clock to finish a report.

A. made up B. stayed up C. gave up D. turned up

18. Julie often feels ______ in class because she often stays up.

A. sleep B. sleepy C. sleeping D. slept

19. Who ________ will play tennis next Saturday?

A. other B. another C. the other D. else

20. — What ________ things can you see in the picture, Tom?

— Nothing, I think.

A. other B. else C. another D. others

21.The bread is delicious. Could you please give me _____ piece ?

A.another B. other C. else D. next

22. — Can I help you, sir?

— Yes. I don’t like the coat. Would you like to show me ____ one?

A. another B. other C. the others D. others

23. On ____ side of the street, there is a tall tree.

A.another B. other C. the other D. others

24.There are many tall buildings on____sides of the street.

A.either B.all C.both D.every

25. — How many more oranges can I have?

— You can have one more. _______ are for Tom.

A.Another B. Other C. The others D. Others

26. The old man feels _____ , maybe he is ______ ill.

A. terribly, terrible B. terrible, terribly

C. terribly , terribly D. terrible, terrible.

27. _____ are you getting along with your study?

A.When B. What C.Where D. How

28. If I _____ the answer, I would tell you.

A.know B.will know C. knew D. have known

29. Sam is afraid to speak in _______ public place.

A. the B a C. an D. /

30.—Mum, Tara bought a computer yesterday. Could you please buy

___for me? –Sure. But you must make full use of it.

A.one B.this C.it D.that

31.I have a beautiful cat. ________ name is Mimi .

These cakes are ________

A. its, its B. its, it’s C.it’s , its D. it’s, it’s


32.Tony _____go to the opera on Saturday because he’s going to have a


A.can’t B.might C.mustn’t D.should

33.I didn’t ride to school ______ the strong wind.

A.because B. because of C. so D.but

34.You won’t improve your English _____ you work hard at it.

A.if B. though C. unless D. because

35.Have you considered ___ to Huangguoshu Waterfall next year?

A.going B. to go C. went D. go

36.They will ___ for about 6 years.

A. go away B. be away C. leave D. come

37.Neither Nick nor I ___ right.

A. is B. are C.were D. am

38. Neither I nor he ______ French.

A. speak B. doesn't speak C. speaks D. doesn't speak

39. — Which do you prefer, coffee or coke?

—______ , thanks. I’d like only a cup of tea.

A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. None

40.The trip to Hainan was _________ .

A. please B. pleasure C.pleased D.pleasant

41.Ken was noticed ___ basketball on the playground just now.

A.played B.play C.to play D. was playing

42.The meat _____ very delicious.

A.tastes B. is tasted C. is tasting D.tasting

43.America was ____ by Columbus while the light was ____ by Edison.

A.invented; discovered B.discovered; invented

C.found; invent D. found; discovered

44.Sarah tried hard, and ________ , she did it well.

A.at the end B.in the end C. by the end D.at first

45.My grandmother’s _____ makes me sad.

A. dead B. death C. die D. dying

46.Mr Smith gave up ____ because ____ his illness.

A.to smoke;of B.smoking; for C.smoke;for D.smoking; of

47.Don’t worry, the movie never begins___. We’ll be ___ for it.

A.on time; in time B. in time; on time

C.on time; on time D. in time; in time


48.By the time we got to the cinema,the film ___ already.

A.begun B.has begun C.have begun D.had begun

49.The film ____ for ten minutes when we got to the cinema.

A.had begun B.had been begun

C. had been on D.has begun

50.Why didn’t you hand in your homework?

Sorry. I ____ it at home.

A.forgot B. left C.went D. took

51.Keep your eyes _______ when you are doing eye exercises.

A.close B. closed C.closes D. closing

52. What did Jack say? He said ______________.

A. if you are free the next week B. what colour was it

C. the weather is fine D. Monday comes after Sunday

53. Mr Green came up to see __________.

A. what was the matter B. what the matter was

C. what the matter is D. what's the matter

54. In the bookshop , a reader asked the shopkeeper ______ ―Who Moved

My Cheese‖ was an interesting book.

A. that B. how C. what D. if

55.Have you met Mr Zhang ______?

A. just B. ago C.before D. a moment ago

56—Our hometown ______ a lot so far.

—Yes. I hope it will be even ______.

A. has changed ;well B. changed ;good

C. has changed ;better D. changed ;better

57—____you ___ your homework yet?—Yes . I ___it a moment ago.

A. Did;do;finished B. Have; done; finished

C. Have;done;have finished D. will; do; finish

58.Li Ming ______ the Army since 1990.

A. joined B. has joined C. was in D. has been in

59.It _____ ten years since he joined the Party.

A. is B. has C. will D. was

60.Miss Green isn't in the office . she_____ to the library.

A.has gone B. went C.will go D. has been

61. This is the best hotel in the city _____I know.

A. where B. which C. that D. it


62. My watch is not the only thing ______ is missing.

A. that B. it C. which D .who

63.This is the house in _____ I lived two years ago.

A. that B. where C. which D .when

64.He showed me the place ______ he used to live.

A. that B. where C. which D .when

65. ___ I answer this question in English?

--No, you ____ . You ___ answer it in Chinese.

A.May, needn’t, can B.Must, needn’t, may

C.May, mustn’t, could D.Must, mustn’t, can

66.--Listen! Marry is singing in the next room.

It ___ be Marry. She has gone home.

A.mustn’t B.may C.can’t D.should

67. Look at the ___ window. Who ___ it, do you know?

A. break; broke B.broke; broke C. broken; broke D.broken; broken

68.Tai Wan is ______ the southeast of China.

A. to B. in C. on D. at

69.Great changes _____ in the last five years.

A. take place B. took place C. happen D. have taken place

70.Eating ___________ is good for our __________ .

A. healthily, health B. health, healthily

C. healthy, healthy D. healthy, health

71.They put off _________ a meeting because of the rain.

A. have B.having C.to have D. has

72.The boy is busy ________ up the radio.

A. fix B. fixing C. to fix D. fixed

73.I will tell him as soon as he _____ back

A. come B. comes C. will come D. came

74. Look ! The boy students are _____ football while the girls are _____ .

A. playing… dance B. playing… dancing

C. play… dancing D. play… dance

75. My sister sings English songs _______ of us all.

A. badly B. worse C. more badly D. worst

76. If you want to know the meaning of the new word _______, you’d

better look it up in a dictionary.

A. hardly B. carefully C. mostly D. exactly


77.Of the two girls, Liu Ying is ____ one. I think you can find her easily.

A. tallest B. the taller C. taller D. the tallest

78. She always finishes her homework on time. She _______ leaves it for


A. always B. never C. usually D. sometimes

79. Can you catch what I said? — Sorry, I can ____ understand it.

A. almost B. hardly C. nearly D. hard

80. The horse is getting old and cannot run _______ it did.

A. as faster as B. so fast than C. faster D. so fast as

81. I believe that ______ you work, _______ result you’ll get.

A. the harder; the better B. the harder; a better

C. the more hard; the more better D. more hard; more better

82.There ______ a parents meeting next week.

A.are B.will have C. is going to be D. was going to be

83.How dirty your shoes are! They need _______.

A.to clean B. clean C.cleaning D.cleaned

84. — You’ve dropped _____ ―s‖ in the word ―cros‖.

— Oh, _______ letter ―s‖ should be doubled like this ―cross‖.

A. a; a B. an; the C. a; the D. the; ,the

85. We have ______ lunch in ______ middle of the day.

A. /; the B. the; the C. the; / D. /; /

86. — Although you failed four times, I hope you can have _______ try. — Thank you, I will.

A. the fifth B. a fifth C. the fourth D. a fourth

87. Mrs Liu began to work in this hospital in her ________.

A. fifties B. fifty C. fiftieth D. the fiftieth

88.You must read the _____ carefully before taking the medicine.

A. news B.information C. messages D. instructions

89.Six months _____ a long time for me.

A. is B. are C. have D. has

90.I know her. She is ______.

A. a friend of my mother B. a friend of my mother’s

C. my mother friend D. my mother friend’s

91.Ann is so careful that she always goes over her exercises to

______there are no mistakes.

A. look for B. make sure C. find out D. think about


92. No one taught ________ Japanese. She learnt all by ________.

A. she; her B. her; herself C. her; her D. herself; herself

93.Would you mind ______ me this book?

A. borrow B. borrowing C. lend D. lending

94.Please remember ______ your dictionary here tomorrow.

A. to bring B. bringing C. to take D. taking

95.It’s fine today. You needn’t ______ your umbrella with you.

A. bring B. to bring C. to take D. take

96.It is hard _____ on with a person in a bad mood.

A. getting B. to get C. going D.to go

97.Hurry up! Don’t keep them ______ for too long.

A.wait B. to wait C. waiting D.for waiting

98.I didn’t go home ______ it stopped raining,

A. after B. until C. ago D. later

99.The police stopped that boy from ______ with fire.

A. to play B. play C.played D. playing

100.Which of the following does paper burn in?

A. CO2 B. N2 C. O2 D. He

101.Today, the forests have almost gone. People must _____down too

many trees.

A. stop to cut B. stop from cutting

C. be stopped to cut D. be stopped from cutting

102.----You must come back every month. ---- Yes, I ______.

A. will B. must C. should D. can

103. Jack and Susan_____each other since they were children, so nobody

was surprised to hear that they were married.

A. knew B. had known

C. have known D. were known

104.Now, where is my school bag? _____! We’ll be late for school.

A. Just a minute B. Take it easy

C. Don’t worry D. Come on

105. Miss Gao teaches _______ English. We all like her lessons.

A. our B. we C. ours D. us

106. The little girl with her classmates _______ playing computer games

happily now.

A. are B. is C. were D. was


107.Lucy spent three years _______ Chinese before she came to China.

A. on learning B. to learn C. learning D. learn

108.I was born ________ the morning ______ August 1st, 1993.

A. in ; of B. on ; of C. on ; for D. at ; of

109. Hurry up, ________ you will be late for school.

A. and B. so C. or D. but

110. There ________ a knife and two forks on the table.

A. has B. are C. have D. is

111. This is the book _______ we are looking for.

A. who B. which C. whose D. whom

112. The cake looks _______ and it sell s ________.

A. well; well B. well; good C. good; good D. good; well

113. ___ Blacks are going to the park. Why don’t we go for a walk, too?

A. A B. An C. The D. /

114. ---Do you have any hobbies?

---Yes. I have many hobbies. I _____ like collecting shells.

A. specially B. especially C. usually D. fortunately

115. _____ of the water _____ polluted. We must try to protect our


A. Two third; are B. Two third; is

C. Two thirds; are D. Two thirds; is

116.It’s so kind of you to give me a ride to the station. ---________.

A.It doesn’t matter B.Never mind

C.Don’t mention it D.My pleasure

117. Would you like some coffee,please?

Yes,and please get some sugar. I prefer coffee ____ sugar.

A.to B.for C. with D.from

118.---Can you answer the door, Jim? I ____ the dishes.

---I’m coming, dad.

A.do B. did C. have done D.am doing

119.I don’t think he will come back here on time,_______ ?

A.won’t he B.will he C. does he D.is he

120. ---_____ all the things,Mary. I hate them here and there.

---OK, Mom.

A.Put up B.Put on C.Put off D.Put away


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