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Confidence in yourself is the first step on the road to success.


笔试部分( 100分 )

一、单项选择 (15个小题,每小题1分,共15分。) ( ) 1. —Will people live to be 300 years old?


A. No, they aren't B. No, they won't C. No, they don't D. No, they can't

( ) 2. There will be ____ cars and ____ pollution twenty years later. A. many, few B. little, few C. less, more D. fewer, less ( ) 3. —How many birds can you see in the trees?

—I can see _________ birds in them. A. hundreds of B. five hundreds C. hundred of D. five hundreds of

( ) 4. Robots can do simple jobs and never get _____. A bored B boring C boreing D to bored

( ) 5. I think it will be difficult ___ a robot ____ the same things as a person.

A as, to do B for, to do C for ,doing D as, doing ( )6. You should _______ this medicine three times a day. A. have B. take C. drink D. eat ( )7. — Can you go to the concert with me this afternoon? — Yes, ______.

A. I’d like B. I’d love to C. I would love D. Yes, I do ( )8. All the ingredients are in the bowl. Please mix .

A. it up B. up it C. up them D. them up ( )9. Please cut _____ the banana _____ small pieces.

A. up, to B. up, into C. off, to D. off, into ( )10. —______ bread would you like? —Three pieces of ________.

A. How many, breads B. How many, bread C. How much, breads D. How much, bread

( )11. Put some ____ and chicken ____ on the sandwich.

A.meat, piece B. meats, pieces C. meat, pieces D. meats, piece

( )12.There ____two pieces of turkey on the table and there ______some butter on the


A. are, are B. are, is C. is, is D. is, are

( )13. He works very hard. Every night he doesn’t go to bed _____eleven o’clock. A. after B. since C. in D. until ( )14. They arrived there ______ cold Sunday afternoon. A. to the B. on a C. in a D. at a ( )15. Tom with his parents ______going to Hawaii. A. is B. are C. has D. have 二、完型填空(10分,每题1分)

Water is the ______ (1) of all the things we eat and drink. Not many people understand this but _____ (2) true. The human body can go without ____(3) for a long time. We’ve got many examples for this. Yet two _____ (4) three days without water can usually make people ______ (5) . Man can’t live _______ (6) water.

A lot of people don’t understand how _____ (7) water the human body needs to work well, and many people , especially young people , do not drink enough, _______ (8) in very hot weather. Our body has mostly water, about 65% to 75% . That is to say about two thirds of our body ______ (9) water. When we do sports , some of the water will get away from our body. ______ (10) we don’t drink some water, we won’t have enough water. And if we don’t have enough water, we’ll feel tired and many of us will get ill. So you know how important water is to us.

( )1.A. important B. most important C. more important D. importance ( )2.A. it’s B. its C. it D. is ( )3.A. food B. water C. drink D. meat ( )4.A. so B. and C. but D. or ( )5.A. to die B. die C. dying D. died ( )6.A. have B. with C. without D. in ( )7.A. many B. much C. little D. few ( )8.A. even B. ever C. almost D. hardly ( )9.A. is B. are C. have D. has ( )10.A. If B. For C. Since D. Because 三、阅读理解(40分,每题2分)

( A )

The world is not hungry , but it is thirsty . It seems strange that nearly 3/4 of the earth is covered with water while we say we are short of (短缺) water. Why? Because about 97% of water on the earth is sea water which we can't drink or use for watering plants directly (直接地) . Man can only drink and use the 3% - the water that comes from rivers and lakes. And we can't even use all of that, because some of it has been polluted (污染) .

Now more water is needed. The problem is: Can we avoid (避免) a serious water shortage later on? First, we should all learn how to save water. Secondly, we should find out


the ways to reuse it . Scientists have always been making studies in the field. Today, in most large cities water is used only once and then runs to the sea or rivers . But it can be used again. Even if (即使) every large city reused its water, still there would not be enough. What could people turn to next?

The sea seems to have the best answer. There is a lot of water in the sea. All that needs to be done is to get the salt out of the sea water. This is expensive, but it's already used in many parts of the world. Scientists are trying to find a cheaper way of doing it. So you see, if we can find a way out, we'll be in no danger of drying up.

( )1 . The world is thirsty because ________. A. 3/4 of the earth is covered with water B. we have enough sea water to use directly

C. we haven't used all the water in rivers and lakes

D. about 97% of water on the earth can't be drunk or used for

watering plants directly ( )2. Which of the following is true ?

A. 3% of water on the earth is in rivers and lakes. B. 75% of water on the earth is the sea. C. 97% of the earth is covered with water. D. 3% of water on the earth is sea water. ( )3. From the passage we learn _________.

A. if every city reuses its water, we'll be in no danger of drying up B. man can only drink and use about 25% of water on the earth C. today in most large cities water is used only once D. water can be used only once

( )4 . To avoid the serious water shortage , which of the following is

the most important

A. Save water and try to make good use of the water in rivers and lakes. B. Don't pollute water and keep all rivers and lakes clean. C. Make dirty water clean and then reuse it.

D. Try to find a cheaper way to get the salt out of the sea water. ( )5. The name of the passage would be ________

A. The Sea Water B. How to Save Water C. The Thirsty World D. The Polluted Water


Once upon a time, there lived a rich man. He had a servant (仆人). He and the servant loved wine and good food very much. Each time the rich man left his home, the servant would drink the wine and eat up all the nice food in the house. The rich man knew what

his servant did, but he had never caught his servant doing that.

One morning, when he left home, he said to the servant, “Here are two bottles of poison (毒药) and some nice food in the house. You must take of them.” With these words, he went out.

But the servant knew that the rich man had said was untrue. After the rich man was away from his home, he enjoyed a nice meal. Because he drank too much, he was drunk and fell to the ground. When the rich man came back, he couldn’t find his food and his wine. He became very angry. He woke the servant up. But the servant told his story very well. He said a cat had eaten up everything. He was afraid to be punished(惩罚), so he drank the poison to kill himself.

( )6.In the story, _______ liked wine and good food very much. A.the rich man B.the servant C.both A and B D. neither A and B ( )7.The rich man knew that it was _______ that drank the wine and ate up

all the nice food.

A. the cat B. himself C. nobody D. the servant

( )8.The rich told the servant that there was poison in the two bottles,

because ________.

A. there was in fact poison in the bottles B. did not want the servant to drink his wine C. he wanted to kill the cat D. he wanted to kill the servant

( )9.In fact, _______ ate all the nice food and drank the wine. A. the servant B. cat

C. the rich man D. nobody

( )10.From the story, we know that the servant is very _______. A. lazy B. bad C. clever D. kind


Everyone likes living in a clean and comfortant environment. If the envionment(环境) are bad, it will affect(影响)our body, and make us not feel well. Sometimes we may be terribly ill. At that time we don’t want to work, and we have to stay in bed and rest at home. So the envrionment is very important to us.

It’s germs that makes us ill. There are germs everywhere, They are very small and you can’t find them with your own eyes, but you can see them with a microscope(显微镜)They are very small and there may be hundreds of them on a very small thing, Germs can always be found in dirty water. When we look at dirty water under the microscope, we shall see them in it. Germs can also be found in air and dust(灰尘). If you cut your finger, some of the dust from the floor may go into it, and you will have much pain in it. Sometimes the germs will go into all of your boby, and you will have pain everywhere.


To keep us healthy, we should try to our best to make our environment become cleaner and tidier. This needs us to act together. ( )11.The writer tell us that________.

A. we like working when we are ill

B. germs can’t live in the water.

C. we can’t feel ill if the environment is bad. D. we feel well when the environment is good.

( )12.Germs are________.

A. very small things that you can’t see with your eyes. B. the things that don’t effect people. C. the things that you can find with your eyes. D. the things that are very big.

( )13. Where can germs be found? They can be found_________.

A. on the small thing B. in air and dust C. only in dirty water D. everywhere

( )14.How will you feel if germs go into the finger that is cut?

A. I will feel nothing. B. I won’t mind. C. I will feel tense. D. I will feel painful.

( )15. From the passage we know that________.

A. environment doesn’t affect our life B. we don’t need to improve our environment C. germs may make us ill

D. if the environment is better, germs will be more.

(D ) Hi, Louis!

I’m writing to tell you something about the customs and festivals.

Everyone loves holidays since one doesn’t need to go to school or work. Although all holidays mean no school and work, but not all of them are the same. On some of them you go out with friends; on others you stay home to eat, talk, and have fun with your family. For example in the U.S., everyone thinks New Year’s Eve and New Year are both for partying with friends. Christmas is the time to stay home and exchange gifts with family members. The opposite is true in Japan though. For example, in Japan, New Year is for spending time with the family to eat, talk, have fun, and go to the temples. But Christmas is for boy and girl friends to go out and exchange gifts. Originally Christmas should be to celebrate the birth of Christ.

I have been interested in foreign customs since I was little. If you learn these different holiday customs, you will learn about different histories and cultures. This is much more interesting than learning them at the library from morning to evening.

Love, Sue

根据短文内容,判断正误。正确的用“T”表示,错误的用“F”表示。 ( )16. Usually, nobody goes to school or works during holidays.

( )17. Christmas is the time to stay home to eat, talk and have fun with the family. ( )18. All the countries have the same way to celebrate the holidays. ( )19. Being interested in foreign customs means being interested in different

histories and cultures.

( )20. This passage is about the customs and holidays in Japan.

told him his story angrily. “He is really bad,” the boy said, “and I 2 him.”

The grandfather said, “ 3 me tell you a story. When I was a boy, I too, sometimes hated others for what they did. ?..”

As the boy 4 carefully, the grandfather went on, “There are always two tigers inside my heart. One is 5 and kind. He gets on well 6 everything around him. But 7 is bad and unfriendly. Even the smallest thing will make him angry. He fights with everyone all the time, and for no reason. He can’t think carefully 8 he always hates others. It is difficult to live with these two tigers inside my heart. They both try to control(控制) me. ”

The boy looked into his grandfather’s 9 and asked, “ 10 tiger always controls you, Grandfather?”

The so I never hate others and seldom(很少) get angry now. ”old man said slowly and seriously, “The one that I feed. I always feed the good and kind tiger, 1. _________ 2. _________ 3. _________ 4. __________ 5. _____________ 6. ________ _ 7. _________ 8. ____________ 9. _____________ 10. _____________五、补全对话。从所给的句子中选择正确的句子完成下列对话,有两个句子多余项。(10分)

A: I’m hungry, mum.

B: Well, I make noodles for you. A: Great. ___1____.

B: Ok. Can you help me make them? A: Yes. ____2___?

B: Well, help me cut up the tomatoes.


A: ___3____? B: Two is ok. A: What else? B: ___4____.

A: First, I put some oil. Then put in the green onions. B: I know next pour into water.

A: So clever. But remember boil the water for more than ten minutes. Then put in the noodles. When the water is boiled again you can eat the noodles.


What will your life be like in 10 years? 以My life in 10 years 为题目描述你10年后的生活(如居住环境、生活水平、事业、家庭、爱好等的变化),词数:60—80。



第一节1--5 _______________

第二节6-10 _____________ 11-15 _______________ 第三节16-20 _____________



1--5 _______________ 6-10 _____________

11-15 _______________ 二、完形填空(10分,每空1分)

1-5 ____________________ 6-10 _________________ 三、阅读理解(40分,每题2分)

1--5 _______________ 6-10 _____________

11-15 _______________ 16-20 _____________



1、______ 2、______ 3、_______ 4、________ 5、________

6、______ 7、______ 8、_______ 9、________ 10、_______



六、书面表达 ( 15 分)

What will your life be like in 10 years? 以My life in 10 years 为题目描述你10年后的生活(如居住环境、生活水平、事业、家庭、爱好等的变化),词数:60—80。







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