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一.根据句意,用所给词的适当形式填空 1.Jane and her parents (fly) a kite in the park at this time last Friday.

2.My father isn’t at home.He (go) to Beijing. 3.When I got home,my sister (cook) in the kitchen. 4. I (tell) Mike the news as soon as I see him. 5.They (make) a poster about the Talent Show now.

6. Hanhan’s new book (write) in English next year.

7. In yesterday’s ping-pong match, Tom (beat) by Mary. 8. If you really want to be a successful musician, just (go) for it!

9. It’s too hot here. These flowers (move) away from the window every afternoon. 10. These postcards (send) to the children in poor area tomorrow. 11. Today more and more people (send) up into space by rocks. 12. You (will punish) for breaking the window. 13. Vegetables, eggs and fruit (sell) in this shop.

14. The flowers grow very well because they (water) by my father everyday. 15. These kinds of machines (make) in Shanghai.

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