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一 单项填空(共10小题,计10分)

( )1、This is a picture of family.

A. Jim B. Jim’s C. Jims ’

( )2、Her birthday is February.

A. in B. on C. at

( )3、 What color your shoes?


A. is, It’s B. is, Is C. are, They’re

( )4 Let’s go soccer ball with the boys.

That sounds great.

A. to playing B. and playing C. and play

( )5、We need a lot of every day.

A. vegetables B. meats C. apple

( )6、 are the pants?

They’re 50 dollars.

A. How B. How much C. Where

( )7、He likes but he doesn’t like .

A. ice creams, banana B. bananas, apple C.. bananas, apples ( )8、 A. month old B. months years old C. months old

( )9、 Look! Some milk in the box. Some apples in the bag.

A. are, are B. is, is C.. is, are

( )10、 “f” and“u” are in the word “fun”.

A. An, a B. An, an C. A, a

( )11. This is _________ alarm clock.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )12. _________. Is this your pen?

A. Sorry B. Hello C. Excuse me D. Hi

( )13. Do you have two ________?

A. tennis racket B. tennis racketC. tennis’ racket D. tennis’ rackets

( )14. He _________ his homework at school.

A. doesn’t do B. don’t does C. isn’t do D. does not

( )15. ________this your guitar?

A. Am B. Is C. Are D. Do

( ) 16. Let’s _________ now.

A. go to home B. to go home C. go home D. to go to

( ) 17. How much are these shoes? _________ twenty dollars.

A. Are B. There C. They’re D. Their

( ) 18. My father usually________ a shower _________the morning.

A. take; in B. takes; in C. take; on D. takes; at

( )19. ________you play the violin?

A. Are B. Can C. Is D. When

( )20 ---This is my sister Ann.

---Is _____ a student?

A. she B. he C. her D. his

( )21. I ________ two baseballs and my friend ________five baseballs.

A. have; have B. have; has C. has; have D. has; has

( ) 21. ---Is that your book?

---Yes, ________.

A. it is B. it isn’t C. it’s D. this is

( )22. Miss Wei often helps us ________ our English.

A. at B. in C. of D. with

( )23. I want __________ the music club.

A. join B. to join C. joins D. be join

( ) 24. —What color is it? — It’s___ orange.

A. an B. a C. / D. the

( ) 25. —____is your father ? — He is 42 years old.

A. How B. How much C. How old D. How

( ) 26. The pants ____nice, I’ll take______.

A. look; them B. looks; it C. look; it D. looks; them

( ) 27. Tomatoes and carrots are ______

A. fruit B. dessert C. food D. vegetables

( ) 28. Some food ____ on the table.

A. be B. is C. are D. will be

( ) 29. —Let’s play ping-pong ! — Good idea! ___I don’t have a bat.

A. So B. Or C. And D. But

( ) 30. My son is ____. Today is his _____birthday.

A. twelve; twelve B. twelfth; twelfth C. twelfth; twelve D. twelve; twelfth

( ) 31. —Hello, are you good friends? —_____

A. Yes, I am B. No, I don’t C. Yes, we are D. No. we don’t

( ) 32 —.______ — Yes, please. I want a pair of sports shoes.

A. Can I help you? B. Do you have a pair of shoes? C. What do you do?

( ) 33. These green shorts are ____sale ____ $10.

A. on; at B. on; for C. for; of D. in; at

( ) 34. Anne has a son . ____ name is Edward.

A. He’s B. His C. Her D. She’s

( ) 35.—Is this your English-Chinese dictionary? —No, it’s______

A. my sister’s B. a dictionary C. your dictionary D.my dictionary

( ) 36. —Happy birthday, Tom . —________

A. Happy birthday, too. B. Thanks very much C.The same to you.

( ) 37. —Where is the alarm clock ? — Is ____on the desk?

A. that B. this C. the D. it

( ) 38. My brother and I ___sports every day .

A. don’t play B. aren’t play C. plays D. doesn’t play

( ) 39. Look! There are some _____on the plate .

A. orange B. tomatos C. pears D. ice cream

( ) 40. — I don’t know where Wenchuan County(汶川县) is.

—Let me ____a map of China for you.

A. take B. bring C. have D. know

( ) 41. I have ____basketball. Let’s play____ basketball.

A./ ; / B. a; the C. a ; / D. / ; the

( )42. You can ____socks in all colors ____that store.

A. buy; for B. sell; in C. have; to D. buy; from

44. Please _________ look at the blackboard.

A. not B. don’t to C. don’t D. no

45. There _________ any money on the floor.

A. are B. is C. isn’t D. aren’t

46. Let me help you _________ the box.

A. to finds B. to see C. look D. find

47. I can’t speak _________ English. What’s that _________ English?

A. /, of B. in, in C. /, in D. the, /

48. Are Lily and Lucy in _________ class? No, they are in _________ classes.

A. the same, the different B. a same, a different

C. same, different D. the same, different

49. Jim likes _________ TV after school.

A. watch B. watches C. to watch D. to see

50. _________ young man in a black shirt is _________ good worker.

A. The, the B. The, a C. An, a D. An, the

52. It’s 7 o’clock. It’s time for _________.

A. get to school B. go to school C. school D. schools

53. These books are Miss Li’s. Please give _________

A. her tem B. them to her C. it to her D. her it.

54. Mr Smith is forty, but he _________ very old.

A. look B. looks like C. looks D. look like

55. This isn’t _________ skirt. _________ is on the clothes line.

A. my, My B. his, His C. her……Her D. your……Yours

56. _________ is your bike? The green one.

A. Where B. Which C. What D. What color

57. Who’s the girl _________ green. Is she your sister?

A. on B. in C. in the D. in a

58. Tom is _________ brother.

A. Lucy’s and Lily B. Lucy’s and Lily’s

C. Lucy’s and Lily D. Lucy and Lily’s

59. ---- Aren’t you a student? ---- _________.

A. No, I am B. Yes, I’m not C. Yes, I am D. Yes, I’m

60. This is _________ picture of _________ Green family.

A. a, a B. the, / C, a, the D. the, the

61. Can you see the bird _________ the apple tree.

A. on B. in C. down D. behind

62. ---- There’s a football game in the afternoon.

---- _________!

A. Sure B. Come on C. Great D. All right

63. _________ woman in red is Wu Hua’s mother.

A. That B. a C. The D. An

64. ---- What’s the time. Please? ---- It’s _________.

A. half to eight B. forty to nine

C. thirty-five past seven D. five to five

65. ---- What color is your new coat?

---- It’s _________ orange. It’s _________ orange coat.

A. the, the B. a, an C. /, a D. /, an

66. ----Mr Wang, I’m very ________ to see you. ---- _________ to meet you

A. nice, Glad B. fine, Nice C. glad, Gladly D. glad, Nice

67. ---- Who is the girl over there? ---- I don’t know. Let’s _________ him.

A. to go and meet B. to go and to meet

C. to go and meet D. go and meet

69.---Do you have a _____?--- Yes, I _____ at a clothes shop.

A.work, work B.work, job C. job, job, D.job, work.

70.Maria likes thrillers, ____ she doesn’t like action movies.

A. and B. but C. because D.or

71.Please call Nick ____ 758-6584.

A. on B. in C. at D. under

72. What do you usually do____Saturday evening,?

A in B on C at D to

73. Jim ____a new bike.

A have B has C There is D there are

74. A: Can you play the guitar_____ ?B: No, I can't.

A good B bad C nice D well

75.Can you _____ the notebook to me?

A.bring B.take C.takes D. brings

76--Let’s play computer games.

--Great! That sounds_______.

A.boring B.difficult C.interesting D. sad

77.Do you like green?

---No, I don’t. My favorite ____is blue.

A.clothes B.colours C.color D.movies

78.______ do you go to the movies?

--- We go to the movies on weekdays.

A.Who B.When C.What time D.Why

79.Ben ______ P.E. He thinks it’s boring.

A. Likes B.don’tlike C.doesn’t like D.doesn’tlikes

80. I usually books in the morning.

A.look B.read C.watch D.see

81. Mr Green is _______ father.

A. Jim and Kate B. Jim’s and Kate’s

C. Jim’s and Kate D. Jim and Kate’s

82. Do you want to play_____ tennis?

---Yes, I ______.

A.a,want B.the, do C.an, does D. /,do

83._______ does Tom like math?

Because _____ fun.

A.Why, it’s B.When, it C.Why, It’s D. When, it )84. — When is Tom’s birthday?

— ___________ birthday is May 6th.

A. My B. Your C. His D. Her

( )85. I like these pants. ___________ nice.

A. It’s B. That’s C. You’re D. They’re ( )86. ___________ Lili and Yaoyao have lunch at school?

A. Do B. Does C. Is D. Are

( )87. — Joy, can you sing for the school concert?

— Sorry, I can’t. ___________ I can play the piano.

A. And B. So C. But D. Or

( )88. — When do you have P.E. ?

—We have it ___________ Monday and Friday.

A. in B. on C. at D. for

( )89. — I like that red T-shirt. ___________ is it?

— It’s fifteen dollars.

A. How old B. How many C. How much D. How long

( )90. — What’s your sister’s favorite ___________?

— Red.

A. movie B. fruit C. food D. color

( )91. A lot of people don’t play sports. They only ___________ them on TV.

A. look B. watch C. read D. see

( )92. — Where are the socks?

— ___________

A. They’re on the bed. B. They’re $ 5.

C. I’ll take them. D. I can’t find them.

( )93. — Can she speak Chinese?

— ___________

A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t.

C. Yes, she is. D. No, she can’t.

( )94. The paper plane is ________ the tree. It’s too ________.

A. on, high B. in, tall C. on, tall D. in, high

( )95 They ______ their homework in the evening.

A. don’t do B. don’t C. do, not D. not do

( )96. Tom and Lily learn _______ each other and help each other.

A. of B. at C. from D. to

( )97. There are many _______ in the fridge.

A. bottle apple juice B. bottles of apple juice

C. bottle of apples juice D. bottle of apple juice

( )98. _______ is his English teacher.

A. Some of the men B. One of the man C. One of the men D. One of man

( )99. These are ____ and _____ rooms.

A. Lily, Lucy’s B. Lily’s, Lucy’s C. Lily’s, Lucy D. Lily, Lucy

( )100. I can see only one sock. Where’s my _______ one ?

A. others B. other C. the other D. the others

( )101. There is something wrong _______ my bike. Can you help me?

A. of B. with C. in D. for

( )102. Li Ping’s Uncle isn’t a worker ________ a doctor. He’s a postman.

A. and B. but C. or D. no

( )103. How old is Miss Lin? Do you know?

—— Sorry, I don’t know. But she is not old. She ______.

A. look young B. looks fine C. looks very young D. is not young

( )104. There is not _________ in the purse.

A. some money B. some money’s C. any money D. any moneys

( )105. It’s time to go to school. Let ___________.

A. he go B. him go C. he to go D. him to go

( )106. Are you and Li Lei in the same school? -- _________

A. Yes, he is B. Yes, We are C. Yes, they are D. Yes, I am

( )107. Wang Hai goes to school _______ every morning.

A. in, car B. in, bus C. by a bus D. by bus

( )108. ____does Lily like England and ____ does she like about England?

A. How, how B. What, what C. What, how D. How,what

( )109. _____ do the doctors do ______ your machines? Oh, a lot of things.

A. How, of B. What, on C. What, with D. How, for

( )110. Hi, Mary. Here’s a card ________ you, Who is it _________?

A. to, for B. for, from C. for, for D. to, to

( )111. That is ______ old photo of _______ Green family. It’s a family of three people.

A. am, / B. the, / C. the, a D. an, the

( )112. There is no orange in the bottle. Would you like ______ to drink?

A. Something else B. else something C. else D. something

( )113. He doesn’t want red flowers. He want _______.

A. purple ones B. purple one C. the purple D. purple


1. Li Ping, _______ (not be) late next time, please.

2. What about __________ (run) up the tree?

3. Listen! Some one _______ (sing) in the next room.

4. Let’s ______ (play) class after school.

5. He ______ (do) his homework in the evening. But he ______ (not do) it at this time.

6. He usually likes _____ (dance), but he’d like ________ (go)fishing today.

7. ______ (walk)is good for health.

8. They must ________ (work) hard at English.

9. Let_____(we) have ice cream.

10. My pants are too old. I want_________(buy) a new pair.

11. This black bag is________, but that white bag is big.

12. Bob (not like) salad or strawberries.

13. Can you_____ (take) the notebook to my brother?

14. Those are her CDs. _____(it) are on the chair.

15. Jim likes bananas and Tom likes _____(they), too.

16. February is the _______(two) month of the year.

17. How much_____(be) the shorts?

18. These are our_______(room)

19. They are those ____________ bags . (child )

20. There aren’t _________ pictures in the book. ( some )

21. It’s time _________ up. (get)

22. The door is ____________.(lock)

23. These sweaters are ________________(they). _____________(our) are on the chair.

24. Sue and I are __________________(woman) teachers.

25. Let_____________(he) look at the picture.

26. Mr Green ____________ to work at 8:00. (go)

27. I ________________ a watch. (not have)

28. Jim’s father is a __________(work).


1. Can I help you ?(同义句转换)

_______ _______ _______ ________ _________ ________?

2. They work six days a week. (同上)

They work ________ Monday _______ Saturday.

3. He goes to work in a car. (同上)

He _______ a ________ to work. 划线部分提问)

_______ ________ does it take by plane?

5. He usually gets up at 5:30 in the morning.(现在进行时)

He ________ ________ ________ now. 划线部分提问)

_______ ________ is the meat a kilo?

7. Open the door , please.(否定祈使句)

______ _____ ________ like this, please.

8. He isn’t good at math.(同义句)

He ________ _______ well in math.

9. Tom doesn’t have any soccer balls. (肯定句)

Tom soccer balls.

10. This yellow sweater is

is this yellow sweater?

11. Are your books on the bed? (否定回答)

, they 12. The school trip is(对划线部分提问)

the school trip?

13.My father is a teacher and my mother is a teacher, too. (同义句)

are both(都) teachers..

14. Are there any American buses in the street? (单数)

___________ there __________ American ___________ in the street?

15. Put on your shoes. (反义句)

___________ ___________ your shoes.

四. 根据所给标点符号,将每组单词按照正确的顺序组成句子。(共6分,每题1分)

1. like , we , very , bananas , much


2. have , a , do , computer , you


3. birthday, June , his , mother’s , is , 29th


4. these , apples , are , how much ,


5. movies , kind of , do , they , what , like


五、改错 (把错的选项选在前面括弧里,答案改在后面横线上)。

( ) 56. What’s you family name ______.

A B C ( ) 57. Is this your pen. Yes, it’s. ______.


( ) 58. What’s his name? He name is Li Lei. ____

A B C ( ) 59. It is a English book. _______.


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