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第一部分交际用语{共计1 0分,每小题2分)

1-5 小题: 阅读下面的小对话, 从A、B 、C 三个选项中选出一个能填入空白处的最佳选项, 并


1. - Excuse me , would you lend me your calculator?

A. Certainly. Here you are B. Yes , I have a hand C. It' s nothing

2. -Would you mind if I open the window for a better view?

A. That' s fine , thank you B. Yes , please C. Of course not

3. - Must w巳hand in our homework now?

A. Yes , you mustn't B. Yes , you m C. No, you needn't

4. - What's the problem , Harry?

A. No problem B. I can' t remember where I left my glasses C. No trouble at all

5. - Oh, sorry to bother you.

A. That' s okay B. No , you can' t C. That's good

第二部分词汇与结构( 20分,每小题2分}

6 15 小题: 阅读下面的旬子, 从A、B 、C 三个选项中选出一个能填入空白处的最佳选项,


A. did I came B. I came C. I come

dog bit me.

A. that B. which C. whose

8. -Which do you like better, real movies

一I prefer cartoons real movies.

A. and , than B. or , than C. or, to

9. Are you still here? You were here half an hour ago. Who for

A. were you waiting B. are you waiting C. do you wait

10. -What's happened to Tom?

- l.

A. He's been taken B. He'll be taken C. He'll take 1 1. majority of people agree with him.

A. B. A· C. The

12. When I was a child , wear a uniform for school

A. have to B. must C. had to

A. one B. it C. one cake


A. complete B. completing C. completed

15. Before I got to the cinema ,

A. had begun B. has begun C. was beginning



16-25 小题: 阅读下面的短文, 从短文后所结的A、B 、C 三个选项中选出能填入相应空白处


A study has shown that fitness is the key (1 6) long life , irrespective of body

shape (1 7 ) even smoking habits. Researchers discovered that people who exercise

live longer than (18) , even if they are overweight and smoke. The study found that

(1 9) _ fit of the 6 ,000 middle-aged men in the study were five times more likely to die within six years of the start of the research than the fittest. This was true (20) the

men had heart problems , smoked or were overweight. Scientists concluded that it was better (2 1) _ and active than skinny and sedentary. Dr Ken cooper , a fitness expert , said ,

"You are better off smoking a packet of cigarettes a day and exercising regularly than


(22) a non-smoker and sedentary. " Although he adds. "But don' t misunderstand

me. I am not endorsing (23)

sedentary. "

? I am trying to tell you how dangerous it is to be

The British Government is putting pressure (24) manufacturers to reduce high

levels of sugar in food and to restrict the hard-sell of junk food to children in order to

improve the nation' s health. But the new study suggests the Government should encourage more people (25)

16. A. for

17. A. or


B. of

B. and

C. to

C. but

18. A. those who does not

19. A. the little

20. A. if or not

21. A. being fat

22. A. being

23. A. smoked

24. A. on

25. A. exercise

B. these who do not

B. the least

B. whether or not

B. to be fat

B. be

B. to smoke

B. for

B. exercising

C. those who do not

C. least

C. when

c. to do

C. to be

C. smoking

C. to

C. to exercise

第四部分阅读理解{共计3 0分.每小题3分}

26-30 小题: 阅读下列短文, 从A、B 、C 三个选项申选出一个正确答案, 并在答题纸上写出所



We have two cats at home. One is named Milo and the other Mamma. Milo is a boy

cat. Boy cats are called ‘ T oms ' . We think that Mammβis Milo' s mother. That is why we gave her the name Mamma. We didn' t buy Milo or Mamma. They were stray cats and didn' t have anywhere to live. They started coming into our garden. They did not look very healthy. so we started giving them milk. Then they started coming into the house. so we adopted them. Because he didn't have a home when he was a kitten. Milo is not very fit. We 984

have to take him to the vet once every three months for a special injection. They have lived with us now for 5 years.

26. Sarah got the cats ?

A. before she moved into her house

B. after she moved into the house

C. when she moved into the house

27. Sarah thinks

A. Milo is a boy


B. both cats are boys

C. both cats are girls

28. Mamma was named ‘ Mamwa ' because

A. Sarah likes the name

B. she is a girl

C. they think she is Milo' smother


29. Milo and Mamma were

A. free to get

B. cheap to get

C. expensive to get

30. Milo is not very fit because



A. he visits the vet for an injection

B. he was a stray

C. he is old now

31-35 小题: 阅读下列短文, 并根据短文内容判断其后的旬子是否正确(T)或错误(F) 。 短文理解2

The ancient Olympic Games were part of a religious festival in honour of the Greek god Zeus , the father of all Greek gods and goddesses. The festival and games were held in Olympia, a religious sanctuary. The athletes came to Olympia from all parts of the Greek world , from as far as Spain in the west and Turkey in the east.

The ancient Olympic Games began in the year 776 BC when Koroibos , a cook from the city of Elis , won a 200-metre-long race. They took place for a period of 617 years until the last games were held in AD 393.

In the ancient games , athletes received prizes worth large amounts of money. In fact the word "athlete" is an ancient Greek word , meaning "one who competes for a prize".

Although women did not compete in the games, there was a separate festival held at the same time in honour of Hera , wife of Zeus. At this festival unmarried girls competed in foot races.

The marathon was not an event of the ancient Olympic Games. The marathon is a

modern event that was first introduced in the Olympic Games in 1896. It was named after a village called Marathon where the Persians were defeated by a small Greek army. The news of the victory was brought to Athens by soldier , who ran the 26 miles from the village of Marathon to the capital. 26 miles was therefore adopted as the distance of the modern marathon race.

The Olympic flag was introduced in 1908 and carries the symbol of five linked rings.

Which represent the five continents - Africa , America , Asia , Australasia and Europe. The Olympic flame was first carried in the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. There was no torch relay in the ancient Olympic Games. The first torch relay in the modern Olympic Games was staged in Berlin in 1936.

31. The ancient Greeks held the first Olympic Games in 617 BC.

32. The ancient Greeks held the Olympic Games for 393 years.

33. They did not allow women to compete in the ancient Olympic Games.

34. They first used the Olympic flag in 1908.

35. The torch relay was first used in the ancient Olympics.


第五部分书面表达( 2 0分)

36. Directions: For this part , you are allowed thirty minutes to write a ρα s sa ge on the toρic

My Hobbies. You should write at least 80 words and could base your writing by using the hints given below.


benefit from (从中受益)

m my spare time

raising flowers(养花)


maintain a mental and physical balance(保持身心健康)

My Hobbies 987

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