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1.一般现在时: ①用来表示状态,特征或不受时间限制的客观存在和真理。






3.一般将来时: 用于表示将要发生的动作,其构成方式:

①用will (shall)+动词原形来表达将来在某一时间内要发生,或经常、将要发生的动作或状态。

②用be going to+动词原形,用来表示不久将要发生或打算去作的动作。

③ be+现在分词,也就是用某些动词的现在进行时表示将来,这些动词只限于:go, come, start, move, reach, get to等动词。 ④在状语从句中用一般现在时表示将来。


用于表示现在正在进行的动作,要注意的是表示状态,情感的某些词没有现在进行时,这些动词有:like, have (有),love, know, understand, remember, smell, hope, expect…

5.过去将来时: 用来表达从过去某时间点上看将要发生的动作。







【2012北京】26. —Where were you last Saturday?

—I ____ in the Capital Museum.

A. am


【2012北京】29. —May I speak to the headmaster?

—He ____ a meeting now. Can I take a message?

A. is having


【2012北京】32. I ____ Mr. Smith since he moved to Shanghai.

A. didn’t hear from

C. won’t hear from


【2012北京】33. Today, computers are really helpful. They ____ everywhere.

A. use B. are used C. used D. were used B. don’t hear from D. haven’t heard from B. had C. has D. will have B. will be C. was D. have been


【2012甘肃鸡西市】30. She_____ her hometown for many years. No one nearly knows her.

A. has been away from


【2012甘肃鸡西市】32. Summer holiday is coming, Li Lei with his father_____to go to Shanghai.

A. want

【2012广东】31. Jenny

A. is cooking B. will want C. wants B. has left C. had left in the kitchen when you called her at 5 o'clock this afternoon. C. cooks D. Cooked B. was cooking


【2012广东】35. Hot water in the students' flats from 5 pm to 7 pm now.

A. supplies B. is supplied C. supplied D. was supplied


【2012广东】36. If our government ___________________________________ attention to controlling food safety now, our health _____in


A. won't pay; is B. doesn't pay; is C. won't pay; will be D. doesn't pay; will be


【2012湖北随州】27.—I’v just got a new MP4.

—Where _____ you ____it?

—In a shopping mall near here.

A. have;bought B. did; buy C. are; bought D. were; getting


【2012湖北随州】29. —When and where to spend the holiday _______ yet.

—Let’s make it now.

A. is decided B. doesn’t decide C. has not been decided D. has decided


【2012湖北随州】32. There ______ some flowers on the teacher’s desk just now, but now there ______nothing on it.

A. have; has B.were; was C. were; is D.has; has

【2012湖北咸宁】33. Jack _____ dislike the weather in Beijing in spring, because there is so much wind and sand. But now he ____ it.

A. is used to; used to B. used to; is used to

C. was used to; is used to D. used to; uses to


【2012湖北孝感】28. -Could you help me do the dishes?

-Sorry, my sister for me outside now.

A. waits B. will wait C. is waiting D. was waiting


【2012湖北襄阳】39. —It’s difficult for village children to cross the river to school.

—I think a bridge _____over the river.

A. should be built B. will build C. is built D. was built


【2012 山东滨州】23. We know that she enjoys ______ books very much.

A. read B. reads C. reading D. to read


【2012 山东滨州】32. My pen pal Andrew found it difficult ______ Chinese well

A. learning


【2012浙江宁波】23. —Why is your bedroom so dirty?

—Sony, Mum. It _____________. I felt very tired after playing soccer.

A. isn't cleaned B. didn't clean C. doesn't clean D. wasn't cleaned

【答案】D B. learn C. to learn D. learned


(江苏省南京市江宁区2013届九年级中考一模5.) —Hi, Amy. I didn’t see you when I went to the party last night.

—Oh, I ________ready for the coming maths exam.

A. am getting B. was getting C. get D. have got



Hurry up! The play _______ for half an hour.

A. has been on

C. has begun


( 2013河北省衡水地区五校九年级第二次模拟考试 43)--- I called you last night but you weren’t in. --- Oh, my mother with me __________ in a supermarket at the moment.

A. was shopping B. were shopping C. is shopping D. are shopping



—Excuse me, Mum. When can we have dinner?

—Not until it in half an hour.

A. is prepared

B. will be prepared B. has began D. had begun C. has been prepared

【答案】A D. was prepared

(2013乐山市中区初中毕业会考适应性考试,23)There ________ a wonderful movie on show this weekend. Would you like to go with me?

A. is going to have


B. is going to be C. will be have

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