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九年级英语全册 Unit 11 could you please tell me where the restrooms are学案

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U11 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are?



学习内容:Section A 1a----Grammar Focus



1. restroom 公厕,

washroom WC. Men’s room 男厕 女厕 : Women’s room

2.shampoo 洗发剂,香波。不可数名词

a bottle of shampoo buy shampoo

3. escalator 电动扶梯,自动扶梯

Take the escalator to the second floor

=go to the second floor by escalator

lift=elevator 垂直式电梯

take the lift to go up and down

6. between?and? between 两者之间


7.furniture不可数名词 furniture store家具店

a piece of furniture一件家具

8.exchange student/money//information/experience.交换生/兑换零钱//交流信息/经验。 exchange?..for ?.. exchange RMB for dollars.


(1)Excuse me, could you tell me ?.?




(2) Excuse me, which is the way to ???

(3) Excuse me.Is there a ??near here?

(4) Excuse me. Where’s??., please?


(1)It’s over there.

(2)It’s about 500 meters from here.

(3) Go down/along this street until you see??

(4) Turn left/right at the first/second crossing?.

=Take the first/second crossing on the left/right.


(5)Take the elevator to the second floor and turn left/right??.

(6)You can take the No 69 bus??.

(7)Go straight on till you see?..

(8)You’d better take a taxi.You can’t miss it.

(9)Sorry. I don’t know. I’m new/a stranger here.

11. be sure+从句 /of? 确信, make sure 确定,弄清楚

12.take medicine 吃药, take a walk散步,take a holiday/vacation度假,take a trip 旅行take out 取出,take off脱下,take pride in?,以??为骄傲 take place 发生, take it easy 别紧张 take part in? 参加??

13.turn left=turn to the left ,turn back转过身来turn over 翻转, turn into 变成,It’s one’s turn to do sth 轮到某人做某事


1、Look! The woolen sweaters are______(hang) over there.

2、There____(be) a knife and two pencils on the desk.

3、Helen prefers______(swim) in the sea in summer.

4、Jack likes music .He always spends a lot of money_________(buy) CDs.

5、Can you tell me how_______(solve) this problem.

6、Do you know if he _________ to play basketball with me?

I think he will come is he ______ free tomorrow.

A come; is B comes; will be

C will come; is D will come; will be

7 After __________ walk, you’ll find the library.

A five-minutes B five minutes’

C five minute’s D a five minute

8 She wondered _____________.

A how much he cost the computer

B how much he paid for the computer

C how much the computer will cost him

D how much he spend on the computer

9 Excuse me, could you tell me _________?

There’s a bank on the second floor. You can make it there. A where I can change money B how I can get to the bank C if there’s a bank near here D where the bank is

10 Last week when she walked ______ the lake, she saw someone ________ in it.

A passed, swim B passed; swimming

C past; swim D past; swimming

11 The boy could __________himself when he was only five, and he liked ___________ clowns to 2

make his parent laugh.

A put on, dressing up in B wear; dress up as

C dress; dressing up as D dress up; dress up in

12 Our physics teacher told us light _______ faster than sound last term.

A travels B travel C traveled D traveling

13 _________ my brother _________ I are workers in Watertown.

A Either, or B Both; and C Neither; nor

D Not only; but also.

第二课时 (p88 3a---p89 2c)


1.fresh 新鲜的,some fresh air , many fresh vegetables

3.uncrowded adj. 不拥挤的,宽敞的 ,

对应词:crowed 拥挤的, an uncrowded bus

be crowded with sb/sth=be filled with

=be full of ? 挤满??

4.at uncle Bob’s 在鲍勃大叔餐厅, 所有格后的名词,如果指商店、家宅,诊所等地点时,该名词常省略

Eg: at the doctor’s to my aunt’s 去我姑姑家。

5.hang out 闲逛悬挂 hung---hung

绞死hanged--- hanged

6.There be +主语+doing sth 主语正在做某事。

7.slide v. 滑行,使滑动 slid—slid,

slide into the river n.滑道 /梯a children’s slide.

8.staff n. 职员,工作人员,全体职员,集体名词,作主谓复Eg: The department’s staff are great.

All the staff are Chinese.

a member of staff = a staff member 一个职员

10.organized adj. organize v 组织,organization n

11.market 市场,supermarket 超级市场 ,

mall商业街 shop 商店,store 百货商店 drugstore 药房

12.(1) 穿上?

as+物 装扮成?


(3)dress oneself /sb 给某人/自己穿衣服


(5) put on 对应:take off 穿上、带上。表动作


(6) have?on 穿着,指穿的状态,不用进行时态Eg: He has a blue coat on.

(7)try sth on 试穿

14.everyone=everybody 人人.着重“全体”不与 of 短语连用,every one 特指每个人或物,着重“个别”常与 of 短语连用。

Eg: Every one of the buildings has fallen do

as a clown at the party? ---I thought it was interesting .

2.Our school’s sports meeting is a well ___________ activity.

3.In Canada, You can speak _______ English ______ French. 4.Were you scared when you ___ ____ the forest at night?

5.There aren’t many cars on the road. It looks___________.


1 我就住在图书馆附近,读书很方便 I live just _______________ a library. It’s very ___________.

2 我发现大连很漂亮,是度假的好地方。

I find Dalian ______________. It’s a great place_____________________.

3 上星期天我和朋友们闲逛。

I _____________________ with my friend last Sunday.

4 你能告诉我在哪里可以购买一本字典?

Can you tell me ______________________ a dictionary.

5 我不知道下一步怎么办。

I don’t know ___________________________.

6 You may ask Mr. Wang for _____________ about that. A an information B informations

C some information D some informations

7 Did Mrs. King leave a message ?

Yes. She wanted to know __________ this Sunday.

A who you would go shopping

B if you would go shopping with her

C that you will go shopping

D when will you go shopping with

8 I _______________________ at the mall when I am free.(喜欢闲逛)

9 He ______________________ at home rather than _______ (go) with me. (宁愿)

10 I find stamps _______________ (迷人的). I’ve been collecting them for many years. 11 Could you tell me which piece of music _______________? (要听)

12 I decide to buy this coat, because it is ______________ (expensive). It’

s only 50 yuan. 4 巩固练习: 1.—Hey, Jack, why did you________

13 A library is a good place for kids __________ open up their eye.

14 On weekends I prefer ____________ (be) at home to doing some shopping.

15 We had lunch at aunt _______________ (Huang)

16 It’s Sunday today. The supermarket is crowded ________People.

A by B with C of D for

17 She asked her father. Can she drink any hot tea with honey? (合并为一句)

She asked her father __________ she _______ drink _______ hot tea with honey.

18 The doctor asked her. ”Are you feeling better?” The doctor asked her ________ ________ _______ feeling better.

19 每天总有新鲜事发生。

There is always __________________________ every day.

20 我昨天向堂妹借了一辆自行车。 I _______________________________ my cousin yesterday.

21 他在剧中扮演小丑。

He _______________________in the play.

22 他每周上两次舞蹈课。

She takes ______________________________ a week.

23 这是世界上最大的水滑道之一。

This is _____________________________________

24 经过动物园,向右转。

_____________________ the zoo, and ___________

25 那是个打电话的好地方吗?

Is that a good place __________________________?

26 每一个地方的优点和缺点是什么?


________ each place?

27 只看人也很有趣。

It’s ________________________________ people.



1.lend-lent-lent lend sth to sb=lend sb sth 把某物借给某人,borrow sth from sb/sp 向某人/从某地借某物,延续性动词 keep

Eg: How long may I borrow the book?

2.park n.公园 go to the park v.停车,No parking 禁止停车,parking area停车区, parking ticket 违章停车罚款通知单

3. order n.命令.顺序in right order (正确的顺序)


v.命令order sb (not) to do sth

in order to do sth=in order that+从句= so that+从句 为了??

4. lead v. lead to sp 通向某地 lead-led-led

n. under the lead of our teacher在老师的指导下

5. wonder v. 相知道=want to know

He wonders what to do next

6.offend sb 冒犯某人 offend against?违背.违反,

offend against the traffic rules

be offended by/at ? 被??触怒,因??而生气

7.certain-certainly adv.

be certain/sure to do sth 一定(务必)干某事

8.hand sth to sb=hand sb sth把某物递给某人


’s right=You’re right=Right 对,不错,正确

’ all right 别客气,不用谢。没关系,不要紧


1.—Sorry, what did you say just now?

---I asked________.

A. when did he leave B. where you have been

C. whom will you go with D. How I could get to the station

2. The small child was not old enough to_____ himself. A. have B. wear C. dress D put

3. ---It’s half an hour’s walk from here to the bus station. ----Don’t worry, I’ll _____ you there.

A. bring B. get C. carry D. take

4.The factory made ____ noise. It was ____noisy that I couldn’t sleep well last night.

A. too much, so B. much too, so C. too much, too

5 我们穿上盛装去参加英语晚会。(dress up)


6 这种机器人的优点和缺点是什么?(advantage)


7There will be many ______________(organize) activities this weekend.

8 It is very common for everyone to have some _________________ (advantage)

9 If you want to be polite, you ‘d better not to ask __________(direction)

10 I have much trouble ________________(deal) with English grammar.

11 He went to the garden yesterday instead of _________(go) Home.


12 Could you please ____________ (help)me with my math?


※ 宾语从句概念: 由一个句子充当宾语, 我们称之为宾语从句 I know Tom gets the answers.

※ 宾语从句的连接词:

◆由陈述句变化而来用that 引导, that 可省略.

He said , “ Tom likes playing basketball.” He said that Tom liked playing basketball. ◆由一般疑问句变化而来, 用if 或whether 引导. He asked me , “Do you like playing basketball?”

★但在下列情况下只能用whether:①在具有选择意义,又有or或or not时,尤其是直接与or not连用时,往往用whether(if?or not也可以使用)。如:Let me know whether /if he will come or not.(=Let me know whether or not he will come)让我知道他是否能来。

②在介词之后用whether。如: We're thinking about whether we can finish the work on time.我们正在考虑是否能按时完成这项工作。

③在不定式前用whether。如:I don't know whether to go.我不知去否。

④whether置于句首时,不能换用if。如:Whether this is true or not,I can't say.


Whether she will come or not is still a question.她是否能来还是个问题。

The question is whether we can catch the bus.问题是我们能否赶上公共汽车。


He asked me, “Where do you play basketball?”

He asked me where I played basketball.

※ 宾语从句的语序:永远都是陈述句 He asked me who the boy was?

※ 宾语从句的时态变化:


▲主句是一般过去时, 从句必须是过去时态的一种.

一般现在时一般过去时 过去完成时

现在进行时过去进行时 过去将来时


※ 人称变化:人称代词要随合理的逻辑而自然变化. (和中文是一样的)

1. She said, “I am much better than before.”

She said she was much better than before.

She asked me if I was a student.


She asked me where I was from.

4.注意:if和when既可以引导宾语从句,也可以引导状语从句,应注意它们在两种从句中的意思和用法的不同。if和when引导宾语从句时,分别意为“是否”和“何时”,其时态应和主句时态相呼应;它们引导状语从句时,意思分别为“如果,假如”和“当??时候”,当主句时态是一般将来时时,其时态用一般现在时。它们常常放在含有状语从句和宾语从句的题干中进行综合考查。如:—Do you know when he will come back tomorrow ?

—Sorry,I don't know.When he comes back,I'll tell you.

—I don't know if he will come. —He will come if it doesn't rain.


1.I don’t know’t know _______________________________

2. Can you tell me. Why was the train late yesterday?

Can you tell me ___________________________?

3. I want to know Are there good museums ?

I want to know __________________________.

4. Could you tell me Where did he start playing soccer

Could you tell me ________________________?

5. The girls asked if they ____ some food and drink with them. A. took B. take C. takes D. will take

6 Catherine said that she ___ to Guangzhou.

A. has never gone B. had never gone C. has never been D. had never been

7 The students want to know whether they___ dictation today.

A. had B. has C. will have D. are

8 She asked Linda if___ go and get some.

A. could she B. she could C. she can D. she may

9 Linda said the moon___ round the earth.

A. travelled B. has travelled C. travels D. had travelled

10. In the bookshop, a reader asked the shop keeper _____ Who Moved My Cheese was an interesting book. A. that B. how C. what D. if

11. —I don't know ___ Mr. Green will come to see us. —He will help us with our English.

A. why B. when C. how D. where

12. —We never know _____ the old man is.

—They say he is a teacher. A. what B. who C. which D. where

13. I was told _____ Bill Gates was thirteen he began to play with computers.

A. that how B. how that C. when that D. that when

14. —Do you know _____ I'm going to see him. —Sorry, I don't know.

A. where does Mr. Li live B. where did Mr. Li live


C. where Mr. Li lives D. where Mr. Li lived

15. —Where do you think __he ____the computer —Sorry, I have no idea. A. /; bought B. has; bought C. did; buy D. does; buy

16. I don't feel very well. Mum asked me _____ this morning.

A. what the matter is B. what is wrong C. what the matter was D. what wrong was

17. —Where is Jack

—He is away to spend his holiday. He's gone either to Hangzhou or to Wuhan, but I'm not sure ____ . A. that B. which C. where D. there


in a way 从某一方面来说,就某种程度而言

by the way

in this way 用这种方法

on the/one’s way to s.w 在(某人)去某地的路上

get in the way of 防碍

lose one’s way 迷路

in no way 决不

make one’s way 排除困难前进,


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