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1. 时间状语从句:

(1)时间状语从句常用when, while, before, since, until,等连词来引导。




(1)条件状语从句通常由if, unless引导


(3)祈使句+and (or)+陈述句在意思上相当于一个带有条件状语从句的复合句。

3. 原因状语从句:

(1)原因状语从句通常由because, since, as引导



4. 结果状语从句:

(1)结果状语从句由so…that, such…that, so that引导


(3)如果名词前由many, much, little, few等词修饰时,只能用so, 不能用such。

5. 比较状语从句:

比较状语从句通常由as…as, 比较级 + than…等连词引导。

6. 目的状语从句:

(1)目的状语从句通常由 so that, in order that引导。

(2)so that既可引导目的状语从句,又可引导结果状语从句。

(3)目的状语从句里往往带有情态动词can, could, may, might等,表示的目的很明确。

7. 让步状语从句:

(1)让步状语从句通常由although, though等连词引导。


8. 地点状语从句:



【2012贵州安顺】17.I think _____ not difficult _____ English every morning.

A. that; keep reading B.it’s; keep reading

C. that; to keep reading D.it; to keep reading 【答案】D

【2012年福建省福州市】40. -- We'll go for a picnic if it _______ this Sunday.

-- Wish you a lovely weekend.

A. rain B. doesn't rain C. won't rain


【2012年广东省】42. There will be a flower show in the park________ we visited last week.

A. who B. when C. what D. which


【2012年广东省】36. — If our government _____attention to controling food safety now, our health _____in danger.

A.won’t pay, is B. doesn’t pay, is C. won’t pay, will be D. doesn’t pay,

will be


【2012湖北黄冈】41. —Excuse me Could you wake me up when my friend____ here?

—Of course. [:hat we still don't know when your friend _____ here.

A. comes; will come B. comes; comes

C. will come; comes D. will come; will come


【2012湖北黄冈】42. —Do you have Jay's CDs?

—Sorry, they are _____. But we'll get some more next week because they _____.

A. sold well; are on sale B.sold out; sell well

C. selling well; sell well D. for sale; sell well


【2012湖北黄冈】45. —Why is Harvey's mother so happy?

—Because only three students _____, _____ his son Harvey.

A. failed the exam; besides B. made progress; except

C. made progress; including D. passed the exam; without


【 2012四川成都】46. —I want to know when Mr. Brown will arrive. —When he A. will arrive B. arrived C. arrives


【2012四川达州】24. —I like drinking wine. But people who drink wine aren’t allowed to drive.

—If I you, I would give up wine.

A. were; drinking B. am; drinking

C. were; drink D. was;to drink


【2012绵阳市】18. ________ I was in he US, I made a lot of American friends.

A. While B. Although C. Unless D. Until


【2012四川南充】( ) 25. What would happen if he ______ back home?

A. go B. goes C. went


【2012四川雅安市】9. If a polar bear_____, it _____fish from the water.

A. will be hungry; catches B. is hungry; will catch

D. is hungry; won’t catch C. is going to be hungry; catches


【2012浙江衢州】26. We Will go for a picnic if it_______tomorrow.

A. doesn't rain B. wasn't rainy

C. won't rain D. wasn't raining


【2012贵州六盘水】38.-Do you know if we will go for a picnic this Saturday?

-I think we will if we any classes.

A. won ' t have B. didn’t' t have

C. don't have D. aren ' t having


【2012贵州铜仁】35.The bus driver always says to us ,“Don’t get off________ the bus stops.”

A. when


【2012山东·东营市】35. – Excuse me, can I interview Mr. Miller this afternoon?

-- A moment, please. Let me check A. if Mr. Miller will be free B. when will Mr. Miller have time

D. when does Mr. Miller come back B. while C .until D. if C. if Mr. Miller had an appointment


【2012四川省乐山市】22. he has little knowledge, the old worker has a lot of experience.

A. Although. B. Because. C. If


【2012四川省乐山市】32. —Do you have any problems if you five minutes to read?

—Well, I’m thinking about the new words. There are too many.

A. give B. are given C. will be given



(江苏省南京市六合区2013年中考一模11.) —Excuse me, could you tell me ?

—Sure. There’s a good restaurant on Fourth Street.

A. where I can post letters B. what movie I can see here

C. if there’s a good place to eat in


(江苏省泰州市黄桥初中、高港中学2013,4月联考 15.) —Why did Miss Wang look so worried when we saw D. how I get to the bus station


—Because she wondered________.

A. where did the other students go

B. when would the policemen and volunteers come

C. what her students have done during the earthquake

D. if her students had survived the earthquake in Ya’an.


(江苏省无锡市新区第一实验学校2013年期中2. )---Why did Suzy look so stressed when we saw her? ---Because she wondered________.

A. what her sister has done during the trip

C. if she had passed the driving test


(2013中考江苏省扬州市英语模拟,3.)---Sorry, I’m late for class again.

---Is it ___ you stayed up last night?

A. why


(2013中考安徽省合肥市四十四中一模,40.) ---I can't understand______ you said.

---That's______ you didn't listen to me carefully.

A. that, because B. what, why C. which, why D. what, because


B. how C. because D. when B. when would her father come back D. where did the other friends do

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