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九年级英语全册 Unit 9 When was it invented学案

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Unit9 When was it invented?

第一课时1a-Grammar Focus


1、invent v.发明,创造,invent- invented –invented- inventing n. inventor 发明者,发明

家, invention 发明,

eg: helpful inventions 有用的 Edison was one of the greatest ______________, he had 1093 ___________ in his life. Light ___________________ by him.

3、operate v.①操作,作业, operate the machine ,操作机器;battery-operated adj.电池供

电的,eg: a battery-operated tennis racket,一个电池供电的网球拍;②做手术:operate on sb =have an operation on sb,给某人做手术;operator手术员,操作员

4、slipper n.拖鞋, a pair of slippers,一双拖鞋;electric slippers电动拖鞋;battery-operated slippers,电池供电的拖鞋;

5、heat v.加热, heat the milk ,加热奶牛奶;heated adj.受热的,heated scoop 加热的勺子。

二、短语目标: 1、 be used for sth/doing sth =be used to do sth. 被用来做??

? 当。。。用


get/be used to sth/ doing sth 习惯于??

used to do sth 过去常常干某事

From +材料 由。。。制造

in sp (产地) 在。。。制造

by sb (生产者) 被。。。人制造

up of+成员、成分 由。。。组成

into+产品 被制成。。。


1、Personal computers _____ in 1976.(invent)

2、Light bulb are used for in the dark.(see)

3、It’s __ for scooping really cold ice cream.(use)

4、I need four ___ __ (battery) for my radio.

5,The sick boy____________ to the hospital by the police yesterday.(take)

6, They often clean their classroom after school.

Their classroom _____ often ______ after school.

7, I must repair the TV now.

The TV must _____ _______ now.

8, Chelsea Lanmon invented this kind of scoop.

This kind of scoop _____ ____ ______ Chelsea Lanmon.

9.When did you buy your motorbike?

When ______ your motorbike _______?

10,I saw him go into the library just now.

He _____ _____ _____ go into the library just now.

11, -Why didn’t you go to the party last night?-Because I __ A. wasn’t invited B. didn’t 1

invited C. haven’t invited

12, Mum, I think we can buy a house _____ a swimming pool. A, with B, on C, in D, of

13, A new scarf ______ her mother by her yesterday.

A, bought for B, bought to

C, was bought for D, was bought to

14,I ____ to get there before seven tomorrow morning.

A, told B, have told C, will tell D, was told

C. created; produced; D. produce; made

15. The stones they carried were used ______ houses and bridges. A, to build B. for building C. to be built D. A and B

16. The room ______ as a meeting room.

A. used to being used B. was used to be used C. was used to being used D. used to be used

17. An expert(专家) once said that humans(人类)____ have serious problems in the future.

A. would B. will C. shall D. going to

第二课时3a-2c of Section B


1、crispy adj.脆的crisp 薯片,salt- salty, taste –tasty, luck- lucky

2、sour adj。酸的 go sour 变酸

3、sprinkle v.撒,洒

sprinkle A on B = sprinkle B with A 。往B上撒A

4、by mistake,错误地do sth by mistake误做某事

Make mistakes,犯错误 Sorry, I took your book ________________.


1,Do you have any problems if you ______ this job?

A, offer B, will offer C, are offered D, will be offered

2, Waste paper shouldn’t _____ everywhere.

A, be thrown B, throw C, is thrown D, are thrown

3, It’s reported that more new buildings _____ here soon. A, will be built B, was built C, has built D, will build

4,We didn’t take any umbrellas. So we had to wait ___ the rain stopped.

A, after B, when C, until D, because

5.This kind of apple ______ delicious. I want one more.

A. is tasted B. tastes C. is tasting D. tasted 6.Gilbert ____ electricity and Edison ____ the electric light bulb. A. discovered ; invented B. discovered; discovered

C. invented; invented D. invented ; discovered

7. _______ the following pictures, please write a composition. A. Thanks to B.

Because of C. According to D. Instead of 8. Before breakfast, they often climbed a ___ hill.

A. nearly B. nearby C. near D. by


9.Can you tell me the ____ way to the station?

A. more nearby B. nearly C. nearest D. most nearby

10. My uncle will come ____ next month and he will stay here for _______ A. sometime ;

some time B. some time; sometime C. sometimes ; some time

D. some time ; some times

11. My letter ____ my parents this morning was ___ my study at school. A. for; on B.

to; about

C. for; about D. to; for

12,The light bulb is one of the most important _______________(发明)

13,The microwave ovens ______________________(用来热) the food.

14,The radios ________________(发明) many years ago.

15, The football team ______________________(组成) twenty people. 16,He made me wait for a year.(被动)

I _____ ______ ______ _____ for a year.

17, Teachers should ________________(听) by students.

18,He ___________(tell) that his mother was badly ill.

19. We __________(ask) not to be late for class again.

第三课时3a of Section B and self check.


1、beverage cn. (beverages) =drink

3、remain v.=keep, stay ,保持,remain +adj/介词短语/n./doing sth.

Years has passed, you still ________ young.

4、notice v. notice sth

注意到某人经常做某事或者已经做了某事 notice sb do sth=sb be noticed to do sth. 注意到某人正在做某事 notice sb doing sth

notice that+句子

Did you notice someone _______(touch) my things?

He _____________(notice) running to the tall tree

5、produce v. (production n)生产,产生,producer n.生产商 Where__________ salt___________?(生产)

6、pleasant adj. 令人愉快的,produce a pleasant smell,产生一股香味, please(v)使满意, pleased 感到满意的,pleasing 令人满意的

We were all _______ to have the chance to take the _________ trip.

7、mixture n.混合物 mix sth up 把??混合

8、throw v.投 扔 throw-threw-thrown, throw away 扔掉,throw about 到处乱扔

9、invent v. 发明(本不存在,创造性地制造,从无到有) discover v. 发现(本来存在,但不为人所知)

Do you know when the new America_______________?

10、century n. 世纪= one hundred years ,in the twenty-first century 在二十一世纪 In the 1950s 在二十世纪五年代


1、by accident偶然的

2、fall –fell-fallen




down 摔倒

behind 落后,掉队

in love with? 爱上??

asleep 睡着

’t careful ___________ the tree.

(2) I’d work harder, or I’ll __________ you.

(3) When first saw the house, I _______________ it.

(4) As soon as I went to bed, I ___________

3、sth be brought to sp 某物传入某地

4、drinking water 饮用水


1、The flowers give out a smell.(please)

2、Be careful of the water .It can burn you(boil)

3、We can get (salty) from the sea, the lake or the well(井).

4、The book is very (help)to you.

5、Tea ___(invent)three __(thousand)years ago.

6、Do you know who _______ the telephone?(invent)

7、A number of problems ______ to be solved.(remain)

8.Tom wasn’t careful enough, so he __________(掉进??里) the river.

9,Tea _______________________(才被带到) the western world until 1610.

10, Do you know what happened ____________________(十二世纪)?

11,The ground ____________________(盖满) dead leaves.

12, People celebrate spring festival_____________


13. I often notice the boy _________ school alone very late.(leave)




1、active adj.活跃的 n. activity 活动

2、indoors adv.在室内outdoors在室外

3、create v.创造,创作,adj. creative 有创造性的. creator n.创作者

4、wooden adj.木质的 n. wood 木头, woods 小树林

5、knock v.敲击,碰撞, knock on/ at the door 敲门,knock into sb.与某人相撞,knock sb down


6、divide v.分开,划分, divide ?into ?把??分成?,eg:①We divide Wuhan into three parts.

②Our class is divided into thirteen groups.

divide from?从??分离

8、shoot v. 射击,投篮,shoot -shooting–shot –shot, shoot at ?向??射击

9、below prep.在??的下面,低于?, above在??上方,高于?, over 在??的正上方,under在??的正下方, on 在??的表面上

10、guide v.指导,带领,n. our guide 导游,guide book 指南手册


12、develop v.发展,成长,发达, developing- developed- developed ,

develop education 发展教育, a developing country ,一个发展中国家,a developed country


China is a _________ country. America is a __________ country. With the ___________

of the world, China is ___________ quickly.

13、popularity n.普及,流行,eg: The popularity of education with nine years has worked

out fine in our country. 九年义务教育的普及在我国已经产生了良好的效果。

popular adj.流行的,受欢迎的 be popular with 受?欢迎

14、 rise-rose-risen v.上升,

eg: The sun rises in the east .太阳在东方升起。

The river has risen five meters.河水上涨了五米。


1、This ______ and active sport is enjoyed by many ,for fun and exercise.(广受


2、It __ (play) by (多)100 million people in ______(多)200 countries


3、 ____ players and falling down would be dangerous.(相撞)

4、 that on December21,1891,the first basketball game in history was played.(据说)

4、 ,(自那时起) the of basketball has risen worldwide.(popular)

5、 ____ (数量)foreign players in America’s NBA over the years .(增加)

6. The _____ glass still lay on the ground when I want in. A. breaking B, break C. broken

D. breaks

7. The TV was invented around ____ A. the twenty century B. the twentieth century C. twentieth century D. twenty century

8. After school, the boys went together to ____ birds.

A. shoot B. kick C. play D. drive

9.There are some factories in the world that ____ light bulbs, based on the one Edison ________

A. produce; invented B. make; invented


中考复习归纳: 被动语态






He cleaned the room.他打扫了这间屋子。(主动语态)

The room was cleaned.这这间屋子被打扫了。(被动语态)



被动语态由" be动词+及物动词的过去分词done"构成。Be有时态人称和数的变化,其变化规则与be为系动词时完全一样。被动语态的时态变化只改变be的形式,过去分词部分不变。疑问式和否定式的变化也如此。

1、 被动语态常用时态的被动语态举例(以动词do为例)

1).一般现在时(am/ is/ are +done)

English is spoken by lots of people in the world. 世界上的许多人都说英语。 Yuan Longping, one of the greatest scientists in China, _____ as “father of hybrid rice”.(A)

A. is regarded B. has regarded C. is regarding

2).一般过去时(was/ were +done)

The cup was broken by the boy. 杯子被那个男孩打碎了。

He was saved at last. 他最终获救了。

My bike was stolen. 我的自行车被偷了。

The new book Cold Mountain ____________ (出版) last month.

A: Have all the students known that Backstreet Boys will appear to them ?

B: Yes , everyone _________ about it.


情态动词的被动语态结构为:情态动词+be+及物动词的过去分 词done;其时态及句 型的变化仅由情态动词完成," be+及物动词的过去分词done "部分不变。如:

Students’ desks can be made of wood and metal now .桌子可由石头制造。

Students’ desks could be made of stone in the old days .那时桌子可由石头制造。(一般过去时)


Can Students’ desks be made of wood and metal now? 桌子能用木头和金属制造吗?(疑问句)



The bridge was built last year.这座桥是去年建造的。

He was elected chairman.他被选为主席。

2、 当更加强调动作的承受者时。此时动作的执行者由by引导置于谓语动词之后,不需要时可以省略。

The room hasn't been cleaned yet.房间还没有打扫。

The tiger was killed by him.老虎被他杀死了。


The window was blown by wind.窗户被风吹开了。

The whole village has been washed away by the flood.整个村庄都被洪水冲走了。

4、表示客观的说明常用"It is + 过去分词."句型。

It is said that Lucy has gone abroad.据说露茜已经出国了。

It is believed that he is a spy. (=He is believed to be a spy.)大家相信他是个间谍。 其它常见的"It is + 过去分词+ that"句型还有

It is reported that?据报道

It is said that?据说

It is believed that?大家相信

It is suggested that?有人建议

6 D. regards






Tom killed him. → He was killed by Tom.






He sang a song. → A song was sung by him.

2、主动语态变为被动语态的注意事项:(1)主动句中的主语如果是people, we, you, they, somebody等含糊地表示"人们"、"大家"的单词,变为主动句时,通常删去"by?",但原主语被强调者除外。如:

They set up this hospital in 1975. → This hospital was set up in 1975.


Only he can finish the job. → 只有他能完成这项工作。

The job can be finished only by him.这项工作只能由他来完成。


Jack told us the truth.杰克告诉了我们真相。

We were told the truth by Jack.

The truth was told (to) us by Jack.


give sb sth (give sth to sb ) send sb sth (send sth to sb )

show sb sth (show sth to sb ) pass sb sth (pass sth to sb )

lend sb sth (lend sth to sb ) buy sb sth (buy sth for sb )

cook sb sth (cook sth for sb ) make sb sth (make sth for sb )

(3)动词不定式省去to 的要在变被动语态后加上to。

Bosses often made workers work more than 16 hours a day in the old days.

Workers were often made to work more than 16 hours a day in the old days.

注:常见的还有see/ notice/watch/look at/ listen to /hear sb do sth

(4)短语动词是不可分割的整体,含有短语动词的主动语态变被动语态时要保持短语动词的完整性,不可丢掉介词或者副词。如:look after ,take care of, cut down , laugh at , talk about , turn on 等。

We should speak to the olds politely.

The olds should be spoken to politely .


以主动形式表示被动之意的动词多为连系动词,如:sound ,taste, look, feel, smell等。 The flower smells sweet.这花闻起来很香。

7 They held a meeting yesterday. → A meeting was held by them yesterday.

This book sells well.这本书畅销。

下列动词没有被动式:happen, cost,take,have,come out.

An accident was happened yesterday.(×)

An accident happened yesterday.(


1. Good books ____ again and again.

A. should be readed B. should be read

C. must read D. are supposed to read

2. The children ____ by the nurse. A. were looked B. looked after C. were looked

after D. looked

3. He ___ some pieces of advice, but he ____ to them.

A. gave, didn't listen B. was given, wasn't listened

C. give, wasn't listened D. was given, didn't listen

4. When____ the accident _____ ?

A. was, happen B. did, happen C. is, happen D. was, happened

5. The question ____ by us soon.

A. is going to discuss B. will discuss

C. is going to be discussed D. has been discussed

6. A lot of tall buildings _____ in his hometown in the last three years. A. have set up

B. have been set up C. were set up D. set up

7. They ____ printing 500 copies by the end of last month.

A. had finished B. have finished

C. had been finished D. have been finished

8. Rice ___ also _____ in their hometown.

A. is?grown B. is?grew C. was?grew D. was?grown

9. He ____ by the teachers.

A. is always praised(表扬) B. praises

C. have been praised D. always is praised

10. Great changes____ place. Many new schools ____ .

A. have taken, have been opened B. take, are open

C. are taken, open D. have been taken, are opened

11. The picture______ in October, 1996.

A. was taking B. had been taken C. was taken D. had taken

12. We can't use the bridge now, because it______ .

A. has been repaired B. is repairing

C. is repaired D. is being repaired

13. The boy______ yesterday . A. was seen to run B. was seen run C. was saw to run D. was run

14. When water______ , it will be changed into vapor(水蒸汽). A. is heated B. heating

C. has heated D. heats

15. We can't enter the room because its door______ .

A. locked B. locks C. is locked D. is locking

8 ) The new book Cold Mountain ____ (出版) last month.(came out)(2009十堰市中考题)

16. They ______ day and night.

A. are made work B. are made to work

C. made to be worked D. are making to work

17. Chang'an Road is ______of people.

A. filled B. fill C. full D. fulled

18. Man-made satellites ______into space by many countries.

A. was sent up B. is sent up

C. have been sent up D. has been sent up 19. This English song _____ often _____ by the children.

A. is, singing B. is, sung C. will, sing D. was, sung

20.The windows of our house _____once a week.

A. must clean B. have cleaned C. is cleaned D. are cleaned

21. Your exercise books _____ after class. A. will hand in B. must hand in C. handed in

D. must be handed in

22. Some trees may ______ at other times of the year.

A. be planted B. plant C. are planted D. will be planted

23. The sun _____ at night as usual.

A. can be seen B. can't see C. can't be seen D. doesn't see

24. A new English play _____ there next week.

A. will put on B. will be put on

C. is going to put on D. will be putted on

25. A strange thing _____ in our school yesterday.

A. was happened B. has been happened

C. happened D. was going to happen

26. The glass ______ . It _____ by little Tom this morning.

A. broke, is broken B. is broken, was broken

C. was broken, broke D. has been broken, broken


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