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1)at, in on 表示时间点用at。例如:at noon, at midnight。表示在某个世纪,某年,某月,某个季节以及早晨,上午,下午,晚上时,用in。表示具体的某一天和某一天的上午,下午,晚上时,用on。

2)since, after 由since和after 引导的词组都可表示从过去某一点开始的时段,但since词组表示的时段一直延续到说话的时刻,因而往往要与现在完成时连用。而after词组所表示的时段纯系过去,因而要与一般过去时连用。

3)in, after in与将来时态连用时,表示“过多长时间以后”的意思,后面跟表示一段时间的词语。after与将来时态连用时,后面只能跟表示时间点的词语。after与过去时态连用时,后面才能跟表示一段时间的词语。


1)at, in, on at一般指小地方;in一般指大地方或某个范围之内;on往往表示“在某个物体的表面”。

2)over, above, on over表示位置高于某物,在某物的正上方,其反义词是under。 above也表示位置高于某物,但不一定在正上方,其反义词是below。On指两个物体表面接触,一个在另一的上面。

3)across, through across的含义与on有关,表示动作在某一物体的表面进行。through的含义与in有关,表示动作是在三维空间进行。

4) in front of, in the front of in front of 表示“在某人或某物的前面”,在某个范围以外;in the front of 表示“在……的前部”,在某个范围以内。


【2012贵州贵阳】32. Linda is not good at Chinese, but she passed the exam ______ the help of her classmates.

A. with B. under C. without


考查介词的用法。with意为“和一起,在某人的帮助下with the help of sb.”; under意为“在下面”;without意为“没有”;根据句意:琳达不太擅长汉语,但是在同学们的帮助下,她通过了考试。故选A.

【2012.安徽省】34. --- Tom isn’t feeling very well.

--- He seems to have a cold _____ the weather changes suddenly.

A. before B. so C. because D. though


【2012.安徽省】36. Welcome to our hotel! I hope you’ll have a good time ____ your stay here.

A. after B. during C. with D. since


【2012北京】23.—Is your father home?

—No,he’s working late ____ the office

A. on B. at C. of D. to


【2012福建福州】33. Bill has made great progress _____________the help of his teachers.

A. for B. with C. under


【解析】选B。考查介词短语的用法。with help of sb. 意为“在......的帮助下”。此处句意为:在老师的帮助下比尔取得了巨大的进步。故选B。

【2012广东】32. — Why are you standing, Alice?

— I can't see the blackboard clearly. Two tall boys are sitting

A. behind


【2012·湖北·武汉】26. -When was David born?

-He was bornJune 12,1989.

At B.in C.on D.for


【2012江苏连云港】2.—Jack, is maths difficult to learn in high school?

—Sure. No subject can be learned well hard work.

A. without B. through C. by D. with


【2012江苏南京】9. A YOG volunteer team mostly university and middle school students. They will mainly provide languages voluntary services.

A. consists of B. belongs to C. thinks of D. leads to

me. B. next to C. between D. in front of


【2012江苏南京】10. My father has a habit of jogging the Jinchuan River for an hour in the morning .

A. between B. along C. over D. through


【2012江苏苏州】5. Yesterday I downloaded a new program ______the Internet. Now I can watch TV and movies ______ my computer.

A. from;on


【2012辽宁大连】 2.Project Hope has built many schools ____ big classrooms and libraries. A.in B.of C.for D.with


【2012 内蒙古包头】27. His grade in the exam put him the top students in his class.

A. between B. over C. among D. above


【2012 呼和浩特】11. The accident happened ______ 7 p. m. ______ 9 p. m..

A. from; to B. between; to C. from; and D. between; and


【2012年福建省福州市】33. Bill has made great progress ______ the help of his teachers.

A. for B. with C. under

【答案】B B. with;in C, in;with D. on;from


(江苏省南京市溧水2013年一模,2. )—What happened the afternoon of March 25th?

—It’s said that Beckham arrived Beijing.

A. in; at B. on; to C. in; in D. on; in


(江苏省南通市小海中学2013九年级一模2.) — Why are you always standing in class, Kitty?

—I can’t see the blackboard clearly because the two tall boys are sitting me.

A. in front of B. next to C. between D. behind


(2013中考重庆市江津区模拟,32.) China is a great country _________ a large population. We are proud of

our motherland.

A. of B. on C. with D. by


(2013中考,北京市顺义区一模,23. ) -Do you know the World Book Day? -Yes. It falls _____ April 23 every year.

A. in B. on C. at D. of


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