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Unit 1 How do you study for a test ?

How do we deal with our problem ?

Have you recently had any problems ?

Have you solved it successfully ?

Problems at School:

Problems at Home:

Read and answer.
1) What may happen when people are angry with others for long? Good friendships may be lost. 2) What happens to children when they have disagreements? They decide not to talk to each other. But this usually does not last for long.

3) What must we learn at school? Why? We must learn how to change these “problems” into “challenges”. Because education is an important part of our development. 4) What’s our duty as young adults? As young adults, it is our duty to try our best to deal with each challenge in our education with the help of our teachers.

5) Who is Stephen Hawking?
He is a very clever scientist. 6) What should we do after comparing ourselves to Stephen Hawking? We should face the challenges instead of worrying about our problems.

Find out useful phrases & make your original sentences using each one.

1. deal with the problems 1. 处理问题 2. be angry with sb 2. 对某人生气 3. learn to do sth 3. 学会做某事 4. Time goes by 4. 随着时间的流逝 5. decide not to do sth 5. 决定不做某事 6. each other / one another 6. 彼此,互相 7. last for long 7. 持续很长时间 8. regard … as + n / adj / consider …as 8. 把…当成… 9. 向某人抱怨某事/物 9. complain to sb about / of sth 10. be strict with sb 10.对某人严格 11. be strict in sth 11.对某事要求严格 12. change … into … 12.把…改变成… 13. try one’s best to do sth 13.尽力做某事 14.做某事是某人的职责 14.It’s one’s duty to do sth 15. with the help of = with one’s help 15.在某人的帮助下 16. compare … to / with … 16.把…与…相比较 17. face the challenges 17.面对挑战

Check the ways of dealing with problems that are mentioned.
by talking to people about them by thinking your problem is not big √ by breaking off a friendship by trying to forget about them √ by seeing a psychologist by thinking of a problem in a positive way √

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