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答案) 仁爱版


第一部分 听力部分 (20分)



1.____ 2.____ 3.____ 4.____ 5.____


( )6. A. Good idea.

( )7. A. Yes, I do. B. Thank you. B. No, thanks.

C. Yes, I’d love to. C. Thanks. C. I’d like bread ( )8. A. Yes, I’d love to.

and milk.

( )9. A. Here you are. B. No, I’d like vegetables.

B. No, please. C. Milk, please. C. Four dollars, please. ( )10. A. Yes, I’d love to. B. Some rice, please.


( )11. Jim likes milk.

( )12. Lucy likes Hunan food.

( )13. Mike likes milk.

( )14. Lily would like some eggs.

( )15. Rose likes chicken and hamburgers.


( )16. Lily comes from ____.

A. the U.S.A. B. England C. Canada

( )17. Lily’s parents are in ____.

A. Beijing

( )18. Lily’s father is ____.

1 B. Shenzhen C. Shanghai

A. an English teacher B. a doctor

C. a driver C. hamburgers ( )19. Lily likes ____. A. jiaozi

( )20. Lily’s family all like ____.

A. Chinese B. rice B. China C. Chinese food

第二部分 笔试部分80分


( )21. —Does your uncle work ____ a farm?

—No, he doesn’t. He works ____ a restaurant.

A. on; on B. on; in C. in; in D. in; on

( )22. —Excuse me, is Michael in black pants now?

—No. He’s in ____ coat and ____ pants now.

A. black; a white B. a black; white C. black; white D. a black; a white

( )23. His English is very ____ and he speaks English very ____.

A. good; good B. well; well

( )24.-Can you _____it in English? -Sorry, I can’t ______ English.

A. speak, speak B. say ,say C. say , speak D. speak ,say

( )25. —Who is the man ?

—My teacher, Mr. White.

A. in a blue B. in blue jacket C. in blue

( )26. —Would you like to have dinner with me?


A. Yes, I love to B. Yes, I’d love to C. Yes, I like to D. Yes, I do. C. well; good D. good; well D. blue

( )27. I am new but all my classmates are ____ to me.

A. kind B. favorite C. happy D. different

( )28. —That’s my cap. Please ____.


A. give it to me B. give me to it C. give it me D. give me it



Look at the photo. It’s my family. The old man and the old 31 are my grandparents. This is my father. He is next to his brother, my 32 . This woman is my mother. She is my English teacher. You can 33 three kids in the photo. The two girls are my 34 . The girl in a red dress is Nancy 35 the girl in a yellow dress is Susan. Who is the boy, do you know? It’s me. My grandparents live in the USA. I live in Beijing 36 my parents now. My father is a 37 . He works in Beijing Hospital. He often has milk 38 breakfast. And he likes to eat 39 . My mother often has some eggs and 40 . I have a big and happy family. ( )31. A. boy ( )32. A. aunt ( )33. A. see

B. girl

C. woman

D. man

D. brother

B. uncle

C. sister

B. take B. girls B. but

C. help

D. spell

D. kids

( )34. A. sister ( )35. A. and ( )36. A. from

C. sisters

C. with

D. so

D. with

B. of C. for

( )37. A. teacher ( )38. A. for

B. doctor B. to

C. farmer C. in

D. driver D. on

D. bread

( )39. A. a bread ( )40. A. a orange

B. some breads C. many bread

B. an orange juice

C. two glass of orange juice


D. a glass of orange juice

A (1)






My name is Bill. I’m an English boy. I’m in a high school. Sam is my good friend. He comes from Canada. He is thirteen. I’m thirteen, too. But we don’t look the same. Miss Zhang is my English teacher. But she is not Sam’ s teacher. We don’t know her age. But she looks young. She looks like Sam’s Chinese teacher, Miss Zhou. Please look at my photo. In the photo, Sam, Miss Zhang and I are next to a car.


( )46. Bill is ____.

A. four

( )47. Sam is Bill’s ____.

A. student B. friend C. teacher D. classmate B. eight C. thirteen D. fourteen

( )48. The two boys ____.

A. are in the same class

B. look the same D. are not students C. have different looks(外貌)

( )49. Miss Zhang is ____.

A. Sam’s teacher B. Sam’s mom C. old D. young

( )50. Whose photo is this?

A. Miss Zhang’s B. Miss Zhou’s C. Bill’s

D. Sam’s 4


Ann comes from Canada. She is in Beijing with her parents now. She is a student of No.2 Middle School. She can speak a little Chinese. Her father works in a hospital. Her mother is a teacher of English. She is a good teacher. She loves her students a lot. The students are kind. They often say “Chinese people are very kind and Chinese food is very delicious”.All of her family like Chinese food very much.


51. Who is Ann in Beijing with now?


52. Where does Ann study?


53. Is Ann’s father a teacher?


54. Does Ann speak much Chinese?


55. What do all of Ann’s family like very much? ______________________________________________


A: May I take your order?

B: Wait a moment(等一下), please. Do you like some apple juice?

C: No, I don’t like apple juice. 56

B: OK. A glass of apple juice and a glass of milk. A: 57

B: I’d like some hamburgers. 58 C: Let me see. 59

A: OK. A glass of apple juice, a glass of milk, some hamburgers and some chicken. Forty yuan, please. B: 60

A: Thanks a lot.


56._______ 57._______ 58._______ 59._______ 60._______


61.think, Maria’s_________________________________________________________

62. want, buy, father___________________________________________________

63.uncle, often, drive_________________________________________________________

64.Tom,live, in ________________________________________________________

65.would , like _______________________________________________________? VI. 翻译5


What _______ he usually _______ _________ breakfast?


__________ __________ is __________ coat ?


Her mother ____________ ____________ ___________ a high school.


_________ the woman _______ ______ green T-shirt your aunt ?


_______ _________ the woman _________ _________ ?


71. We want _____________(have) a nice car.

72. Do you know the ________________(teach) name?

73. Why not _________ ( buy) a car?

74. Would you like something _______________(drink)?

75.The __________(farm) work on a farm.


76.Please help her __________(find) her bike.

77.Help ________________(you) to some fish , kids.

78.He often _____________ (have ) lunch at school.

79.This is a cat, ______ (it) name is Mimi.

80. Whose apples are these ? They are _________( they).

VIII. 句型转换(每题1分,5分)

81.She likes the skirt very much.(改成否定句) She ______ ________ the skirt ________ ___________. 82.His father is a Chinese teacher.(对划线部分提问)

____________ __________ his father ___________?

83.Those are Li Ming’s shoes. (画线部分提问)

__________ ____________ are ____________?

84.Bob has some pen pals in China. (改为一般疑问句,并做否定回答)

__________ Bob ________ ______ pen pals in China? No, _______ _______.

85.The teacher often helps me study English.(写出同义句)

The teacher often helps me ________ _______ English.

IX. 综合填空10 (根据短文意思选择适当的词,并将该词的正确形式填入空格,每词只用一次)

I’m in Beijing with my mom.And I am in No.1 Junior High School. My 89 color is green. I have many green clothes. I am in Class Four. I like my 90 .In my class there are nine 91 and eleven girls. Yang Jian and Li Fang are my good friends.They are 92 to me. Li Fang is a nice girl. She often helps 93 with my Chinese and I help her with her English. My 94 teacher

is Miss Liu. She is a good teacher. Her classes are very interesting.We like her .And she likes 95 ,too.

86. _________ 87. _________ 88. _________ 89. _________ 90. _________

91. _________ 92. _________ 938. _________ 94. _________ 95. _________



提示: 假如你是Jim, 来自英国, 现在在北京学汉语。你和父母在一起住,他们也在北京工作,爸爸是个医生,妈妈在一家公司上班。你在这儿有很多朋友, 常与他们一起吃饭, 中国的食物很好吃, 中国的朋友很友好, 你很喜欢待在中国。





____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

友情提示 :恭喜你全部做完了,是不是再仔细检查一遍?可不要交完卷后悔呀!


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