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Unit 2机器人

测试总分: 100分

班级_________ 姓名________ 桌号________ 得分________

I. 听力。(15分)

A. 根据所听对话内容,选择正确答案。(听两遍)(10分)

( )1. A. It’ll do the homework. B. It’ll do the housework.

C. It’ll go shopping. D. It’ll watch TV.

( )2. A. In order to have more free time. B. Because they’re cheap.

C. Because robots never go wrong. D. Because robots can talk to people.

( )3. A. Something is wrong with his hand. B. Something is wrong with his head.

C. Something is wrong with his eyes. D. Something is wrong with his legs.

( )4. A. Friday. B. Thursday. C. Wednesday. D. Saturday.

( )5. A. In the reading room. B. In the classroom.

C. In the language lab. D. In the computer room.

B. 根据所听短文内容完成下列各句,每空一词。(5分)

6. The story happened in _________.

7. Jack ________ his car because the road was too narrow(窄的) for both cars to pass.

8. Jack thought the driver in the _______ car was wanted by the police.

9. The man in the newspaper wore ________ glasses.

10. Jack _______ the police after he read the newspaper again.

II. 根据所给汉语写出正确的单词。(10分)

11. Mr. Jiang’s shirts are ________ (熨烫) by the robot every day.

12. We should throw the rubbish into the _______. (垃圾箱)

13. His robot can’t work _________.(正确地)It doesn’t talk.

14. The robot made Simon’s life much _________. (容易)

15. My computer caught a _________ (病毒) and caused a lot of problems.

III. 选择填空。(15分)

( )16. The robot can help Mum _________ when there are dirty clothes.

A. does the washing B. do the washing C. did the washing D. doing the washing

( )17. When something is wrong with your robot, it might ______ in your flat.

A. make a mess B. made a mess C. makes a mess D. made mess

( )18. You ______ to the party if you’re so busy.

A. don’t need come B. not need coming C. needn’t come D. need not to come

( )19. They have to work at once, _______?

A. can they B. can’t they C. don’t they D. haven’t they

( )20. I don’t know if he ______ me if he ______ free.

A. will help, will be B. helps, is C. will help, is D. helps, will be

( )21. Kitty will stay here for ______ to help us.

A. sometime B. sometimes C. some time D. some times

( )22. The cars ______ yesterday sell very well.

A. what I saw B. that I see C. what I see D. that I saw

( )23. Do not try to repair the computer yourself _____ you are an expert.

A. if B. that C. unless

D. because


( )24. –Did the teacher tell you _____ this afternoon?

–Yes, we will go to visit the Great Wall.

A. to go where B. how to do C. what to do D. to do what

( )25. Something is wrong with my watch. I must have it ________.

A. repairing B. to repair C. repair D. repaired

( )26. Today my father is feeling ______ to go to work.

A. enough good B. well enough C. good enough D. enough well

( )27. Have a glass of water, please. You ______ be thirsty after a long walk.

A. should B. can C. must D. have to

( )28. I think ______ impossible for him _____ the work without any help.

A. it, finishes B. that, to finish C. this, finishing D. it, to finish

( )29. There was so much noise in the room ________.

A. that we couldn’t hear him clearly B. but we couldn’t hear him clearly

C. that we couldn’t hear him clear D. because we couldn’t hear him clear

( )30. ______ weather we have today!

A. What a sunny B. What nice C. How beautiful D. How a fine

IV. 改写与改错。(20分)

A. 根据要求改写句子。每空一词。(10分)

31. I have to buy a robot so that I have more free time. (改为同义句)

I have to buy a robot ______ _______ ______ have more free time.

32. He doesn’t have to go out for lunch because his mother makes a lunchbox for him every day.


His mother makes a lunchbox for him every day. ____ ____ _____, he doesn’t have to go out

for lunch.

33. They design this kind of robot to do housework. (改为被动语态)

This kind of robot ________ ________ to do housework.

34. My mobile phone’对划线部分提问)

______ _______ can your mobile phone’s battery last?

B. 下面各句均有一处错误,请找出并改正。(10分)

( )________

A B C D ( )________

A B C D )_______


( )_________


( )_______


V. 根据所给汉语,完成下列句子。(10分)

40. 李老师在阳光中学教英语。

Mr. Li is a teacher ____________ in Sunshine Middle School.

41. 机器人可以为你做家务,除非你喜欢自己做。

Robots can do housework for you ___________________.


42. 姚明是世界上最优秀的篮球运动员这一。

Yao Ming is ______________________ in the world.

43. 为了使教室像新的一样,我们每天打扫。

We sweep the floor every day __________________________.

44. 我想你需要多注意你的书写。

I think you need _______________________________.

VI. 完形填空。(10分)

Send Me to the Police Station

Mr. Brown was good singing. So he found work in a school. There he taught the students . He worked hard and most of his students sang . But he liked drinking and much money on it. Sometimes he couldn’t go to school on time. The headmaster told him to be careful of it. But soon he forgot it.

Once Mr. Brown drank much and lay in the street. The policemen carried him to school. The headmaster was so angry that he decided to send him away.

Now he was out of work. Few people would help him. One morning he was very while he by a beautiful house. He found the gate open and quickly went in. He wanted to find some . Suddenly he saw a man coming towards him. He went into a room. There were a lot of instruments (乐器) in it. And soon a girl came in. He had to lie under a desk. The girl began to sing. She sang badly but it two hours. At twelve o’clock another girl came to play the piano. She played even . Mr. Brown couldn’t stay there any . He came out and said, “Send me to the police station.”

( )45. A. at B. to C. for D. in

( )46. A. maths B. music C. art D. P.E.

( )47. A. good B. bad C. well D. badly

( )48. A. pays B. spends C. cost D. spent

( )49. A. hungry B. asleep C. tired D. thirsty

( )50. A. walk B. walks C. is walking D. was walking

( )51. A. orange B. milk C. food D. water

( )52. A. last B. lasted C. was D. went

( )53. A. well B. badly C. better D. worse

( )54. A. long B. longer C. longest D. the longest

VII. 阅读理解。(10分)

One morning in April, Jim Reed checked his e-mail. It was from a woman in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He had talked to her on e-mail many times in the last ten days. All the other messages were fun and interesting to read. This message was different.

The message said, “Goodbye loved kowihn yu I amj leaving.”

Mr. Reed was frightened by the message. He tried to understand the words that were not spelled right. He quickly wrote a message to his new friend.

“What do you mean by the message you just sent to me?”

He waited but did not get an answer. He wrote back, “Please talk to me.”

Finally, she wrote, “I am fallllljg asleep what ti say gildgye ti ny friends.” Mr. Reed thought hard about this message. “Is she going to kill herself?” he thought.

“What is your phone number?” he typed. The woman sent a phone number. Mr. Reed called. At first the phone was busy. Then it just rang and rang. He called the police in Pittsburgh, and told 3

them his story. Then he faxed them what his friend wrote.

The police and paramedics(医护人员) quickly went to the woman’s house. When she didn’t’ answer the doorbell, they broke in. They found her on the floor near the computer. She told them, “I took 60 pills.” The paramedics rushed her to the hospital.

“Mr. Reed did a great job of saving this woman,” the police captain said. “If he hadn’t succeeded at the e-message, she would be dead now.” The woman is fine now, and she thanks Mr. Reed for saving her life.

( )55. Mr. Reed talked with the woman ________.

A. by telephone B. on the Internet C. at his home D. in the office

( )56. The e-message he found was strange because _____.

A. it was fun to read B. it was not interesting like usual ones

C. the woman wrote nothing D. the woman wrote it ten days ago

( )57. As soon as Mr. Reed read the e-message, he _______.

A. wrote back to ask her about the meaning of the message

B. called the police for help

C. went to save the woman himself

D. felt frightened and turned off the computer

( )58. The woman wanted to _______.

A. say goodbye to Mr. Reed

B. sleep for a whole day

C. kill herself by taking pills

D. make fun of Mr. Reed

( )59. What’s the best title for the passage?

A. Woman Kills Herself

B. Man Saves E-mail Friend

C. A Strange Message

D. Two Good Friends

VIII. 写作。(10分)


好处:你有更多空闲时间从事自己的爱好,可以帮助你做家务,如洗衣服、做饭、打扫卫生。 坏处:会感染病毒,引起许多麻烦。会把早餐放进洗衣机,会把衬衫扔进垃圾箱。最后不得不送回机器人商店。

Last week I visited International Robot Exhibition in Sunshine Town. If I own a robot, it’ll change my life in many ways. Some are good but some are bad. I’ll have more free time for my hobbies. It can help me do housework. It can wash clothes, cook delicious food and sweep the floor. But if it catches a virus, it’ll cause a lot of problems. I’ll find breakfast in the washing machine and clean shirts in the dustbin. In the end, I have to send it back to the robot shop.


Unit 2 Robots


班级_________ 姓名________ 桌号________ 得分________

I. 听力。(20分)

A. 听句子,选出一个与你所听到的句子意思相同或相近的答案。(听两遍)(10分)

( )1. A. It’s still raining now. B. It began to rain this morning.

C. It rained all the morning. D. The rain stopped this morning.

( )2. A. Your poor English can’t make me understand.

B. It isn’t easy for me to understand you when you speak English.

C. Your English is so good that I can understand you.

D. Though your English is so good, I still can’t understand you.

( )3. A. Sandy didn’t go to sleep before her mother came back.

B. Sandy didn’t go to sleep after her mother came back.

C. Sandy didn’t go to sleep when her mother came back.

D. Sandy didn’t go to sleep if her mother came back.

( )4. A. Kitty is taller. B. Kitty and Linda are the same height.

C. Linda is taller than Kitty. D. Kitty isn’t tall.

( )5. A. She was glad to know her friend B. She was not happy when she saw her friend.

C. She was happy to see her friend. D. She was angry when she saw her friend.

B. 根据所听短文,判断下列句子的正误。正确的用“T”表示,错误的用“F”表示。(听


( )6. If you want to travel by train, you may go to the CAAC offices.

( )7. With a new computer, the plane tickets of CAAC can be got much faster.

( )8. In the past people had to wait quite a long time to get the air tickets.

( )9. There are offices of the CAAC in about 270 cities in China.

( )10. The Chinese people now travel by plane more often than before.

II. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。(10分)

11. It’s spring. The ________ (leaf) on the tree have turned green.

12. Millie is good at ________ (dance), but Amy isn’t .

13. I think English is _______ (difficult) than science.

14. Mr. Hu told us to do our homework as _______ (quick) as we could.

15. Are you _______ (interest) in the robot that can do homework?

16. You’d better _______ (buy) a new pair of shoes.

17. Daniel and his friends enjoyed ______ (they) at the robot exhibition center last week.

18. It’s cold today. We must keep the windows _________. (close)

19. Don’t forget _________ (brush) your teeth before breakfast.

20. The ______ (five) month of a year is May.

III. 选择填空。(10分)

( )21. There is going to _____ a car exhibition in Sunshine Town tomorrow.

A. has B. have C. be D. hold

( )22. –Can you go shopping with us this afternoon?

–Sorry, I can’t. I _______ take care of my little sister because she is ill.

A. can B. may C. would

D. have to


( )23. –Your dress is just wonderful!


A. You are right, thank you! B. Thank you, and you?

C. Yes, yours is worse. D. Thank you . I’m glad you like it.

( )24. Daniel with Simon _______ baseball every Saturday afternoon.

A. play B. plays C. has played D. have played

( )25. –_____ should your robot need repairing?

– Every six months.

A. How long B. How often C. When D. What time

( )26. The students hurried to the classroom ______ the bell rang.

A. as soon as B. until C. if D. so that

( )27. The songs ______ S.H.E sang were very popular.

A. who B. what C. whose D. that

( )28. Usually Simon spends ______ time doing homework than Daniel does.

A. little B. few C. less D. fewer

( )29. They didn’t go on a school trip ______ the rain yesterday.

A. because B. so C. because of D. since

( )30. These pictures will show you ______.

A. what does your hometown look like

B. what our hometown looks like

C. how does our hometown look like

D. how our hometown looks like

IV. 下列各句均有一处错误,请找出并改正。(10分) )_________

A B C D ( )__________


33. ( )__________


34. You’ll be late ( ) __________

A B C D ( )__________


V. 根据所给汉语,完成下列句子。(10分)

36. 我听说你对你的英语不满意。

I hear that ____________________________________

37. 我们确信将来你会喜欢机器人。

We _________ you’ll like the robot ______________.

38. 我期望这次汽车展至少持续两个星期。

I expect the car exhibition _________________________.

39. 她最喜欢那个能帮她做作业的那个机器人。

Her favourite robot is ____________________________.

40. 为了能准时到达那儿,我们需要在上午9点左右从家出发。

We need ______________________ we can arrive there on time.


VI. 完形填空。(10分)

The Great Wall of China

longest wall in the world. It goes from west to east, mountains, through valleys and finally reaches the sea.

The Great Wall a history of over two the Spring and Autumn Period(春秋时期) in Chinese history. In about 221 B.C. (公元前) Qin Shihuang had all the walls The Great Wall is more than 6,000 kilometres long, 6~7 metres high and 4~5 metres wide. In places it is wide enough for five horses or ten men to walk side by side along the top.

It was very to build a great wall in the old times. Thousands of men when they built it. The Great Wall was made not only of stones, but millions of lives.

Today, the Great Wall has become interest not only to the Chinese people, but also to people all over the world.

Just as the Egyptians feel proud(自豪)of their pyramids, we Chinese people also feel proud of our Great Wall.

( )41. A. an B. a C. the D. /

( )42. A. through B. from C. over D. in

( )43. A. have B. has C. was D. is

( )44. A. thousand B. thousands C. thousand of D. thousands of

( )45. A. join up B. joining up C. to join up D. joined up

( )46. A. much B. any C. more D. most

( )47. A. easy B. difficult C. good D. bad

( )48. A. like B. as C. so D. such

( )49. A. had died B.were died C. were dying D. dead

( )50. A. the place of B. a place of C. place of D. a place

VII. 阅读理解。(10分)

Do you live in a city? Do you know how cities began? Long long ago, the world had only a few thousand people. These people moved from place to place. They moved over the land, hunting animals for food.

No one knows how or when those people learned about growing food. But when they did, their lives changed. They did not have to look for food any more. They could stay in one place and grow it.

People began to live near one another. And so the first villages grew. Many people came to work in the villages. These villages grew bigger and bigger.

When people had machines, life in the village changed again. Factories were built. More and more people lived near the factories. So the villages grew into cities. Some of them grew very big.

Today, some people are moving back to small towns. Can you tell why?

( )51. From the passage we know that people lived on(以??为食)_____ before cities began.

A. animals B. grass C. crops D. fruits

( )52. Why could men stay in one place?

A. Because they knew how to hunt animals.

B. Because they built houses.

C. Because they began growing crops.


D. Because they had machines.

( )53. What happened when factories were built?

A. People began to live in the factories.

B. More and more people lived near the factories.

C. There were many machines in the factories.

D. Machines were very useful.

( )54. Which of the following is true?

A. People had to move often before they began growing crops.

B. People didn’t like to live in big cities.

C. The villages were bigger than the cities.

D. All the people like to move back to small towns today.

( )55. The main idea of the story is that ______.

A. how people grew crops

B. how people built houses

C. how villages grew

D. how cities began to grow

VIII. 阅读短文,根据短文内容及首字母提示写出所缺单词。(10分)

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

of it before? It means that we must go to bed early and up early in the morning. Then we shall stay . We shall also be rich (wealthy) and clever (wise).

sleep to be healthy. Children of young age should have ten hours’ sleep every Children who do not have enough sleep cannot do their work very well. They will not be wise and they may not become wealthy!

The body also needs . Walking, running, jumping, swimming and playing games Exercise also helps the blood(血液) to around inside the body. This is very of our body. The head also needs blood. Exercise 56. ___________ 57. ___________ 58. __________ 59. ___________ 60. ___________

61. ___________ 62. ___________ 63. __________ 64. ___________ 65. ___________ IX. 写作。(10分)

现在有不少中学生认为抽烟的样子很帅,开始偷偷抽烟。请以“Smoking Is Bad for Health”为题,写一篇80词左右的短文,说明吸烟的危害,并呼吁中学生远离香烟。 参考词汇:cancer 癌症 pollute 污染 nicotine 尼古丁 addicted to 沉溺于 lung 肺 Smoking Is Bad for Health

Now some students start to smoke because they think it makes them look cool. But smoking is bad for their health.

First, smoking is bad for the lungs. They are likely to get lung cancer and die early. Second, smoking pollutes the air. If someone is smoking, people around him can be harmed. Third, cigarettes have nicotine in them. Nicotine can make people addicted to smoking.

I hope more and more students will realize the problem. As a result, we should never smoke._ 8

参考答案:Unit 2 A卷

I. A. 1. W: Daniel, would you like to own a robot?

M: Yes.

W: What will the robot do while you’re at school?

M: It’ll do the housework.

Q: What will the robot do while Daniel is at school?

2. W: Why do people buy robots?

M: Because they want to have more free time.

Q: Why do people buy robots?

3. W: Are you feeling better today, Simon?

M: Yes, a little better, thanks. But I still can’t walk.

Q: What’s wrong with Simon?

4. W: Is it Wednesday today?

M: No, it’s Thursday.

W: Oh, we’ll have an English party tomorrow, won’t we?

M: Yes.

Q: When will they have an English party?

5. W: Are your classmates in the classroom or in the language lab?

M: Neither.

W: Where are they then?

M: Some are in the reading room and the others are in the computer room with Mr. Hu. Q: Where’s Mr. Hu?

B. The big red American car was much too wide for an English country road. When Jack saw it coming towards him, he stopped his own car at the side of the road to make room for it to pass. The American car went slowly past. It was so close that he could see the driver’s face quite clearly. “Where have I seen that face before?” he thought. “Wait a minute!” He took out the newspaper from his bag, and turned quickly to the middle pages. There was a picture of the face in it. Yes, it had a large mouth and small ears, and his eyes were behind dark glasses. “Wanted by the police,” read Jack. “The City Bank will give a lot of money to anyone who helps the police catch this man.” “Call the police at once,” Jack said to himself. But a few minutes later, he found out that he had made a mistake. “This man was caught this morning,” said a policeman.

1~5 BADAD 6. England 7. stopped 8. American 9. dark 10. called

II. 11. ironed 12. dustbin 13. properly 14. easier 15. virus

III. 16~20 BACCC 21~25 CDCCD 26~30 BCDAB

IV. A. 31. in order to 32. As a result 33. is designed 34. How long

B. 35. A, will 36. D, too much 37. D, happy 38. C, as 39. B, what

V. 40. who teaches English

41. unless you enjoy doing it yourself

42. one of the best basketball players

43. in order to keep our classroom as clean as new

44. to pay more attention to your writing

VI. 45~49 ABCDA 50~54 DCBDB

VII. 55~59 BBACC



参考答案:Unit 2 B卷

I. A. 1. It stopped raining this morning.

2. You speak English so well that I can follow you easily.

3. Sandy didn’t go to sleep until her mother came back.

4. Kitty is as tall as Linda.

5. When she saw her friend, she laughed happily.

B. The CAAC has bought a new computer. It joins all the offices of the CAAC in and out of China. It is possible to know much faster which planes are full and which planes still have seats on them. Now people can buy their plane tickets at the offices of the CAAC much faster.

In the past, there were long queues of people waiting outside the CAAC offices. You might not be able to buy your ticket until three days before you traveled.

Now it is much easier for you to buy tickets and travel by plane. The information on the computer can be used by all the CAAC offices. There are offices in about 200 cities in China and also in 70 cities in the foreign countries.

The new computer has helped travelers and business people. The number of people who travel by plane in China is larger than ever before.

1~5 DCABC 6~10 F T T F T

II. 11. leaves 12. dancing 13. more difficult 14. quickly 15. interested

16. buy 17. themselves 18. closed 19. to brush 20. fifth

III. 21~25 CDDBB 26~30 ADCCB

IV. 31. C, drive 32. C, as many 33. D, 去掉will 34. B, unless 35. A, excited

V. 36. you are not satisfied with your English

37. are sure, in the future

38. to last for at least two weeks

39. the one that helps her do her homework

40. to leave home at around 9 a.m. so that

VI. 41~45 CCBAD 46~50 DBDAB

VII. 51~55 ACBAD

VIII. 56. heard 57. get 58. healthy 59. enough 60. night

61. exercise 62. strong 63. move 64. parts 65. better

IX. Smoking Is Bad for Health

Now some students start to smoke because they think it makes them look cool. But smoking is bad for their health.

First, smoking is bad for the lungs. They are likely to get lung cancer and die early. Second, smoking pollutes the air. If someone is smoking, people around him can be harmed. Third, cigarettes have nicotine in them. Nicotine can make people addicted to smoking.

I hope more and more students will realize the problem. As a result, we should never smoke.


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