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满分:120分 时间:120分钟

学校: 姓名: 班级:

第一部分 听力部分(20分)


( ) 1. A.cka B.bdf C.ehj D.egj

( ) 2. A. morning B. evening C. afternoon D. fine

( ) 3. A. Millie B. Nick C. Miss Fang D. Mrs. Li

( ) 4. A .you B.I C. I’m D. you’re

( ) 5.A.thanks B. thank C. good D. Eric


( ) 6. A. How are you? B. How old are you? C. How are your parents?

( ) 7. A. Good morning! B. Good afternoon! C.Good evening!

( ) 8. A. I’m five B. I’m fine C. I’m Sam

( ) 9. A. What’s your name? B. What’s his name? C.What’s her name?

( ) 10.A.It’s 452-9131 B. It’s 462-9031 C. It’s 482-9731


( ) 11. A. It’s V. B. It’s white. C. It’s three.

( ) 12. A. Hello B. I’m fine, thanks C. Good morning

( ) 13. A. It’s ruler B. It’s a apple C. It’s a pen

( ) 14. A. He is Eric B. She is Gina C.His name is Jack

( ) 15. A. He is Tom B. These are my friends C.They’re my parents

第二部分 笔试部分(100分)


( )1.The girl’s name is Maria Schuartz, so her ___________ name’s Maria.

A. last B.family C.first D.mother

( )2. —Are you Mr. Li? —_________.

A. Yes, I am B. No, you’re not C. Yes, you are

( )3. —Is this _____ key? —No. It’s _____ key.

A. you;my B. my;you C. your;his

( )4.-What’s your telephone number? -___________ 278-106.

A.I’m B.It C.It’s D.Is it

( )5.-Is that a ruler? -No, ______________.

A.it is B.it isn’t C.that is D.that isn’t

( )6.That’s a girl. Her name is ___________.

A.Wang Xiaoling B.Wang Xiao Ling

C. Wang xiaoling D. Wang xiao ling

( )7. I _____ a student. You ______ a teacher. It ______ a book.

A.am, are, is B. be, are, is C. am, be, is D. am, is, are

( )8. This is Gina. _______ phone number is 5874—6923.

A. She B. Her C. He D. His

( )9.—How is Li Ming? —_______.

A.He is good. B. He is a boy. C. He is fine. D. I’m fine.

( )10.—Hello, Kate. Nice to meet you! — _________.

A .How are you? B. What’s your name?

C. Nice to meet you, too! D. I’m fine.

( ) 11. —________ is that quilt? —It’s black.

A..How color B.What color C.What’s color D What’s

( )12.-What’s this ____English? -It’s ____orange.

A. in; an B .at; an C. in; a D. on; the

( )13.This is _____ruler.

A.I B.my a C.a my D.my

( )14.This is a ruler. _____ruler is blue.

A.A B.The C.An D./

( )15. -Are these your parents? -____.

A.No, these aren’t B. No, they are C.Yes, they are D.Yes, they’re

( )16.与字母L含有相同因素的一组字母是______.


( )17. —Your English is very good. —______.

A.Thank you B.Thanks you C.You are good D.Not good

( )18.—Is this your uncle’s book?

—Yes, __________.

A. he is B. she is C. it is D. this is

( )19. I am a teacher. She is a teacher, _______.

A. to B. too C. two D. do

( )20. —What’s four and three? —It’s_____.

A.seven B.eight C.one D.six

二、完形填空。(共15分,每题1.5分) is ’s and that red pencil is Sonia’theirs? No, it is my pen.

( )1. A. I B. His C. He D. My

( )2. A. last B. English C. first D. school

( )3. A. four B. five C. six D. seven

( )4. A. Green B. Smith C. Hand D. Miller

( )5. A. number B. card C. color D. /

( )6. A. father B. mother C. sister D. brother

( )7. A. phone B. school C. card D. number

( )8. A. are B. is C. am D. be

( )9. A. yellow B. red C. green D. blue

( )10. A. key B. ruler C. pencil D. pen

三、阅读理解, 阅读短文,选择正确的答案。(共20分,每题2分)


( )1. Alice has a _______________.

A. key B. ruler C. quilt D. jacket ( )2. Bob’s jacket is ______________.

A. red B. blue C. yellow D. green ( )3. Is Cindy’s ruler white?

A. No, it isn’t. B. Yes, it is C. No, it is. D. We don’t know. ( )4. ____________ has a green pen.

A. Helen B. Bob C. Frank D. Alice ( )5. What color is the key?

A. Black. B. White. C. Green. D. Red.


I’ m Tom. I’ m an American boy. Jim is my good friend. He is from England. He’ s thirteen. My sister is Ann. She is ten. She has a round(圆的) face and a small nose. She is very lovely(可爱的). We are in the same(相同的) school. But we are in different(不同的) grades. I’ m in Class 3, Grade 2.

Our teacher is from China. She is Miss Gao. She has big eyes and long hair. We like(喜欢) her very much.

( ) 6. _______ come from America.

A. Tom and Jim B. Tom and Ann C. Jim and Ann D. Tom, Jim and Ann ( ) 7. Tom and Ann are in different _______ .

A. schools B. school C. grades D. grade ( ) 8. Ann has ______ .

A. a long face and a small nose B. a round face and a big nose C. a round face and a small nose D. a short face and a small nose ( ) 9. Our teacher, Miss Gao is ______ .

A. American B. my good friend C. English D. Chinese ( ) 10. We like ______ very much.

A. Jim B. Tom C. Ann D. Miss Gao


( ) 1. How are you? A. Smith

( ) 2. Is she Ms Li? B. It’s an egg. ( ) 3. What’s this in English? C. I’m fine, thanks

( ) 4.What’s his phone number? D. It’s 027—225438541

( ) 5. What’s your last name? E. Yes, she is.

( ) 6. Nice to meet you . F .He is Ben.

( ) 7. What’s his name? G. No, I’m not.

( ) 8. Good afternoon, teacher! H. Nice to meet you, too.

( ) 9. Hello! Are you Kate ? I. Good afternoon, boys and girls.

( ) 10. What color is it? J. It’s black.



1.What’s this in _____(英语)?

2.My uncle’s children are my c______

3.What is your t_______ number?

4.My name is Li Hong. Li is my f____ name.

5.______(拼写) it, please.


1.What’s ________name? ( you )

2.He is my friend._____(he) first name is Tony.

3.—What’s this? —_______(it) a key.

4. Hi! I ____ (be)Liu Yun. What is your name?

5.Your __________ (friend) are my classmates.


1. This is her quilt. (改为复数句) __________ _________ her __________.

2. Alice is fine. (改为同义句) Alice __________ __________.

3. It is a blue map.(改为一般疑问句) __________ __________ a blue map?

4. Is he Dale? (作否定回答) No, he __________.

5. Is that your brother? (做否定回答) Yes, __________ __________.



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