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在条件状语从句中,如果主句是 一般现在 将来时态,从句要用__________ 主将从现 时态代表将来时态,即_________ 原则。

Exercise One : doesn’t rain 1.If it ___________( not rain ) will tomorrow, I____go to the park . am 2. If I _____ (be) free tomorrow, I ________ ( play ) in the park . will play

3.You must stay at home if it rains ________( rain ) tomorrow .
4.I want to go to the park if it doesn’t rain ___________( not rain ) tomorrow . isn’t rainy 5.Go to school if it _________ (not rainy) tomorrow .

6. If David______(bring)a map, brings will he____find the place . 7. If they break the school rules , the headmaster ____________ will punish (punish) them .

8. I want________(visit) my to visit am not uncle if I________(not be) busy this afternoon. have Don’t 9.____ (not) watch TV if you___ (have) something important to do tomorrow. won’t have 10.Thestudents________(not have)a picnic if it rains _____(rain) next weekend.

Exercise Two : 1.If he ____harder, he will get good grades A .works B. work C. working D. will work

2. Sally ____ a film if she ___free next Saturday . A. sees, will be B. will see ,will be C. sees , will be D. will see, is

3.Idon’t know if he____ tomorrow.
If he ____,let me know please.

A.comes, comes B.will come, will come
C. will come, comes D.comes, will come


是否 if 用在宾语从句中表示“_____”, 从句时态要根据时间来使用;


if 在条件状语从句中表示 如果 主将从现 “_____”.句子的时态符合 come I don’t know when he will __________原则。 comes, he tomorrow, When he 抢答题: . will tell 从句中具有两面性的引 me 导词 还有哪一个?

4. Do you know if he will visit ______ ( visit) the Great wall tomorrow? 5. He asked me if I ___________( visit) the Great would visit wall with him the next day .

6.If she __ harder , Kate will catch up with us soon. A.study B studying C.studies D studied 6.I don’t know if he _____next term. A.will study B studying B.C studies D studied

7.I don’t know if he ____late, But I know if he___ quickly, he___ late for school . A. will be, doesn’t run, will be B. is, isn’t run, is C. will be, won’t run, is

8.I want to know if he __ tomorrow.If he __ , please call me.

A.will come, comes B.will come, will come C. come , comes D.comes, will come

9.I don’t know when he ____ tomorrow. When he ____,let me know.
A.comes, comes B.will come, will come

C. will come , comes D.comes, will come

10.Hurry up, or you will be late.
If = ___ you don’t hurry up, you will be late.

11.If you study hard, you will Study hard pass the exam. = _____ ______, _____ you will pass the exam. and

If引导的条件状语从句,可以 祈使句+ and/or +含有将来时态的陈述句 与 __________________________ 进行转换。
注意:改写成条件句后, 不可 and or 以再用_______ 或 _____ 来连 接主句。

Exercise Three :
1. A: If yo

u don’t take a taxi, you will miss your plane . or B: ______ a taxi, ______ you will miss Take your plane . 2. A: If you cross the bridge , you will find the park. B:______ the bridge , ______ you will Cross and find the park .

3.Study hard , _____ you can catch up with your classmates. A and B but C or D so

4.If you practise English every day , and you will learn English well ( 改错).

5. Hurry up, ____you will be late.
A .and B. or C./ D.so

Exercise Three:
1. 如果明天不下雨,我们就去远足。 doesn’t rain If it__________tomorrow,we will go hiking. =We will go hiking unless it rains tomorrow. ___________ 2. 如果你不把肉存放在冰箱里,它就会变坏。 don’t If you_____ keep the meat in the fridge, it will ____go bad. Unless you = _________ keep the meat in the fridge, it will _____go bad.

unless = if…not
3. 除非天下雪,他走路去上学。 doesn’t snow will go He ______to school on foot if it_________. Unless it snows will go =____________,he _____ to school on foot.

4. 如果她现在不离开,她就赶不上火车了。 doesn’t leave won’t catch If she __________ now, she _________ the train. Unless she leaves won’t catch = _______________ now, she _________ the train.

unless = if…not
5. 除非他有空,他不会快乐的。 is not will not be He_________happy if he_____available. Unless he’s =__________ available, he won’t be happy. _______ 6. 如果我不很忙,我就去睡觉。 will go If I am not ______busy, I ______ to sleep. will go = Unless I am __________busy, I_______to sleep.

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