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1 The girls asked if they ____ some food and drink with them.

A. took B. take C. takes D. will take

2 Catherine said that she ___ to Guangzhou.

A. has never gone B. had never gone C. has never been D. had never been 3 The students want to know whether they___ dictation today.

A. had B. has . C. will have D. are

4 She asked Linda if___ go and get some.

A. could she B. she could C. she can D. she may

5 Linda said the moon___ round the earth.

A. travelled B. has travelled C. travells D. had travelled

6. Can you tell me___ you were born, Betty?

A. who B. what C. when D. that

7 I don't know ___ they have passed the exam.

A. what B. if C. when D. where

8 I hardly understand.___ he has told me.

A. that B. what C. which D. who

9. She didn't know___ back soon.

A. whether he would be B. if would he be C. he will be D. if he will come

10.I don't know _____ he still lives here after so many years.

A. whether B where C. what D.when

11. Do you know _____ they listened to yesterday evening?

A. what B when C why D how

12.He asked me _____told me the accident.

A whom B which C who D whose

13.They don't know _______their parents are.

A that B what C why D which

14.Please tell me ______what last year.

A.where does your sister work B. where did your sister work

C where your sister works D. where your sister worked

15.She asked me if I knew ______

A. whose pen is it B. whose pen it was C. whose pen it is D. whose pen was it

16. You must remember ________.

A. what your mother said B. what did your mother say

C. your mother said what D. what has your mother said

17. Did you know ____?

A. who he was looking after B. who was he looking for

C. who he is looking for D. who he is looking after

18. Could you tell me ___?

A. when will they leave Beijing B. when would they leave Beijing

C. when they will leave Beijing D. when did they leave Beijing

19. Could you tell me________?

A .where do you live B. who you are waiting for

C. who were you waiting for D. where you live in

A.has he been back B.has he come back

C.he has been back D.he has come back


B.what is the news D.what are the news A.what the news are C.what the news is

22.I don't know ________ up so early last Sunday.

A. why did he get B.why he gets C.why does he get D. why he got

23..He said _________ there was going to be a meeting that evening.

A.what B. if C.that D. how


1).How does he get on with his new classmates? Could you tell me? (改为含有宾语从句的复合句)

Could you tell me how ______ _____ on with his new classmates?

2).What is he doing there? Mother didn't know. (改为含有宾语从句的复合句 Mother didn't know what _______ ______doing there. 改错)

4)What's his name? I asked him.(改为含有宾语从句的复合句)

I asked him what _______ _______ _______.

5)Why didn't he look happy? Could you tell me?(改为含有宾语从句的复合句) Could you tell me why _______ ______ look happy?

6)Does he still live in that street? I don't know(改为含有宾语从句的复合句) I don't know ______ he still _______ in that street.

7)Whose children is the old woman looking after?Did you find out? (改为含有宾语从句的复合句)

Did you find out whose children the old woman ______ _______ after?

8)The moon moves round the earth. My sister told me.(同上)

My sister told me ______ the moon_______ round the earth.

9) I think it is not going to snow tomorrow.(改错)

10). "Do you want to try something new。" Tom's mother asked him.(同义句转换) Tom's mother asked him________ ________ ________to try something new.


一. 选择填空:

1. Don’t worry. I’ll show you _________________ .

A. where is the hospital B. where the hospital is C. the hospital is where

2. Can you tell me _____________________________ ?

A. where does Lilei work B. where did Lilei work

C. where Lilei works

3. Do you know ______________ from Wuhan to Beijing?

A. how far it is B. how far is it C. how long it is

4. Do you think ___________ an English film tomorrow night?

A. there is going to have B. there is going to be

C. will there be

5. Could you tell me ____________ it snows in winter in Australia?

A. that B.which C. whether D. what

6. I don’t know if it __________ tomorrow. If it ________ , I will not go fishing.

A. rains;rains B. rains; will rain

C. will rain ; rains D. will rain ; will rain

7.---- Do you know _____________? ----- He’s Tom’s father.

A. who is he B. what he is C. who he is

8. Will you tell me ___________________?

A. where Jack is from B. what does Jack do C. where is Jack working

9. She didn’t tell me what _______________.

A. was her name B. his name was C. his name is

10. Do you still remember ____________________?

A. that he said B. what he said C. what did he say


1. 我想知道他是否已完成了作业。

I wonder ________________________________ his homework.

2. 我们不确定他们当时在谈些什么。

We were not sure _______________________________________.

3. 你能告诉我们现在几点吗?

Can you tell me __________________________ now?

4. 老师说月球绕着地球转。The teacher said_________________________.

5. 他没有告诉她他在哪里工作。He didn’t tell her ____________________.

6. 你知道她家里有多少人吗?

Do you know ______________________________ in her family?

7. 我要弄清楚我们是否将举行聚会。

I must find out __________________________________ .

他说他们已经赢了那场比赛。 He said ________________________

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