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Unit 2 I used to be afraid of

the dark.复习课


1、飞机 2、使害怕 3、开着的,接 通的 4、昆虫 5、糖果 6、嚼,咀嚼 7、口香糖 8、聊天,闲谈 9、每日的 10、连环漫画

airplane terrify on insect candy chew gum chat daily comic

death 11、死,死亡 afford 12、买得起 13、造成,使发生 cause patient 14、有耐性的 15、决定,决心 decision necessary 16、必须的,必需的 17、注意,专心 attention 18、浪费,滥用 waste exactly 19、正,恰恰 himself 20、他自己

be interested in be terrified of 1. 非常害怕 __________ 2.对 …感兴趣__________ make a decision 3.下决心_________ to one’s surprise 4令某人惊奇的是__________

even though 5. 即使 尽管________

6.不在 longer/not ...any more no ______________

7. 聊天 __________ chat with end up 9. 结束__________ 11.买得起________
afford to do

8. 听起来像__________ sound like
10. 在游泳队 on the swim team ________

12. 对…感到骄傲_________
be proud in

take pride in

pay attention 13.对…注意______ to 14. 过去常常__________ used to

15. 尽某人最大的努力____________. try one’s best to
16.放弃_________ sth give up doing do

My biggest promblem is that I ......
used to
young so much time

get up early stay in school all day go right home eat dinner

before high school
In the evening

spend time..play games with friends
watch Tv chat

not have time anymore

have to, study

....take me to concerts hardly ever do homework go to bed

要求:通过看实例来总结used to 的用法,若仍有 疑问可以查阅资料。 1.I used to be afraid of speaking in class. 2.He used to have long hair, didn’t/usedn't he?

Yes, he did(used to)./
No, he didn’t (usedn't to).

3.There used to be a river here.这儿过去有条河.

used to do 过去常常做某事 used to否定形式可为used not to ,也可为 didn’t use to .疑问句式也有两种: Did…use to?或 Used … to?

There used to be …过去某地有……

? be used to do sth =be used for doing sth/sth. 被用来做某事 A knife is used to cut things. A knife is used for cutting things. be /get used to doing sth. 习惯于去做某事 The old man is /gets used to getting up early.

? (1) 伞是用来遮雨的。 is ______ for ? The umbrella ____ used _____ keeping yourself from the rain. ? (2) 我习惯于吃比萨。 to eating pizza. ? I am used ____ ________ ____ ____ ? (3) 我过去常常在放学后跳舞。 to _______ ? I used ______ dance after school. ____

以四人为一小组合作商讨,alone与 lonely 区别; died dead death 与dying区别(3分钟后展示)


一、 alone / lonely
lonely 是形容词 意为“孤独的,寂寞的”说明一个

人的 心理感受,带有浓厚的感情色彩,也可修饰地点,意为 “人迹稀少的,荒凉的”;alone 既是形容词又是副词, 作副词时, 意为“单独地,独自地”,相当于by oneself ,作形容词时,意为“单独的,独身的”,表示 客观情况,不带感情色彩。

1.He was alone in the room . ______ 2.Though he livesalone _____,he doesn’t lonely feel_____. alone 3.We must do our homework _____.

A 1、[10年烟台中考]You should not walk _______
outside, especially at night. A. alone B. lonely C. slowly D. fast 2、I am very_______ because I often work_______ in the shop. A. lonely; lonely B. alone; alone C. lonely; alone D. alone; lonely 3、(用alone; lonely 填空) alone lonely The old man lives ________on the _________island.


二、died,dead,death 和 dying区别:
1.die v. 短暂性动词,它的过去式是died.

如: His grandfather died three years ago.三年前他爷爷去 世了。
2.dead adj. 死的,死去的

如:His grandfather has been dead for 3 years.
3. death n. 死,死亡 如: I was extremely sad when I heard his death. 听到他死亡的消息,我极其难过。 4.dying 是die 的现在分词,也可作形容词,意为“垂死的”。

针对练习 用death的适当形式填空:

death 2.He has beendead for 2 years. _______ 3.Hedied 2 years ago. _______ 4.The old man isdying ________.He has something to
say to his sons.

1.His father’s __________ made him very sad.

1.谈谈本节课你记住了哪些易错的词和短语? 2.你还有那些不明白的地方?

D 6. I am ____ of spiders. A. terrify B. terror C. terrifying D. terrified B 7. He is afraid of ______ strangers. A. see B. seeing C. saw D. seen A 8. It ___that he has been ill for a long time. A. seems B. looks C. looks as if
D. seems as if B 9. I always go to sleep _____the light on A. in B. with C. to D. and

D 10. Don’t _____ about things so much. It will
make you stressed out. A. afraid B. terrify C. terrified D. worry

Thank you! Good bye!

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