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? so .... that.... 如此....以致于.... 结果 (that 引导的结果状语从句) ? so的后面跟副词或形容词, 如后跟名词时要 用such.(....such +n +that+...) ? 例句: 老师说的太快了,以至于我听不清楚他的 话。 The teacher speaks so fast that I can't catch the words.

such…that…与so…that…都可以用来引导结果 状语从句,意为“如此……以致……”。 [比较]so…that…与such…that…
so…that…的句型构成是so+adj./adv.+that; such…that…的句型构成是such+n.+that;

He caught such a bad cold that he coughed day and night. 他得了重感冒以致日夜地咳嗽。 It is such fine weather that we will go swimming. 今天天气那么好我们将去游泳。 They are such small shoes that I can’t put them on. 这双鞋这么小我穿不上。

? …so that引导目的状语从句,意为“为了, 以便”,通常从句中用may,might,can, could等情态动词。 ? We left early so that we could catch the first bus. ? 我们很早出发,以便能赶上第一班汽车。

so that 1. The little boy saved every coin_________ __________he could buy his mother a present on Mother‘s day.(用所给的短语填空, 每个短语只能用一次) 2. She bought a digital camera online ______she would save a lot of A time. A.so that B.as soon as C.no matter D.such that 3. ―__________fine day it is today! D ―Yes,the sunshine is__________beautiful that I\‘d like to go swimming in the sea. A. How, such B. What a, very C. How, so D. What a, so 4. 当球迷们看到贝克汉姆的时候,他们如此激动以致于大喊大叫。 (根据中文意思完成句子, 每空一词。) When the football fans saw Beckham, they so that got__________excited__________they cried out. 5. The camera is __________expensive__________ I can\'t afford it. A A. so, that B. such, that C. so, as to D. enough, that

D 6. Miss Gao asked a question, but it was__________that nobody could answer it. A.very difficult B. too difficult C. difficult enough D. so difficult 7. David was so careless that he didn‘t find the mistakes in his test paper. (变为简单句) too to David was__________careless__________find the mistakes in his test paper. 8. A:The boy is so young that he can\'t look after himself. old enough B:The boy is not________________to look after himself. (改写句子,使B句与A句意思相近) such 9. The stone is so heavy that I can\'t lift it up. It is__________a heavy that stone__________I can\'t lift it up.(改写句子)

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