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1. My sister is two years _____ (old) than I.

2. John’s parents have four daughters, and John is the _____(young) child.

3. The _____ (cheap) bags are not usually the best ones.

4. John sings _____ (well). Dick sings _____ (well) than John, but Mary sings _____(well) in their class.

5. She will be much _____ (happy) in her new house.

6. This dress is twice as _____(expensive) as that one.

7. Which is _____ (heavy), the elephant or the pig?

8. Annie is not as _____ (tall) as the other girls.

9. He ran _____ and _____ (fast) and got first at last.

10. This question is quite _____ (hard) for me.


1. 这本书跟那本书一样有趣。This book is ____ ____ ____ that one.

2. 今天比昨天冷的多。It is _____ _____ today ____ it was yesterday.

3. 他比我大两岁。 He is ____ ____ ____ than I.

4. 她的身体状况一天天好起来。 She is getting _____ _____ _____ every day.

5. 他对英语越来越感兴趣。He is becoming _____ _____ _____ _____ in English.

6. 吃的越多,人越胖。The more he eats, the _____ he gets.


( )1. Xiao Zhang doesn’t like science. He thinks it is interesting ____ English.

A. as, as B. so, as

C. not so, as D. not very, as

( )2. Usually Xiao Li spends ____ time doing homework than Xiao Chen does.

A. little B. less C. few D. fewer

( )3. Now the air in our town is ____ than it used to be. Something must be done to improve it.

A. very good B. much better

C. rather good D. even worse

( )4. The population of Shangdong is ____ than that of Hainan Province.

A. bigger B. larger C. small D. big

( )5. Hemingway is ____.

A. the famous novelists B. one of the most famous novelists

C. more famous novelist D. the most famous novelists

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