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1.I have ________ _________ to tell you. 我有重要的事要告诉你。

2.Is there ________ _________ in the film? 电影里有什么有趣的内容吗?

3.There is ________ _________ here. 这儿一点都不危险。

4.It is________ today than it was yesterday. 今天的天气比昨天暖和。

5.This picture is _______ _______ than that one. 这张照片比那张照片漂亮。

6.This meeting is _______ _______ than that one. 这次会议不如那次会议重要。

7.The sun is ________ ________ than the moon. 太阳比月亮大得多。

8.She is _______ ________ student in her class. 她是班上最好的学生。

9.Shanghai is one of _______ ________ _________ in China. 上海是中国最大城市之一。

10. _______ _______you study, ______ ________you know. 你学的越多, 就知道的越多。

11.________ ________ I have, ________ _______ I want. 我越有就越想要有。

12.________ ________ , ________ ________ . 越多越好。

13.It's getting_______ ________ _________ . 天气越来越热了.

14.It's pity he is getting _______ ________ _________. 真可怜他越来越穷了。

15. The computer is _______ ________ _________. 计算机越来越便宜。

16._______ ________ _________people focus on the meeting next year. 越来越多的人关注明年的会议。

This box is______ _______ _______ mine. 这个盒子和我的一样大。

18.This coat is ______ _______ _______ that one. 这件衣服同那件衣服一样便宜。

He always helps______ _______ . 他经常帮助穷人。

20.I like to have a talk with______ _______ . 我喜欢同年轻人谈话。

21._____ ______ sometimes complain their empty life. 富人有时抱怨他们空虚的生活。

二、 为下列形容词排序。

22. a ______ _______ table ( round small )

a ______ _______ building ( gray tall )

a ______ _______ _______ shirt ( dirty brown old )

a ______ _______ _______ school ( German medical famous )

an ______ _______ _______ car ( expensive sports Japanese )


1.( )Jane didn’t do ____ in the exam, but her exam results are ____ than last year’s.

A. bad; worse B. good; better C. well; better D. well; worse

2. ( ) Which animal do you like _______ , cat or dog?

A. very much B. best C. better D. Well

( ) We can jump _______ on the moon than on the earth.

A. more high B. much C. high D. much higher

4. ( )When he heard the good news, he felt _______.

A. happier B. happiest C. happy D. happily

5. ( )The _______ he is, the _______ he feels.

A. busy; happy B. busiest; hppiest C. busier; happier D. busy; happily

6. ( )I don’t feel very _______ today A. good B. well C. nice D. fine

7. ( )I think English is as _______ as maths.

A. important B. more important C. most important D. importanter

8.( ) That building is about 100 meters _______ .

A. tall B. high C. taller D. higher

9.( )Jone Smith is _______ of the two young men.

A. strong B. stronger C. the stronger D. the strongest

( )Our classroom is _______ in the whole school.

A. cleanest B. the cleanest C. cleaner D. the cleaner

11.( ) The question is _______ than the last one.

A very easy B. much easy C. very easier D. much easier

12.( ) I have two sisters , Lucy and Lily is _______ of the two.

A. nicer B. the nice C. the nicer D. nice

13.( )The Changjiang River is one of the _______ in China .

A. longer river B. longest river C. longest rivers D. long rivers

14.( ) The third cake is _______ of all, but it’s too dear.

A. delicious B. most delicious C. more delicious D. the most delicious

15. ( )I draw _______ and my handwriting is _______.

A. good; good B. good; well C. well; good D. well; well

16.( ) It is _______ today than yesterday.

A cold B. colder C. more colder D. many colder

( )My brother doesn’t like studying. He watches TV for____ two hours every day.

A. less than B. more than C. little than D. much than

18.( )Let’s buy _______ apples tomorrow.

A. more some B. some more C. any more D. more any

19.( ) Please be _______ next time.

A. carefuler B. more careful C. carefulest D. the most careful

20.( )Of the four seasons, the _______time to come to Hangzhou is in spring.

A. good B. well C. better D. best

21.( )Which do you like _______ ,pork,beef or chicken?

A. good B. well C. better D. best

22.( )What is _______ food in the USA?

A. very popular B. more popular C. the most popular D. most popular

23.( )It takes _______ time to go there by plane than by train.

A. less B. little C. more D. fewer

24.( )My brother is _______ to lift the heavy box.

A. enough strong B. strong enough C. too strong D. strong

25 . ( )Is chemistry more difficult than physics?

No, chemistry isn’t as _______ as physics.

A. easy B. difficult C. easier D. more difficult

26.( ) The TV program is boring. Shall we play chess instead?

All right. That is _______ than watching a boring program.

A. very good B. much good C. very better D. much better

27. The young man is _______ to carry the heavy box.

A. enough strong B. strong enough C. too strong D. so strong

28. The little girl was afraid of staying _______ in the _______ house.

A. alone; alone B. alone; lonely C. lonely; lonely D. lonely; alone

29. Do you like Beijing Opera?

Yes. It sounds nice. But it is _______ for me to learn.

A. hardly B. hard C. good D. best

30. The cheese cake tasted so _______ that the kids asked for more.

A. delicious B. well C. bad D. badly

补充:adj. + to do两种常用句型

1.It is + adj. + to do sth


important, interesting, good, funny, possible, safe 等。

e.g. It’s important to do some sports everyday.

2. “主语 + 系动词 + adj. + to do”

意为 “?怎么样”

E.g. It is difficult to read these books.

It is comfortable to live in the room.

=The room ________________________.


It is + adj. + for sb. + to do sth


此句型中,形容词常表示事物的特征特点及客观形势。如:easy, hard, difficult, interesting, impossible 等。

e.g. It’s very hard for him to study two languages.


It is +adj. + of sb. to do sth.


此句型中,形容词表示人物的性格或品德以及表示主观感情或态度。如:good, nice, clever, silly, right, selfish等。

E.g.: It is very nice of you to help me.



It’s ________ ________ _______ ________ in this river.


Some students think English________ ________ _______ ________ .


It’s ________ ________ _______ ________ in such a noisy room.


( )3. It’s very kind ____ you ____ help the old man cross the busy road.

A. for, to B. for, / C. of, to D. of, /

( )4. — Do you like Cantonese Opera?

— Yes. It sounds ____. But it is ____ for me to learn.

A. nice; hard B. nicely; hard

C. nice; hardly D. nicely; hardly

( )5. Paris is a wonderful city ____.

A. visit B. visiting C. visits D. to visit

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