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数词习题 (2)

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1. 1). There are ___ days in a year. A. threehundreds sixty-five B. three hundreds and sixty-five C. three hundred and sixty-five D. three hundred and sixty five 2). There are____ students in this sc

1. 1). There are ___ days in a year.

A. three hundreds sixty-five B. three hundreds and sixty-five C. three hundred and sixty-five D. three hundred and sixty five

2). There are____ students in this school.

A. eight hundreds and forty-six B. eight hundred and forty six C. eight hundred and forty-six D. eight hundred forty-six

2. 1).______people visit this museum every day.

A. Hundred B. Hundreds C. Hundred of D. Hundreds of

2).There are two___ people in the meeting room.

A. hundred B. hundreds C. hundreds of D. hundred of

3). Every year ___ watch NBA on TV.

A. million people B. millions of people

C. millions people D. million of people

4). ____ trees have been planted in our school in the past 10 years.

A. Thousands of B. Two thousands C. Thousand of D. Two thousand of

5). Look! There are ___ in the sky.

A. thousand stars B. thousand of stars C. thousands of stars D. thousands of star

3. 1). My brother is in____.

A. Three Class One Grade B. Class Three Grade One C. Grade One Class Three D. class three grade one

2.) We are going to learn___ this term.

A. book six B. six book C. the book six D. Book Six

3). Please turn to___. Let\'s read the text aloud.

A. Page Two . B. the page two C. second page D. page second

4. 1). We can say the number 78 645 in English like this____. A. seventy-eight thousand and six hundred and forty-five B. seventy-eight thousand six hundred and forty five C.seventy-eight thousand six hundred and forty-five D. seventy eight thousand six hundred and forty-five

2). "The year 1999" should be read "The year____". A. nineteen and ninety-nine B. nineteen ninety-nine C. one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine D. nineteen hundred and ninety-nine

5. 1). He will come here ____ tomorrow morning.

A. at fifth B. at ten C. on two D. till tenth

2). Every day he begins to do his homework ___.

A. at ten past seven B. at seven pass ten

C. on ten past seventh D. until ten

3). He was doing some washing ____.

A. at eight yesterday morning B. yesterday morning eight

C. yesterday morning at eight D. by eight yesterday morning

6. 1).He began to work there____.

A. on his fifty B. at age of fifty C. when he fifty D. in his fifties

2). They moved to Beijing _

A. in 1980s B. in the 1980 \' C. in the 1980s D. on the 1980\'s

3). We all like the boy.

A. of ten years old B. ten-year-old C. at ten old D. of age of ten

4).She was ___ her early twenties when she went abroad.

A. at B. on C. of D: in

7. 1). There are____ months in a year. December is the ____month of the


A. twelve; twelve B. twelve; twelfth C. twelfth; twelve D. twelve; twelveth

2). During____ century the world population has already reached 6 billion.

A. twenty B. the twentieth C. twentieth / D. the twenty

3). Sunday is the____ day of the week.

A. seventh B. first C. second D. third

4). Autumn is season in a year.

A. the fourth B. the third C. a third D. the threeth

5). Tom was to get to school and I was ______.

A. first; ninth C. the first; the ninth

B. a first; a ninth D. the second; the nineth

8. 1) -What\'s the date today?


A. Friday B. time to go C. cloudy D. June 4th

2). Jenny was born

A. on July 10 1987 B. in July 10 1987 C. in 1987 July 10 D. on 1987 July 10

3). Monday is the second day and_______.

A. Tuesday is the fourth B. Thursday is the fifth

C. the second is Tuesday D. the second is Thursday

9. 1). About____ of the books in our school library are written in Chinese.

A. four-fifth B. four-fifths C. fourth-fifths D. fourths-fifth

2). ___ of the students are girls in our class.

A. Two three B. Two threes C. Two thirds D. Second three

3). ___ of the world's books and newspapers are written in English.

A. Three quarters B. Three quarter C. Thirds four D. Threes fourth

10. 1). Tom is____ in the row.

A. a second B. the second C. two D. second

2). The girl wanted to sing____ song in English.

A. the others B. a second C. other D. the second

3). Now let me have____.

A. the third try B. a third try C. third try D. this third try

( )9. What is five and eight?

A. Twelve B. Thirteen C. Fourteen D. Fifteen

( )10. What _________is Lily in? She is in________.

A. Row; row five B. Row; Row Five

C. row; Row Five D. row; row Five

( )11.There are ___________ days in a year.

A.three hundred and sixty five B.three hundred and sixty-five

C.three hundreds and sixty five D.three hundreds and sixty—five

( )12.Danny lives in __________.

A.room 404 B.Room 404 C.404 room D.404 Room

( )13.Jim is in __________.

A.class one,grade six B.grade one,class six

C.Class One,Grade Six D.Grade One, Class Six

( )14.The bike cost me _________ yuan.

A.five hundred forty B.fivehundredsfourty

C.five hundred and forty D.five hundred fourty

( )15.My telephone number is ____________.

A.eighty eight two forty four zero nine

B.eighteight two double four O nine

C.eighty eight two forty-four zero nine

D.eighteight two four four zero nine

( )16.Is there any food for us _________?

A.ten B.tenth C.the tenth D.the ten

( )17.Mary is _________ girl.

A. an 8 year old B.8一years—old

C.the 8 years old D.an 8一year—old

( )18.—What day is today? — ___________

A.June B.Tuesday C. December 24th D. today

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