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团 陂 镇 七 年 级 英 语 单 词 竞 赛 试 题

21、欧洲22、干燥的23、直的________________ 24、天气25、问题26、村民27、一百28、八十29、千里30、索道31、旗 32、象征33、吵闹的34、大象35、长颈鹿36、紫色37、电话38、零 39、女儿 40、词典41、模型42、整洁的43、排球44、生日45、九月46、第九47、地理48、星期三49、第二十50、学科,科目

二、英译汉(0.5分×60=30分) 1. on vacation 2. take a walk 3. take a photo 4. call(sb) back 5. take message 6. (be)made of 7. cut down 8. South Africa 9. be in danger 10. kind of 11. get lost

12. cute koalas

13. make much noise 14. join the race

15. my dram come true

一、汉译英(1分×50=50分) 1、音乐家2、中心;中央3、人;人们4、小提琴5、吉他6、有时7、锻炼,练习8、四分之一9、很快地10、穿衣服11、重要的 12、在外面13、抱歉的;难过的 14、非常讨厌的;可怕的 15、脏的16、竞赛17、明天18、可口的19、龙16. ten kilometers 17. every day

18. cross the street 19. by plane 20. think of

21. take the subway 22. ride a bike 23. be good at 24. be good with 25. be good for 26. help sb with sth 27. make friends

28. join the Communist Party of China

29. speak Chinese 30. talk to 31. talk about 32. kung fu

33. play the piano 34. play chess

35. on the weekend 36. go home 37. write story 38. get up 39. get dressed

40. radio station 41. a lot of 42. be late for

43. get home from school 44. dining hall 45. go out

46. be strict with sb 47. have to

48. follow the rules 49. do the dishes 50. cut out 51. talk show 52. from…to … 53. the price of the pen 54. have healthy body 55. good habits 56. middle school 57. last name 58. in English

59. nice to meet you 60. make soup


1.Listen! The twins (唱歌) at living room. (乘公共汽车)to go to school every day.

擅长于……)math. 4.Tom and me can 说英语) 5. Jack is new here, but he (和……相处得好) his classmates.

6. Do you 有空) on the weekend.

7. There are many apples 在树上).

8. I sometimes play basketball for 半个小时).

9.We always (不得不) wear a uniform at school.

5.I use pen 10. I (玩得开心)last week.

6.Thanks for (bring)some food. 四、用词的适当形式填空

7. I forget (do) homework. 1、Negroes and heroes like eating

8. Look! Some boys potatoes and river.

2. Ten kids want to be 9.We are hungry. How about 3. Either my sister or I some beef.

computer sometimes.

10. It’s time for us 4.The dragon is one of Chinese (symbol)

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