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? 中考必考的重点语法


英语的动词有两种语态,即主动语态(The Active Voice)与被动语态(The Passive Voice)。 主动语态表示主语是动作的执行者; 被动语态表示主语是动作的承受者。 e.g. 1.They make trains in Zhuzhou . (答案) 主动语态
Trains are made in Zhuzhou. (答案) 被动语态
2.The farmers grow cotton every year. ( ) 主动语态 Cotton is grown by the farmers every year. (案) 被动语态

(The Passive Voice)

动词过去分词的构成规则(与动词过去式构成规则一样): 1、一般在动词原形末尾加-ed,looked played 2、结尾是e的动词加-d , lived used 3、末尾只有一个辅音字母的重读闭音节词,先双写 这个辅音字母,再加-ed, planned tripped 4、结尾是“辅音字母+y”的动词,先变“y”为“i” , 再 加-ed , study---studied, carry---carried


sing----sang----sung build----built----built
1、speak ( 3、make ( 5、grow (

) )

2、use ( 4、write ( 6、plant (

) )

7、produce ( 9、plan 11 、 build

8、ask ( 10、send ( 12、invite (

sing----sang----sung build----built----built

请写出下列动词的过去式和过去分 词: 1、speak spoke spoken 2、use used 3、make made 5、grow grew made grown


4、write wrote written 6、plant planted 8、ask asked planted

7、produce produced produced


11 、 build



10、send sent sent
12、invite invited invited

1、主动语态的宾语变为被动语态的主语; 2、主动句的谓语动词变为被动结构;



many people English is spoken

speak by many

English. people.

把下列的句子变为被动语态的句子: 1、They speak English in Canada .(English….) English is spoken in Canada. 2、People use wood for making tables. (wood….) Wood is used for making tables. 3、They make computers in the USA.(Computers…) Computer are made in the USA. 4、They grow rice in South China.(Rice…)

Rice is grown in South China.

1、结构 be + 过去分词 (及物的)

2、各种时态的被动结构: 一般现在时:主语+am/is/are +过去分词 The Chinese food _____ to be the healthiest in the world. A. considers B. is considering C. is considered D. has considered


1、The bridge was built last year. 2、It was used in the old days.

3、The PRC was founded on Octob


1、结构 be + 过去分词

一般过去时:was/were +过去分词 John ___ , for he went swimming yesterday without permission. A. would punished B. had punished C. punished D. was punished

把下列句子变成被动语态的句子; 1、They planted these trees on weekends . were planted These trees on weekends. 2、The workers built the bridge in 1968 The bridge was built by the workers in 1968. 3、People invited Yao Ming to play basketball in The USA. was invited to play Yao Ming basketball in the USA. 4、IBM produced this new type of laptop computer. was produced This new type of laptop computer by IBM.

一般将来时:主语+will + be+过去分词 The new school ______ when the new term begins. A. finishes B. will finish C. will be finished D. would finish

1、结构 be + being+过去分词

现在进行时:主语+am/is/are +being +过 去分词 ---- Have you moved into the new house ? ---- Not yet .Rooms _______. A. are painting B. are painted C.are being painting D. are being painted

情态动词(can/may/must/should)+be+及物动词过去分词 e.g 1、This bike can be repaired.

2、The tree must be put straight in the hole.
3、The classroom should be cleaned every day. 把下列主动句变被动句: 1、We should plant the trees around the lake The trees should be planted around the lake . 2、We must repair the computer now . The computer must be repaired now . 3、Students should correct their mistakes . Their mistakes should be corrected . 4、We must water the trees well. The trees must be watered well.

Sum up(.总结)




1、一般现在时的被动语态 主语+am/is/are+过去分词

3、一般将来时的被动语态主语+will be +过去分词

4、现在进行时的被动语态主语+am/is/are+ being +过去分 词
5、情态动词的被动语态can/may/must/should +be+过去分 词


( C )1.Woolen clothes are used _______keeping us warm.
A.of B.by C.for D.in

( A )2.Are these fridges made______? A.in China B. in Chinese C.of China D.from Chinese

( C )3.---Where are bananas _______? ---- _____ grown in South China. A. grow, It's B.grown, It's C.grown, They're D.grew, They're

( B )4.The League _____ in May , 1922. A. is founded B.was founded C. is built D. was built
( C )5.The strange thing with three legs_____. A. used to drink B. are used for drinking C. is used for drinking D. used for drinking

( B )6.TV programmes can______ to the other side of the world. A.send B. be sent C.make D.be made

( C )7.Older people must_____ politely. A. speak to B. be spoken C.be spoken to D. say to

( D )8.The moon always _____ around the earth.
A. goes B. travels C. turns D. A,B and C. ( A )9

.Many people _____English in the world. A. speak B. speaks C. spoke D. are spoken.

( B )10.We must ____ our homework every day.

A. be finished B. finish C. are finished D. finished

四、把下列句子变成被动句: 1.Chinese people built the Great Wall 2,000 years ago. The Great Wall was built by Chinese people 2000 years ago. 2. We must plant more trees next year here. More trees must be planted here next year.

3.Dalian produces big ships.
Big ships are produced in Dalian. 4.Farmers harvest rice in autumn . Rice is harvested in autumn. 5.We should clean our classroom every day. Our classroom should be cleaned every day.



1.People use knives for cutting things.

are used Knives ______ ______ for cutting things. 2.The students clean the windows of their classroom twice a month.
The windows of their classroom______ are cleaned _______ twice a month.

3.I found the ticket on the floor.
3. We found the ticket on the floor .

______ ______ ______ ______ on the The ticket was found floor.

4.I told her to return the book in time.
was told She ______ _______ to return the book in time.

5. Last year we built a library in our school.

was built A library _______ _______ in our school last year.
6.Now people can use computers to help them. can be Now computers _______ ______ used ______ to help them.

7. Did you plant many trees at this time last year? Were ______ _______ _______ many trees planted _______

at this time last time?
8.Must we finish our work today?

Must be finished _______ our work______ _______ today?

9. The foreign friends gave us some wonderful stamps. we were given 1) _______ ______ _______ some wonderful stamps. 2) Some wonderful stamps _______ were ________ _______ _______. given to us

10.The teacher asked Tom to turn on the computer.
was asked Tom _______ ________ to turn on the computer.

11.In this factory women do most of the work.
Most of the work _______ ________ is done by women in this factory.

12.He can mend the bike in two days.

can be _______ The bike ______ ______ mended in two days.
13.You must take this medicine three times a day. must be This medicine _______ _______ taken ________ three times a day.

Fill in the blanks:

was invented Paper ( invent)_______________ in A.D.105 by Cai Lun in China. It is an important part of our everyday lives, but few people ever think about is made how it (make) ____________.Today most paper comes from trees. However, with the concern for the environment (考虑到环境) , more and more is produced paper (produce) ____________from recycled paper products. Since paper products are of different qualities, they first(sort分类)____________before are sorted are recycled they (recycle)_____________.The sorted material is put (put) _____________into a huge machine.

Thank you for your attention!
? Goodbye!

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