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Unit 5
It must belong to Carla.
Ding Yongfeng

Grammar focus
? 情态动词must, might, could, can’t 表示推 测 的含义与用法。 ? 情态动词must, might, could, can’t 后面都 接动词原形,都 可以表示 ? 对现在情况的揣测或推断,但他 们的含义有所不同

could might may

100% 一定, 肯定 probably true
20%-80%可能 也许 possibly true


0% 不可能 almost not true

Guessing games

He must be _____________.

He must be _____________.

He must be _____________.

What is it?

What is it?

What is it?

What is it?

What is it?

What does she do?
She could/might be a/an______ \nurse. teacher

She must be a teacher.

She is a teacher.

What does he do?
He could/might be a/an______\famer \doctor worker

He must be a doctor.

He is a doctor.


belong author picnic hair hand possibly

1. belong 2. author

v.属于 n.作家;作者

3. picnic n.(自带食物的)郊游野餐 at a picnic在野餐 4. hair hand 发带
5. possibly adv.可能地;也许

It must be sb’s 一定是某人的东西 It must belong to sb 一定属于某人


Whose backpack is it?

It must be Alan’s. = It has her name on it.

It must belong to Ann

be sb.’s 是某人的 =belong to (sb.) 属于某人

Whose skirt is this?

Lucy It can’t belong toTom.

It must belong to Lucy. Why? Because she is the only woman here.


Whose skirt is this?
It could be

Miss Wang’s.


It can’t be Tom’s.
belong to Tom. It might belong to

Lucy. Miss Wang.
Miss Wang

Whose … is this ?
It must be sb’s. belong to sb. It could /might be sb’s.

belong to sb.
It can’t be sb’s. belong to sb.

Step 2: look at the picture and fill in the chart
Clothing hat Tshirt Fun things Kitchen things

volleyball plate Toy car


jacket magazine CD book


Listen and match each person with a thing and a reason.

Person Jane’s little brother Mary Carla Deng Wen Grace

Thing Volleyball

Hemingway is her favorite author.
She loves volleyball. He was the only little kid at the picnic.

Toy car
Magazine Book CD

She always listens to classical music.古典 音乐
He loves cats.


Pair work

A: Whose book is this? B: It must be Mary’s. Because Hemingway is her favorite author. Please make conversations using the information in 1b like this.

2a Bob and Anna found a backpack in front
of their school. Listen and write down the things in the backpack. Things in the backpack

T-shirt 1. __________________________.
hair band 2. __________________________. tennis balls 3. __________________________.

2b Listen again. Fill in the blanks.
1. The person ________ go to our school. must 2. The person ________ be a boy. can’t 3. It ________ be Mei’s hair band. could

4. The hair band _______ belong to Linda. might
5. It ________ be Linda’s backpack. must

Fill in the blanks with must, can’t, could or might.


must/might be Ming’s. 1.Th

e notebook It was on her desk. 2.The homework can’t be Carol’s. She wasn’t at school today. 3.The soccer ball might be John’ s or Tony’s. They both play soccer,don’t they? 4.The French book must be Li Ying’s. She’s the only one who’s studying French.

5.I can’t find my backpack. It might/couldbe still at school. 6.The photo must be Lu’s. Those are his parents. 7.The red bicycle can’t be Hu’s. She has a blue bicycle. might/could be my aunt’s or 8.This ticket uncle’s. They’re both going to the concert.

情态动词must, might/could, can’t后接 动词原形, 可以表示对现在情况的推测。

情态动词 must
could/might can’t





1. — Who’s singing in the next room? — It ____ be Lily. She has gone to New York.

A. can’t

B. must

C. shouldn’t

D. can

【解析】考查情态动词表推测。表示否定推测时,用 can’t,意为“一定不……”。must表示推测时,意为 “一定……”,用于肯定句;根据答语“她已经去了 纽约”可知是否定推测,故选A。

2. —Whose T - shirt is this?

—It ______ be John' s. I’m not sure.
A. might ; B. can't ;

C. mustn't ;

D. must ;

【解析】情态动词的用法。根据“I’m not sure. 我不 确定”可知是不确定的推测, 故选A。

1.--- Whose pen is this? --- It ____ Liu Mei because I saw her use it the other C day. A. can’t be B. might be C. must belong to 2. That’s a piece of good news. They ___ glad to hear that. c A. can be B. might be C. must be 3. Mary ____ be in Paris. I saw her in town only a few minutes ago. D A. mustn’t B. shouldn’t C. may not D. can’t

4.I can’t find my backpack.It ________________be still at school. could/might/must

5.This hook ________ be Carla’s. Her name is on the book. C A.might B.could C.must D.can’t 6.Jack’s bike is blue, so this yellow one ________ be his. B A.mustn’t B.can’t C.couldn’t D.mightn’t 7.The guitar ________ belong to Alice. Only she plays the B guitar here. A.could B.must C.can’t D.can

7.—What do you think “upset” mean? C —I’m not sure. It ________ mean sad, A.must B.can C.might D.can’t 8.John___ come to see us tonight, but he isn't very A sure yet. A. may B. can C. has to D. must 9.This backpack must be ________. I saw her carry it D yesterday. A.Lucys B.Lucy C.Lucys’ D.Lucy’s

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