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Unit 13 Rainy days make me sad

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Unit 13 Rainy days make me sad



pink, hard, serve, fair, list, lead, truth, schoolbag, purple, thought,

count, product,taste


1. make的用法

(1) make a kite / plane 制作

(2) make money 赚钱

(3) make up ( be made up of ...) 组成

(4) make sure 确定

(5) make friends 交朋友

(6) make faces 做鬼脸

(7) be made of / from 由…制成

(8) make noise/ make a noise /make noises 制造噪音

(9) make it (病痛等)好转;达到预定目标;及时抵达;走完路

(10) make the bed 整理床铺

(11) make a decision = make up one's mind 做决定

(12) make mistakes 犯错

(13) make a speech 作演讲

(14) make breakfast / dinner 煮饭

(15) make a plan 定计划

(16) make a toast to sb. 向sb敬酒

(17) be made in + sp. 由某地制造

(18) make a living 谋生

(19) make a conversation with sb. 与sb对话

(20) make/keep + n. + adj. 使…..怎样

2 .scientific research / study 科学研究

science ( n. ) 科学

scientist ( n. ) 科学家

3. soft lighting/colors 柔和的光线\颜色

4. hard/soft seats 坚硬/柔软的座椅

hard = difficult 艰难的

work hard 努力的

5. serve sb./be served by sb. 为sb服务\被服务

6 join a clean-up campaign 参加一个大扫除活动

7. endangered animals 濒临灭绝的动物

8. look mysterious 看起来神秘

mystery ( n. ) 神秘

9. have shiny hair 有着一头光亮的头发

10. have silky skin 有如丝般的肌肤

11. lookout sunglasses 太阳镜

12. beauty cream 香皂

13. make sb. confused 使sb困惑

Some ads are confusing and misleading .一些广告使人困惑并且误导

14. mislead sb. to do sth. 误导sb做sth

lead sb. to do sth. 导sb 做sth

lead into sth. / a question 引入sth/一个问题

15. to start / begin with sth. 作为开始/ 以…为开端

16. home-made cake / cookie 自制的蛋糕\饼干

17 .a purple purse 一个紫色的钱包

a girl in purple 一个穿着紫色衣服的女孩

18. make sb. guilty 使sb有犯罪感

19. taste good 尝起来很好

20 .an ad for sth. 一则…的广告

21 .keep out the sun / rain /cold 遮阳\挡雨\御寒

22. so that = in order to +不定式 为了/以致

so ... that ... 如此…. 以致

23. at times = sometimes 有时

24 .have sales 促销

25. leave sb. a note 给sb留张字条

26. the art of giving / receiving 给予\接受的艺术

27. pretend + that从句 假装…

pretend to do sth 假装做sth

28. take off / put on 脱掉\穿上

29. would rather do sth. 宁愿做sth

prefer to do sth. 更喜欢做sth

Ⅱ 知识点讲解

1. You have to be careful.你得小心。 疑点:be careful―小心,当心‖

如:Be careful while crossing the road.过马路要小心。

难点:be careful后常跟of短语。与它同义的有look out。

2. At times an ad can lead you to buy something you don’t need at all.有时广告可能导致你买你根本不需要的东西。

疑点:at times= sometime,是副词性短语,表示事物发生的频率。

3.Soft lighting makes people look good,but it makes food look bad.柔和的光线使人的脸色看上去很好看,但使食物看起来很难看。

疑点:look good/bad意思为―外表的颜色看起来好看/难看‖

难点:look fine/ well指看起来身体健康

4. It makes me want to join a clean-up campaign.这让我想加入一次清扫大运动。 疑点:注意join的用法:(1)join加入军队,政党,组织等,成为其中一员。


难点:与join意思相近的短语take part in也表示―参加……‖,take an active

part in积极参加。它侧重于参加某项活动或运动。

5. For instance,they can help you to compare two different products so that you can buy the one you really need.

例如,他们能够帮你比较两种不同的产品,以至于你能买到你真正需要的那个。 疑点:for instance相当于for example 意思为―例如‖

Eg. He likes all kinds of sports, for instance he likes playing soccer very much. 难点:句中的compare意为―比较,对照‖,可以构成短语compare...with...把……


Eg. The poet compares the woman he loves to a rose.


6. Rainy days make me sad.雨天使人沮丧。 make的用法

(1) make+n. make food 做饭make a plane做飞机make the bed 铺床 make

money 赚钱 make sb./sth.+adj.使某人(感到),使……处于某种状态



The party made her a good teacher.党把她培养成为一名好教师.


Eg. Soccer makes me crazy.足球使我疯狂。

Waiting for her made me angry.我很生气一直等着她。


Eg. I made myself understood by all the students.

(3). make sb./sth.+do…使某人做某事(不能带不定式符号to)


Eg. We were made to work all night.我们被迫日夜工作。

(4). make it习惯用语,及时赶到,到达目的地

Eg. I just made it to my class.(Unit 9)我恰好赶到班级。(arrived in time)

(5). be make of 原材料制成成品后,原材料未经任何化学变化,仍保持原有性质.be make from当原材料制成成品后,经过了化学变化,失去了原有性质.

(6). make up of 常用于被动结构:be made up of…

7. However,some advertising can be confusing or misleading.


(1)confuse v.使迷惑;confusing adj令人迷惑的;confused adj.迷惑的,糊涂的

(2)mislead v.使某人想错/做错,误导;misleading adj.令人受误导的

8. ... small restaurants can serve many people every day. (P104)……小饭店每天就可以多接待些顾客。

句中的serve 有―服侍,侍候,招待‖等意思,常用于以下结构中:

(1) serve+宾语

Nobody can serve two masters. 一人不能侍奉二主。

(2) serve sb sth, 或serve sth to sb

Mrs Turner served us a very good dinner.

=Mrs Turner served a very good dinner to us.


(3) serve sb with sth

We served them with beer and wine. 我们用啤酒和红酒招待他们。

9. To start with, it was raining, and rainy days make me sad. (P107)起初,天在下雨,雨天使我心情很不好。

(1) start with作―首先‖解时,只用于动词不定式,在句中常以插入语的形式出现。 To start with, the computer room must be kept very clean.


Our group had five members, to start with.刚开始,我们小组只有五个人。

(2) start with可表示―从……开始‖;―先从某事做起‖,与begin...with是同义词组。

10. ...some people would rather just give money.(P108)……有些宁愿只给钱。 句中的would rather是would rather...than...的省略形式,意为―宁愿……而不……‖,表示主观愿望。使用这一结构,要注意两个比较的部分对等。 You would also rather stay at home and read a good book than go to a party. 你宁愿待在家里看一本好书也不愿去参加舞会。

I would rather have the small one than the big one.我宁愿要小的,不要大的。 Ⅲ 句型荟萃

1. Rainy days make me sad.

2. Waiting for him made me angry.

3. It was so sad that it made us cry.

4. They spend more time eating their meals.

5. They can also help you save money.

6. Ads can lead you to buy something you don’t need at all.

7. I had forgotten to bring it with me.

8. Someone buys you a gift you don’t want.

9. I prefer to receive a gift that has some thought behind.



词数为80词左右。 提示词:cheat 上当,受骗

Ⅵ 中考链接

1.(2011福建福州市)---We all like Miss Wang.

---I agree with you.

---She always makes her English classes_______.

A. interested B .interest C .interesting

2.(2011山东省) If you see the cartoon film,it will make you_______.

A .laugh B .to laugh C. laughing D. laughed

3.(2011泰安市) —Your sweater looks nice, is it made of wool?

—Yes, and it’s made ______ Shanghai.

A. by B. in C. for D. from

4.(2011淄博市) The weather report says that it will be __________ tomorrow.

A. rain B. rainy C. rains D. rained

5. (2011淄博市)—How nice your watch is! How much did you ________ for it? —120 yuan.

A. pay B. cost C. spend D. take。

6. (2011淄博市)The fish smells ________! It must be out of date!

A. good B. well C. bad D. badly .



1.______ rainy days, he always gets upset.

A. At B. On C. In D. For

2. --- Sorry, you speak ___________ quickly ___________ I can’t follow you. ---OK, I’ll speak a little slowly.

A. very, so B. too, to C. enough, to D. so, that

3. ---I suppose we’ll go to plant trees tomorrow.

---Terrific! It’s a lot of fun. I’d like to ___________ you.

A. visit B. join C. follow D. meet

4. ---We can use MSN to talk with each other on the Internet.

--- Really? Will you show me ___________ it?

A. how to do B. how should I do C. what to do D. what should I do

5. ---Waiter, I’d like some French fries.

---Sorry, sir. French fries ___________ only for afternoon tea time.

A. serves B. served C. is serving D. is served

6. ---Why didn’t Tom go out and play with us yesterday?

---Because he was made ___________ his own clothes by his mother.

A. wash B. washed C. to wash D. washing

7. ---The window is broken and needs to be repaired.

---I think so. It can hardly ___________ the cold.

A. keep out B. give out C. take out D. put out

8. ---This book ___________ educating teenagers. Would you like to buy it?

---OK, I’ll take it.

A. aims at B. depends on C. gives out D. sets up

9. Loud music may make people ____ fast.

A. to eat B. eat C. eated D. eats

10. Don’t worry about her,Madam. Your daughter is ____ danger now.

A. in B. out C. out of D. at


1. We should protect e___________ animals.

2. The cake t_________ delicious. Would you pass me one more?

3. Many advertisements are a___________ specifically at teenagers, so you have to be careful.

4. You can send flowers a________ of time for Mother’s birthday.

5. The map m_________ me, so I went the wrong way.

6. The Chinese government has increased its spending in several businesses, for i___________, education.

7. Some of the advertisements tell the t________, however, some don’t.

8. According to ___________ (science) studies, smoking is harmful for our health.


Giving a gift is not always easy. How do you know which is the right and proper gift for your friend, classmate, family member, co-workers? Will they like it? How much money should you spend?

different situations, there are some gifts that will always well. If you know what they are, it can make giving gifts very easy. At a dinner party, for example, flowers are often needed. If you bring some flowers in a pretty vase, it can save the host or hostess a lot of trouble. You can also send flowers

ahead of time (提前), so the host or hostess can arrange the flowers the party begins. If your think flowers are not a suitable gift for a man to receive, you can consider giving a Giving money as a gift is a simple thing to do. The is when it is proper to do so. Some people may think a gift of money means the gift-giver is too to go out and find the right gift. Maybe it’s true for a birthday, but money is acceptable in some situations. It’s a during the Chinese New Year, for example. Also, someone you know might really need the money. Old people cheaply may find a gift of money to be just what they needed.

Sometimes, before a party, the host will say that gift is needed or wanted. In these situations, it’s important to do what the host wants. If you don’t and bring a gift anyway, people might think you are rude-you didn’t follow the host’s rules. It could also other guests. They might feel they should a gift, too. Don’t be a rule breaker. Be sure to follow you host’s suggestions.

1. A. and B. or C. but D. for

2. A. At B. For C. In D. Under

3. A. work B. help C. make D. be

4. A. after B. when C. before D. until

5. A. too B. either C. instead D. instead of

6. A. consequence B. result C. chance D. difficulty

7. A. lazy B. happy C. upset D. exciting

8. A. tradition B. gift C. special D. example

9. A. live B. lives C. lived D. living

10. A. what B. no C. some D. any

11. A. embarrass B. embarrassed C. surprise D. surprised 12. A. bring B. brought C. have brought D. give



Open today’s newspaper. What do you see? Ads! Look through a magazine. More ads! Turn on the TV Still more ads! Everywhere you look, someone has something to sell.

Here are some ways ads get us to buy. Some ads use famous people. Stars are paid to sell a product. Think about it. Do they really know about medicine? Do they know about soft drinks? These people may be famous. But they may not know about what they are selling.

Some ads make you think you’re getting the word of an expert. They say, ―Doctor said.‖ A man in a white coat comes on TV. He looks nice. ―I use Bright and White,‖ he says. This man looks like a doctor. He has been paid to sell this product.

Does soap have anything to do with a pretty child? Not much. But ads may show their product with something nice, such as the sun, the flowers and so on. Such an ad is about feeling rather than facts.

Ads are full of strong words. Words like ―new‖ and ―improved‖ have power. They can help a product sell. The soap may be called ―Spring Rain‖. A car may be called ―Tiger‖. Strong words work on our feelings.

Some ads make promises. But can they keep them? No. Some ads use our fear of being too late. ―Buy now!‖ they say, ―Selling ends soon.‖ Check to see if this is true. Don’t hurry. Take time to think. All ads hope we will buy something, do something, or think in a certain way. Know what ads are doing. Ask questions to yourself. Don’t let their words and pictures fool you.

1. Some stars appear in the ads because _______________.

A. they know every product well B. they can make money with the ads

C. they are all experts D. they all like white coats

2. According to the passage, we know that ―Spring Rain‖ is the name of_______________.

A. a kind of soap B. a kind of car

C. a kind of bike D. a kind of computer

3. The writer thinks the words and pictures in the ads_______________.

A. tell us a story B. always make us strong

C. sometimes fool us D. keep promises

4. What can we learn from the passage?

A. We should always believe the ads.

B. We should not always believe the ads.

C. We should think about the ads after we buy something.

D. We can believe all the stars.


A. shopping B. food C. travel D. hotels

( ) 6. If you go to Bangkok, you can ______.

A. Climb Mountains B. enjoy the scenery of the forests

C. live in the Post Hotel D. buy fruits while sitting in your boat

( ) 7. _____ is one better way to prevent the strong sunshine in Bangkok

A. Going to the sandy beaches B. wearing a hat

C. Climbing up the mountains D. staying in the forests

( ) 8.Which place will you choose if you want to visit both mountains and


A. Soll in Austria. B. Bangkok in Thailand.

C. the Floating Market. D. Kauai in Hawaii.

( ) 9. According to(根据) the advertisements, we know that _______.

A. the hottest travel place is Soll B. maybe it often rains in the centre of Kauai

C. the Floating Market is in the middle of Bangkok

D. the Post Hotel in Austria is clean but the price is high


随着网络的普及, 网上购物 (shopping online) 也在逐渐成为一种时尚。有人的认为,网络购物便捷、便宜,节省时间。有的则认为网上商品水货居多,交易风险大。你的同学亲戚朋友或你自己有过网购的经历吗?你如何看待网购?请以"Shopping Online: pros and cons"为题,写一篇英文短文,谈谈你的观点。

Shopping Online: pros and cons


_____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


1—5 BDBAD 6—10 CAABC

二1 endangered 2 tastes 3 aimed 4 ahead 5misled 6 instance 7 truth 8 scientific


1.B 2.C 3.A 4.C 5.C 6.D 7.A 8.A 9.D 10.B 11.A 12.C


1.B 2.A 3. C 4.B 5.B 6.A 7.B 8.D 9.B


With the development of the Internet, the popularity of online shopping

has risen worldwide. More and more people enjoy shopping online. Some

people think it’s great to buy things on the Internet. Others do not like it

because they think it dangerous to spend money online, maybe they are not sure whether the products are good or bad, and the businessmen are honest or not.

Last week I bought a camera online – the same brand and quality, but 200 yuan cheaper than that at the local market. I didn’t even step out of my house. I think if we know it clearly enough and consider everything carefully, it can help us save not only money but also time. Then we’ll enjoy it more!

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