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Unit 2. What's the matter

Background information:30 junior students,8th grade unit 2 What’s the matter?

Lesson type:Give the new lesson.

Lesson time:45 minutes.

Teaching aims:

1.Master the new words’ meanings , their usage and students can recognise new word when listening to the materials.

2.Let students master the sentence structure “what’s the matter” and know how to answer it in daily life.

3.Let students know our health is so important and cultivate the important sense of practicing. Teaching points:

1.Master new words of human’s body.

2.Know how to express when you feel not very well.

3.Know how to ask somebody when he/she does’t feel very well.

Teaching difficulties:

1.Let students know the new words’ meanings ,

master the usage of new words and they can speak in daily life fluently.

2.Know the usage of the sentence structure “what’s the matter”

3.Know the answer of the sentence “what’s the matter”

Teaching aids:Colorful cards ,cartoon.

Teaching Method:Situational teaching method, Teamwork language learning,Task teaching method.

Teaching steps:

1.Lead in:At first I greet the whole class “Today is a nice day, isn’t it?”students will say “Yes” Then I say ask them “Are you happy now”students will say “Yes”Then I say “some people do not feel happy.They will ask “who are they”Then I will draw some picture of their pains.Then I say let’s learn the new lesson”Unit2 What’s the matter?”10minutes

2.Presentation:I use myself as a model introduce each organ’s English speaking of my body. Lead students to read these new

words.Then I will say if your best friend’s teeth are very pain,Do you know how to ask?Students will say no.Then I say you should say “what’s the matter”You can answer it like this”I have a toothache.10minutes

3.Practice:Let them look at the textbook and finish the task in textbook Then I will call some students to speak out the answers.After this I’ll let them listen the listening material and then fill the blanks “what’s matter with them”Then I’ll check the answer.15minutes

4.Consolidation:Playing a game I’ll call two students come to the front I’ll give one of them a card the other student do not let he/she see.the student who see the word on the card ,he/she must act the manner out ,The other one must guess it.If your answer is right,this team will get s little present.I will call several teams to play.8minutes

5.Summary:I will ask whole class what we just learn in this lesson,then I will listen carefully and sometimes I will give them some hints,If

they can not speak them out.1minute

6.Homework:Recite the new words of the lesson ,I will check it tomorrow.1minute Blackboard design:

Unit2. What’s the matter?

arm 手臂 back 后背 What’s the matter? ear 耳朵 eye 眼睛 I have a toothache foot 脚 hand 手 What’s the matter? head 头 leg 腿 I have a sore back mouth嘴巴 neck 脖子

stomach肚子 touch 触摸

Teaching reflection:Write it immediately after class.

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