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Review of Unit 7

How much are these pants?

Dachang Li Xiuqin

a pair of socks three pair of shoes 1.一双袜子____________ 2.三双鞋子____________ 检测二: a long red sweater 1.一件红色的长毛衣__________________ 2.一顶大的黄帽子 _____________________ a big yellow hat 检测三: How _____ 1.______much is the jacket? It’s $2 2.How much ____ these socks? are 3.How much _____a pair of socks? is 检测四: 1.一美元________,两美元_________,简写_______ one dollar two dollars $2 2.一元________,两元________,简写_______ one yuan two yuan ¥2

检测五: one student 一个学生___________ 12个月____________ twelve months 20个苹果__________ twenty apples thirty-three 33个鸡蛋__________ eggs 检测六:补全对话 Can I help you A: ________________? B: Yes, please. I want a hat. ____ A: What color do you want ___________________? B: Black. A: _______________. Here you are B: _______________? How much is it A: 5 dollars. B: I’ll take it. Thanks. You’re welcome A: _________________

Let’s dress up (打扮)









Look and say

a pink bag

a pair of brown shoes

a small purple bag

a big purple hat

a short yellow T-shirt

a long yellow T-shirt

a small black bag

a big black hat

a long green skirt

a short black skirt

a blue sweater

a green jacket

a white shirt
a red T-shirt

a pair of orange shorts a pair of purple trousers

How much is this …? It’s … How much are these …? They’re …
$5 $7 $6







Complete Mr. Cool’s clothes store
Come and buy your clothes __our great____! sell prices at We ____all our clothes ___very good____. Do you like sweaters? We have green sweaters for are ___only $15! Yellow sweaters ___only $12! Do need For you ___trousers? ___boys, we have black for are trousers ____only $22. And shorts ___only For in $16! ____girls, we have skirts ___purple for much ___only $20. How ____are our jackets? Only for $30! And we have black shoes ___only $28. are for Come to Socks ____only $2 ____three pairs! ______Mr. Cool’s Clothes Store now!
at sale

选择正确的词汇完成短文。 for, parents, wants, have, good, dollars, clothes, pair My 1 parents and I are in Cool’s clothes Store now. ______ The 2 clothes in it are nice. I want a skirt. My ______ mom 3wants some socks for my sister and a hat 4 _____ ___ herself (她自己). And my father wants a for sweater. The socks are at 5 _____ prices. They are good only two dollars for three 6pairs The hats are ____. dollars fifteen 7_______. And thay 8 have sweaters for ____ only 29 dollars.

假设你和同伴在Cool’s clothes买衣服, 购物时你 们怎样交流?请小组合作 表演。


“the pair of +名词” 1 The yellow _______(short) are $30. shorts 做主语时,动词的 go 2 Let’s ______(go) to school. 单复数与pair的单 doesn’t 3 M

ike _______ like (not like) sandwiches. 复数一致。 4 What_____you ____(like) for dinner? do like has 5 My brother ______(have) a new bike. 6 Please buy yourclothes _____(cloth) at our great sale. 7 How much is _____(be) the pair of shoes? 8 Shewatches (watch) TV in the evening. ______ 9Can you buy ______(buy) the shirt? me 10 Can you help _____(I)?

“the price of +名 词”做主语时, ? 1 Can I help you?(改为同义句) 动词的单复数与 What can I do for you? ________________________________ price的单复数一 致。 2 How much are these shorts?(改为同义句)


_____________________________________ What is the price of these shorts? 3My red dress is 20 dollars.(对划线部分提问) _________________________________ How much is your red dress? 4The price of this hat is 2 dollars(对划线部分提问) __________________________________ What is the price of this hat? 5 She wants a sweater.(对划线部分提问) _________________________________ What does she want?

H om e w or k
你在Cool’s clothes隔壁开了一个服装店,请你给自 己刚刚开张的服装店写一则广告。要求:广告内 容包括服装、颜色、价格、优惠活动等。50词左 右。 Sale at Happy Clothes Store Come and buy your clothes … _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ ________________________

: 这是一篇有关卖衣服的广告,写作过程 中可能用到的句型如下: 1. Come and buy your … at great sale! 快来 买……,大减价了! 2. Do you like/need/want …? 你喜欢/需要/ 想要……吗? 3.We sell……at good prices.我们以合适的价 格卖…… 4. We have/sell … for only … dollars /yuan. 我们有/卖……,只需……美元/元。

5. You can buy … for … dollars/yuan. 你可 买 ……, 只需……美元/元。

6. … is/are … dollars/yuan. ……美元/元。 7. How much is/are …? It’s /They’re … dollars / yuan. …多少钱? …美元/元。 8. Come to … now! 快来……吧!

It’s difficult to make money. We should save money.

挣钱不容易,我们 应节约用钱.


1. (价钱)多少______________________________ how much

a pair of black socks 2. 一双黑袜子_____________________________
three pairs 3. 三双鞋子____________ of shoes

two red sweaters 4. 两件红毛衣_____________________________
5. 25美元_________________________________ twenty-five dollars 6. 给你___________________________________ Here you are. 7. 你想要点什么?__________________________ Can I help you?

at our great sale 8 .在大减价期间_____________________
a white hat 9.一顶白帽子_______________________
10. 以合适的价格at very good prices ____________________

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