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Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake 教案

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Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake?

Period 1 Section A 1 (1a-2d)

一、Teaching aims:

1. words : shake, milk shake, blender, turn on, peel, pour, yogurt, honey, watermelon, spoon, pot, add, finally, salt

Sentence patterns:

① ─How do you make a banana milk shake? ─First, peel the bananas… ② ─How many bananas do we need? ─We need three bananas. ③ ─How much yogurt do we need? ─We need one cup of yogurt.

2) Grammar:

how much 和how many对事物的数量提问。

3) Describe a process

二、Teaching key and difficult points

1. key points:

1) 用how much与how many来对数量提问。

2) 动词词组;描述过程的顺序词。

2. Difficult points:


三、Teaching steps

I. Warming up

1. Duty report: My life in the future

2. Brain storm

3. Guessing game.

4. Ask and answer

1. T: What’s your favorite fruit?

S: apple, orange, strawberry, banana, pear, watermelon.

Show the pictures and ask: How many….can you see?

2. T:What’s your favorite drink?

S: Cola/ milk/ juice/ tea/milk shake…

Show the pictures and ask: How much….can you see?


II. Lead-in

1: Great, those taste nice. Today we are going to learn how to make a banana milk shake. What do we need if we make a banana milk shake?

Watch a video. We need….

2. 1b Listen and put the instructions in order.

3. Practice the process of making milk shake

4. Retell to make a banana milk shake?

Using : First, Next, Then, Finally

Ⅲ. Listening

How do we make fruit salad?

1. What do we need?

2. Listen and complete the chart. 2a

Listen again. Write the ingredients under the correct amount in the chart. 2b

3. Pairwork

Ask and answer questions about how to make fruit salad.

4. Group work

How do we make fruit salad?

? First, peel bananas, apples and watermelon.

? Next, cut them up.

? Then, put them into the bowl.

? Next, pour the honey and yogurt into the bowl

? Finally, Mix them up.

Ⅳ. 2d

1. Listen and check the things we need.

2. Read it carefully and answer “How many /much…do we need?”

3. How to make Russian soup?

4. Pair work Role-play the conversation.

Ⅴ. Summary

Ⅵ. Practice

? 情景对话

? 情景:James正在教Simon 制作水果沙拉。


? 提示: Simon询问制作水果沙拉需要什么,第一步应该做什么。 ? 你将扮演Simon的角色

? James: Today I’ll teach you how to make fruit salad.

? Simon: ______________________________

? James: We need some apples, bananas, oranges, yogurt and honey. ? Simon: _______________________________

? James: We need two apples, two bananas and two oranges, ? Simon: ________________________________

? James: We need a cup of yogurt and two spoons of honey.

? Simon: _______________________________

? James: First, peel the bananas and oranges.

Ⅶ. Homework:

? 1. Recite the new words in this unit.

? 2. Describe how you make……………?

? First,

? Next,

? Then,

? Finally



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