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1. Tony and Ben like playing ____ basketball. Any and Cara like playing ____ piano.

A. the, the B. a , / C. an, / D. / , the

2. Let's _______ now.

A. go to home B. to go home C. go home D. to go to home

3. There ______ some rice in the bowl .

A. are B. is C. be D. am

4. --What’s fifty and forty ?


A. It’s ninety B. It’s ninty C. They’re ninety D. They’re ninty

5. I like eating , ______ I don’t like cooking .

A. and B. but C. or D. so

6. Please ____ these cases there .

A. bring B. to bring C. take D. to take

7. --Your pictures are very nice .


A. Thank you B. You are welcome C. That's all right D. You are right .

8. Her sister and she _________ football every weekend.

A. play B. doesn't play C. plays D. aren't play

9. --What colour _____ your new pants ?

--______blue .

A. is , It's B. are , They're C. is , its D. are , They look

10. The man behind the tree ______ from America .

A. are B. come C. is D. coming

11. Many children have got _____ food at home .

A. lot of B. a lot of C. a lot D. a lots of

12. He doesn't play sports , he only ____ them ______ TV.

A. watches , on B. looks , on C. looks at , in D. watches , in

13. Every day he goes to school _____ his backpack.

A. in B. at C. of D. with

14. I don't like strawberries _____ carrots.

A. and B. or C. but D. with

15. There is ______"s" and ______ "u" in the word "use".

A. a ,a B. a, an C. an, an D. an, a


This is a photo of Kate , my pen friend, in the USA . is a very nice girl. And this is a photo of her .

Look! The man in the middle Mr. Green, Kate's father. The woman is Kate's mother. They a son and a daughter. Kate is twelve. Jim is ten. Jim and Kate are in the same school. are good students. They in the basketball club. Kate likes Jim oranges. But Kate . Both of them

16. A. She B. she C. Her D. He

17. A. home B. house C. room D. family

18. A. are B. is C. am D. be

19. A. has B. have C. had D. like

20. A. they B. They C. Their D. their

216. A. am B. is C. are D. do

22. A. swimming B. swim C. swiming D. swims

23. A. eat B. do C. like D. likes

24. A. do B. can C. does D. doesn't

25.A. loves B. likes C. like D. has



A Chinese student goes to study English in England . His family name is "Sun"(太阳) . It is the same word "Sun" . We know England is a country with bad weather(坏天气) . It's cloudy or misty(多云雾). It often rains(下雨). When the student gets to(到达) London , a policeman sees his passport . When he sees the student's family name is "Sun" , the policeman says to him ,"You bring (带来)sunshine to us . Welcome to London . We want you here." Then he smiles.

26. The Chinese student go to London ________ .

A. to see his passport B. to see the policeman

C. to study English D. to see his teacher

27. "Sun" is the student's _______ .

A. given name B. family name

C. middle name D. passport

28. England is a country with ______ .

A. sunshine B. sun C. snow(雪) D. bad weather

29. The policeman smiles because he _____

A. know the student B. is the student's friend

C. sees the sun D. likes the student very much

30. What’s the Chinese student’s first name?

A. Sun B. Police C. Misty D. We don’t know.


Mid-Autumn Festival(中秋节) is an important(重要的) festival in China . Everyone enjoys it very much . It usually comes in September(九月) or October (十月).

On that day everyone eats different fruit and mooncakes(月饼). There are many kinds of mooncakes . Some have nuts(坚果) in them and they are sweet. Some have meat and eggs and they're salty. Which do you like best?

At night , families often look at the full moon in the open air (户外) . They sing and dance, talk and laugh ,eat the mooncakes and fruit happily.


31. Mid-Autumn Festival usually comes in August(八月).

32. The mooncake is like the full moon .

33. There are only sweet (甜) mooncakes.

34. At night, families watch TV at home.

35. The moon is round (圆) on the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Ⅱ卷 (75分)


A .根据汉语完成单词

1 These are their _______. ( 字典)

2 It is ______(困难)for him to play tennis.

3 Jim has a small _______(收藏)of stamps.

4 Can you ______(回答)my question?

5 The _______(植物)are in my room.


6. KFC has lots of h____________ , French fries and ice cream.

7. They have T-shirt in all c__________.

8. Some of the boys like p_______ volleyball .

9. Can you b_____ the notebook to school?

10. I call my father’s father g________.


11 Here _____(be)some photos.

12 That ____(sound)interesting.

13 _______(run) star Mary is very beautiful.

14 I _______(not have) a basketball.

15 You ______(not be) a teacher.


1 My mother watches TV. (变为一般疑问句)

2 Jack, collection, has, CD, great, a (连词成句)


4 Where are your hats? (改为单数句子)

Where _____ your ______? (划线提问)

6 I can bring this book to school. (变为一般疑问句)


8 That sounds interesting. (改为否定句)

9. --______________________(根据下句写出上句) -- Yes ,she likes broccoli .

10. Let’s play tennis . (根据实际情况回答) .


1 我们需要大量健康的食品。

2 请你把水果带给你的老师。

3 她晚餐吃蔬菜。

4 他的笔记本在哪? 在书桌上。

5 我的手表在抽屉里。

6 谢谢你的照片。

7 他是你的朋友吗? 是的。

8 咱们玩电脑游戏吧。

9 我们老师收藏了许多邮票。

10 这听起来真有趣。


A: ________________?

B: Yes, please . I want a dress for my daughter.

A: ___________________?

B: She likes blue.

A: OK. Here ___________.

B: Thank you . The skirt looks nice. ____________

A: Twenty dollars.

B: All right . I’ll buy it . _________________.

A: That’s all right.



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