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What do you think I should do ? Can you give me some advice ? 你认为我应该做什么, 你能给我提一些建议吗? advise sb. to do sth. 建议某人做某事 advise doing sth . 建议做某事 keep doing 一直/坚持做某事 teaching/ studying / working experience 教学/学习/工作经验 go to college 上大学 travel around the world 环游世界 be angry at/about sth. 对某事生气 be angry with sb. 生某人的气 solve the problem 解决问题 have problems with / doing sth . 做某事/ 在某方面有问题 too…to do sth. 太……而不能做某事 be afraid to do sth. 害怕做某事 It’s best (not) to do sth. 最好(不)做某事 need to do sth. 需要做某事 stay at home 待在家里 half the class 一半的同学 order food 订购食物 have a class meeting / party 开班会/ 举行班级聚会 at the party 在聚会上 potato chips 炸土豆片,炸薯条 in the end= finally =at last 最后 make mistakes 犯错误 by mistake错误地 make(a lot of)money 赚(许多)钱 get an education 得到教育 keep…to oneself 保守秘密 in life 在生活中 run away 逃避;逃跑 in half 分成两半 school clean-up 学校大扫除 ask/ tell sb.( not ) to do sth. 请求/告诉某人(不要)做某事 take a taxi 打的,乘出租车 organize a party 组织一次聚会 watch a video看录像 worry about = be worried about ….担忧

If/unless引导的条件状从句,主将从现 2、should用法

1.you’re halfway to solving a problem just by talking to someone about it

2. the first step is to find someone you trust to talk to

3. sharing a problem is like cutting it in half

4. It is best not to run away from our problems.

5. Who else can you get advice from ?

6. I’ll go to the meeting if it ends by 5:00 p.m

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