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2013年检测说明 2013-12-14


Dereck Joubert and his wife, Beverly, have made many films about wild animals in Africa. Their films and photographs are very popular and of the photographs has been on the front cover of a National Geographic magazine.

A working day for Dereck and Beverly starts very early--at 4 : 30 in the morning! That's when they get up and begin filming(录影 8: 30 in the evening. In winter it's very cold and summer it can be 401C°. Dereck always does the filming--Beverly never does that, and she doesn't write. But Dereck never takes photographs or the sound. They work very well as a team, and they both believe we should shoot animals with cameras--not with .

When they have finished filming and photographs for the day, they have dinner and Dereck usually writes Beverly looks at her photographs. At night, they usually sleep in a small tent, but they sometimes sleep in the Land Cruiser--when you're very close to wild animals. It's sometimes to sleep in the car.

Dereck and Beverly have also travelled around the world and talks about their work. Dereck says that animals are not just something to look at--they play an important role. Beverly thinks the wild animals can teach a lot about ourselves.

A: Hi, Lisa. This is Jim.

B: Oh, Jim.76. __________________________________?

A: Fine, thanks ,Lisa. Would you like to go to a concert with me this Sunday?

B: I'd love to, but I can't. 77.______________________________.

A: Oh, I see. How about next Sunday night?

B: It'II be frne. 78.______________________________?

A: At eight. We could have dinner together frrst.

B:79 _________________________________.

A: I'll wait for you at 5:30 at the school gate. 80. ________________________________?

B: Let’s take a taxi there.

A: OK. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks a lot for inviting me.

B: You are welcome. (二)

their towns or save water and electricity at home. Maybe The idea for Earth Day( April 22) came from Gaylord Nelson, who was worried about the health of plants and animals. In 1969, he decided that there should be a special day to teach people about we could do to make our environment better.

This idea quickly caught on and in 1970, the first Earth Day was . Since then, people have used 1

Earth Day to educate people about role in protecting our planet.

Earth Day became a celebration around the world. People come to talk about such matters as global warming, protecting the animals in danger, or saving our energy resources(资源) .

A:Hello, Andy! You look very tired. 76. _________________________________?

B : I went to sleep quite late last night.

A: Why didn't you go to bed early? What were you doing?

B: 77. _______________________________ . It was so exciting.

A: Which game did you watch?

B : The game between England and Italy.

A: Really? It must be an amazing game to watch. 78________________________________?

B : England beat Italy 2:0.

A: Wonderful! England Team is my favorite.

B: 79. __________________________________________?

A: Yes. I often play soccer with my friends on weekends.

B : Why not play soccer with me this afternoon?

A: Good idea! 80.__________________________.

B: OK! See you.


May 2nd . 2013

Dear Li Hua, It's very to know something about the British meals before travelling. In many English Breakfast takes place at any time from 7: 00 to 9: 00 in the moming. They usually bread with butter, cheese and so on. English people drink tea or coffee at breakfast. Lunch comes at one o'clock. It can a hamburger or a three-course( 三道菜) meal.Aftemoon tea is apples, pears. bananas and so on. But not all English people eat like that. Some of them have all these meals are usually simple.

Wish you a good time in !

Yours ,


A: Great weekend again! 76. ___________________________________?

B : I'd like to do sports.

A: Me, too. 77.____________________________. Why not come along?

B: Sounds like a good idea. But the radio says it will be rainy tomorrow .

A: It's just the time for it ! I enjoy cycling on rainy days.


B: Well, that might catch a cold. 78. _____________________________?

A: That's also good. OK, let's meet at the Sunshine Sports Center then.

B: 79. _________________________________________?

A: 9:00 am tomorrow?

B: No problem. 80. _________________________________.

A: OK. See you then.

B: See you.


Venus and Serena Williams are sisters. They are also both often have to play each otherl!Venus is now eleventh in the world, and her sister Serena has moved up to third.

area of California. Venus spoke about the time , in 1991, the sisters and their family moved to a safer area.

The sisters' father, Richard, has very strict with his daughters, to compete against each other.Brandi, the sisters' mother, taught her daughters at home so that they completed their high school. Today, both sisters are 72 design(设计) at college.

Wimbledon. Has tennis ever caused problems the sisters? Luckily, no. "We've played each other before and it hasn't us yet!" says Venus. "If she wins, " Serena jokes , " Mama says she has to do the dishes ! "

A: Hi! Bill! You are reading the novel again?

B: Yes, Tom. I just can't help reading it once more.

A: 76. __________________________________________?

B: Three times. Every time I read it, I can always learn something new.

A: Really? 77. __________________________________________?

B: Charles Dickens. I think he is a great English writer.

A: Right.He is also my favorite foreign writer. 78. ________________________________?

B: OK, here you are! What do you think of it?

A: It's very interesting. 79. ___________________________. Where did you buy it?

B: In the Red bookshop.

A: I don't know where it is. 80.________________________________________?

B: No. Only 10 minutes' walk from here, next to the Linda's Shop.

A: Oh, I see. I'm going there to get one, too. Thank you.


Do you know Steven Jobs, the designer (设计师) of Apple computer?

In Steven's early years, he was not quite and he was not among the best students at school. He often got into trouble with 3

see the value of them. Things were still the same went to college and he dropped out halfway. a video game designer at Atari. He worked there for only a few months and then to India. He hoped that the trip would give him a new type of computer. He chose the name "apple" because he thought of a happy summer he once spent in an orchard (果园 ) in Oregon. became famous all over the world.

A: Hello. John. Tomorrow is Saturday. 76. __________________________________________?

B: I'm not sure. What about you?

A: I'd like to go to the library. A new library opened two weeks ago near our school.


B : No , I haven't. Many teenagers like playing computers in their spare time. Why are you so

interested in books?


B: I really agree with you. I'd like to go and have a look with you.

A: A library card will be needed if you want to borrow books. So you'd better get one.


A: Ten yuan.

B: OK. 80.____________________________?

A: At 9 0'clock tomorrow morning. I'll give you a call when I leave home.

B: OK. See you then.

(一)66. one 67. until 68. in 69. records 70. guns

71. taking 72. while 73. safer 74. given 75. us

76. How are you How is everything going


78.When will the concert(it) begin( start)

79. That sounds nice(great \good) Great\Good idea

80.How will we go\get there

(二) 66. activities 67. cleaning 68. better 69. American 70. and

71. what 72. celebrated 73.their 74. Finally 75. on

76. What's wrong/the matter What has happened( to you)

77. I was watching a soccer game on TV.

78. What's the result Which team won it/was the winner

79. You like playing soccer( very much) , don't you

Do you like playing soccer( very much)

80.I’ll ...

(三)66. helpful 67. houses 68. have 69. be 70. between

71. frrst 72. different 73. their 74. And 75. England

76. What's your plan for the weekend/What would you like to


77. I want to go cycling/ I'll go cycling/. . .

78. How about playing tennis ( instead)/Why not play basketball

in the Sports Center/. . .

79. When shall we meet/. . .

80. Remember to bring some water/l'll wait you right there at 9

o'clock tomorrow/. .

(四) 66. winners 67. dangerous 68. when 69. Finally 70. been

71. them 72. studying 73. women's 74. between 75. Worried

76. How many times have you read it

77. Who wrote it What's the writer's name of this book/What's the name of the writer/

Who's the writer of the book

78. Can I read it/ Can I have a look at it

80. Is it far from here

(五) 66. successful 67. his 68. ideas 69. when 70. as

71. travel(l)ed 72. more 73. from 74. making 75. soon

76. What are you going to do Do you have any plans for the weekend

77. Have you ever been there (before) Have you ever been to the library


79. How much does it cost How much is one/a card How much is it for one card

80. When shall we meet


21 . --What should I buy for Tony's birthday? -How about _ camera? He loves taking photos.

A. a B. an C. the D.不填

22. I'm looking for my lost dog. It's white and black. Have you ever seen __like that?

A. it B. that C. one D. this

23. --Your broken watch needs a new part. You'll have to take it back to the shop.

--That'II be a _____ because I didn't buy it. It was a gift.

A. question B. problem C. excuse D. reason

24. My brother lost his game this morning and I'm very ____ him. He must be very sad.

A. proud of B. angry with C. helpful to D. worried about

25. --How can I do well in ping-pong? 一If you practice more often, you __ good at it soon.

A. are B. will be C. were D. have been

26. --The environment of the city is becoming better and better.

-Yes. We can see the whole city _ the top of the mountain now.

A. from B. since C. across D. through

27. --I got up late this morning and I__ _ the weather forecast this morning. Did you listen to it? --Yes. It said partly cloudy today, with a strong wind from the northeast.

A. made B. watched C. heard D. missed


28.--Helen, could you please help me_ _ on the Internet when the plane will take off?

--Sure. I'll check it right away.

A. find out B. look out C. work out D. get out

29. --There are only a few weeks left ___ the start of the summer holidays.

--Right! Let's study harder to get a better grade for the final exams.

A. after B. when C. while D. before

30. It is so quiet in the park that I can ___ hear the traffic in the streets and I can even hear the birds


A. nearly B. hardly C. always D. seldom

31. Don't worry. Your bag ____till six o'clock. Please enjoy your shopping here.

A. will keep B. has kept C. was kept D. will be kept

32. --What's your job? --I work for a shop ____ sells sun glasses.

A. who ,B. whom C. which D. what

33. --Three hundred dollars for such a dress! You __ be joking!

--I'm serious. It's made of silk.

A. need B. may C. must D. can

34. ____ smart boy he is! He passed the face-to-face examination to Tsinghua University last week.

A. How B. What C. How a D. What a

35. --I'm wondering ____ today. --I don't know, either.

A. what is she doing B. where she would go

C. when did she come back home D. why she is absent from school


)21. -Hi, Tony! Do you know woman in white?

-Yes. She is _ _ new teacher in our school.

A. a; a B. the; the C. a; the D. the; a

)22. -Both of these shirts are very beautiful. Can I have one,


-Sure, you can choose _ of them.

A. either B. all C. neither D. each

)23. -Have you told your parents you won first prize in the

English competition?

-Not yet, because I want to give them a _

A. gift B. surprise C. call D. report

)24. _ they are waiting for the New Year, people listen

to music, sing songs and have a party.

A. After B. Until C. While D. Since

)25. -Great changes have taken place since we _ E-



-I agree with you. And Intemet is getting us much closer.

' A. enter B. entered

C. have entered D. will enter )26. -Someone is knocking at the door. Maybe it's Terry. -lt - _ be him. He's gone to Hong Kong.

A. can B. must C. can't D. mustn't 7

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