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( )21. ---Hello,Alice. How are you? ---_______________.

A. Fine, thanks. B. How are you? C. I'm Amy. D. I'm tall ( )22. Hi, I'm Sally. ______ my sister, Sue.

A. They're B. He's C. It is D. This is ( )23. ---Hi, Bill. Are you good friends? ---Yes, ________

A. I am B. we are C. we're D. she is. ( )24. --- Good morning, class! --- !

A. Hello B. Good morning, Li Lei

C. Good morning, Mr. Liu D. Thank you

( )25. --- 含有与Aa字母音素相同的选项是

A. Ii B. Rr C.Ff D. Hh ( )26.He is Harry Potter. His _______ name is Harry.

A. first B.full C. last D. family ( )27. --- ? --- Yes. K-E-Y , key.

A. Is it a map B. Can you spell it, please

C. How do you spell it D. Spell it, please

( )28. are my cousins, and is my brother.

A. This; that B. These; those C. Those; that D. That; this ( )29. Mike, and this is ______ new bike.

A. He's, his B. She's, his C. He’s, he D. He's, her ( )30. —What color is the cup? —It's _______ .

A. a cup B. a red C. the red D. red ( )31.—Is that his uncle ? —__________.

A. Yes, that is . B. Yes, this is. C. No, it is. D. No, it isn't ( )32.下列全是元音字母的一组是 。

A. a, e y, o, z B. a, e, i, o, u C. a, c, e, g, u D. e, i, s, o, y ( )33.—Is this _________ruler? ---Yes, it's her ruler.

A. my B. her C. his D. your ( )34. --- ? --- It’s a red quilt.

A. What’s this? B.What color is it ?

C. Who is he ? D. What’s your name?

( )35. This is ______orange and that's ____ruler.

A. a, a B. an, an C. a, an D. an, a ( )36. Your pen is very nice. _______.

A. No, it isn't . B. Yes. C. Thank you . D. Sorry ( )37. . Are you Jack? ---No, I'm not. .

A. Sorry B. Excuse me C. I'm D. Thanks ( )38. --- Nice to meet you. --- .

A. Thank you. B. You are welcome C. Me, too. D. Hello! 1

( )39. Is she your __ _? ---Yes, she is.

A. brother B. sister C. father D. uncle

( )40.--- What’s that? Is that your ?

--- No, it isn’t.

A. a picture B. pictures C. picture D. nice pictures

五.完型填空。(20分) A) 从A,B,C,D四个选项中选择最佳答案填入文章横线上。 Hello, my name is Gina Green. My first is Gina and is my last name. Er, what’s my name ? Yes , also Green. Look ! This is my telephone. It’s telephone. And my telephone number is 643-5638. This is my friend. She is Kate. family name is Miller. This is her . Please look at it and my question . is her telephone number ? Yes, it’s 858-8688

( )41. A. name B. card C. color D.question

( )42. A. miller B.Brown C.Green D. Smith

( )43. A. English B. family C. first D. last

( )44. A.he’s B. She's C. I’m D. it’s

( )45. A.OK B. orange C. good D. one

( )46. A. boy B. girl C. pen D. clock

( )47. A. My B.Your C.His D.Her

( )48. A. CD B.UFO C. ID card D. .jacket

( )49. A. answer B. meet C. spell D. thank

( )50. A. What color B. How C.What D. What’s

is Kate. (中国的) girl. I'm ten. My 57 number is 532-6782. I’m in Class 58 . Kate is in Class Two.We 不同的.

六. 阅读理解。(30分)


Hello! My name is Anna. I'm a Chinese girl. I have two good friends, Alice and Bob. They are twins. They're from America. Alice is tall, slim and helpful. She's 11 now. Look at the strong boy in the garden! He's Bob. He's between a man and a woman. The man is his father. He's on the left of Bob. He's a teacher. The woman is his mother. She's a nurse. She is very beautiful. Alice, Bob and their parents are very happy every day(每天).


( )61. Alice and Bob are Anna's __________.

A. brothers B. sisters C. friends D. twins

( )62. Bob is a (an) boy.

A. Chinese B. English C. American D. America.

( )63. Bob is __________.

A. fourteen B. thirteen C. twelve D. eleven

( )64. ---What's Alice's father? ---

A. A nurse. B. A teacher. C. A doctor. D. A policeman.


( )65. ---Where's Bob's mother? ---She's _____________Bob.

A. on the right of B. on the left of C. behind D. in the middle


We have two new students in our school. They are Mike and Kate. They look the same, but they are not twins. Kate is American. She's twelve. She is in Class Four. She has a little sister. She often looks after (照顾) her. Mike is English. He is twelve, too. He is in Class One. He likes football. Mike and Kate are good friends. They are both in No. 20 Middle School.


( )66. Kate is

A. Japanese B. Chinese C. English D. American

( )67. Mike Kate.

A. looks like B. looks after C. looks at D .looks

( )68. Kate and Mike are in

A. the same class B. different classes. C. different schools. D. different grades ( )69. Mike likes .

A. bird B. cat C. football D. basketball

( )70. Which is right?

A. Kate is thirteen. B. Kate and Mike are good friends.

C. Mike often looks after his little sister. D. Kate and Mike are twins.


Look at this photo. It is Mary’s family photo. Mary is an English girl. is Mary’s father mr. Smith and the young ( 年轻的) woman is her mother, The black boy is Mary’s cousin Mike. He is Mary’s uncle’s son. Mike is from the USA. And Mary’s grandmother has white hair(头发). She is 60 years old.

What a good family photo!

( ) 71. people (人) are in the photo.

A.Three B. Four C.Five D.Six

( ) 72. The young woman in the photo is Mike’s .

A. mother B. aunt C.grandmother D. sister

( ) 73.文中划线单词的中文意思是“ ”。

A.男孩 B.女孩 C. 女人 D.男人

( ) 74. Mary’s grandmother’s hair is .

A.black B. red C.white D. blue

( ) 75. 下面哪项陈述是正确的?

A. Mary is Mike’s cousin. B. Mary is Mike’s mother.

C. Mr. Smith is Mike’s grandfather. D. Mr. Smith is Mike’s brother.


76. Look, this is _________ (I) mother. 77. These are his ________ (parent).

78. His father ( be) a teacher. 79. Is that __________ (she) sister?

80. Your father's father is your _________. 81. He is my_________(弟弟).

82. There are three ______(钢笔)on the desk . 83. My friend is in (中国)

84. Her (最后的) name is Smith. 85. (那些 )boys are Chinese.



86. I'm Helen.(改为同义句)

is Helen.

87.Those are English books.(改为单数形式)

an English ________.

88.My phone number is 281—9178.(对划线部分提问)

phone number ?

89.your, this ,sister , is (?) ( 连词成句)


90. These are my brothers . (改为一般疑问句)

your brothers?


B、假如下面是你的一些个人信息。请根据其中的信息内容用第一人称( I )介绍你的个人情况。词数在60词左右。(10分)


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