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( )1.I often practice______English with my friends.

A.speak B.speaking C.to speak D.speaks

( )2.I study for a test_____working with a group.

A. in B.for C.by D.to

( )3.The girl is ______young_____go to school.

A.so…that B.too…to C.enough…to D.too…too

( )4.Do you study____a test____reading the textbook?

A.for;about B.to;by C.to;about D.for;by

( )5.The children will get_____about the little presents.

A.excited B.exciting C.excite D.excites

( )6.Have you ever studied_____a group?

A.of B.to C.by D.with

( )7.There are many ways_____study English well.

A.of B.to C.for D.at

( )8.Wei Ming thinks that______English movie isn’t a bad way.

A.watch B.watching C.watched D.watches

( )9._____do you learn English? We learn it_____working with foreigners.

A.How; by B.What; by C.How; with D.What; with

( )10.We are all _____at the_____news.

A.frustrating; frustrating B.frustrated; frustrated

C. frustrated; frustrating D. frustrating; frustrated

( )11.Lillian Li wanted to____a language club to improve her spoken English.

A.jion B.jion in C.take part in D.take part

( )12.What about________?

A.going shop B.go shopping C.to go shopping D.going shopping

( )13.Please do a survey about ______English.

A.learn B.to learn C.learning D.learned

( )14.Using English is the best way_______in the exam.


A.learn B.learning C.learns D.to learn

( )15.Have you ever been to America? _________.

A.No,I don’t B.Yes, I do C.Yes, I have D.Yes, I am.

( )16.Aren’t you tired ,Kate?---_____________.

A.Not at all B.I’m so sorry C.You’re welcome D.Yes,of course

( )17.________he goes to the cinema on Sunday.

A.Some times B.Sometime C.Sometimes D.some time

( )18. When we practice speaking English, we often end up____in Chinese.

A.speak B.spoken C.speaking D.to speak

( )19.I study by _______tapes.

A.listen B.listen to C.listening to D.listening

( )20. ---What about_______a dairy in English?

---Not bad. It helps_____English every day .

A. to keep; to write B.to keep; writing C.keep;writing D.keeping;to write

( )21. Mary is from France.She studies English by___English movies.

A.watch B.to watch C.watching D.watches

( )22. The young man kept practicing______English with Mr Green.

A.to speak B.speaking C.speak D.spoke

( )23. The big box is too heavy for me __________.

A.to carry B.to carry it C.that carry D.that carry it

( )24. —It’s Sunday today.Howabout _______ the mountains?

—Sounds great.

A. to climb B. climb C. climbed D. climbing

( )25.I don’t know how________commas.

A.use B. to use C. using D. used


Every year students in many countries learn English. Some of these students are children, __26__ students are young people. Why do all these people want to learn__27__? It is not__28__to answer this question. Many boys and girls learn English at school. It is one of their __29__. Many people learn English because it is__30__in their work. Some young people learn English__31__their higher studies because some of their books are__32__English. Other people learn English because they want to __33__newspapers in English. Some people learn English because they want to __34__ 2

in the USA, England or Australia. English is very__35__ in our life (生活).

( )26. A. all B. the other C. both D. other

( )27. A. English B. Chinese C. maths D. Japanese

( )28. A. hard B. easy C. good D. nice

( )29. A. books B. classes C. schools D. subjects (科目)

( )30. A. good B. useful (有用的) C. fine D. pleased

( )31. A. for B. of C. to D. from

( )32. A. in B. with C. at D. of

( )33. A. look B. see C. look at D. read

( )34. A. go B. work C. like D. come

( )35. A. help B. helping C. Helps D. helpful


One day Mr. Brown sees a young woman in the street with children. He is very surprised because all the children are wearing the same clothes. White caps, blue coats and yellow trousers.

“Are all these children yours?” he asks the woman.

“Yes, they are.” she answers.

“Do you always dress them in the same clothes ?” asks Mr. Brown.

“Yes, ” answers the mother. “When we have four children, we dress them in the same clothes because we don’t want to lose any of them. It is easy to see our children among other children because they are all wearing the same clothes. And now we have ten, we dress them like this because clothes are different.

( )36. How many people does Mr. Brown see in the street one day?

He sees ____in all.

A. ten B. eleven C. four D. ten children

( )37. Why is he surprised? Because ________.

A. all the children are boys

B. all the children are in the same clothes

C. all the children are lovely

D. all the children are wearing the same trousers

( )38.Why does the woman dress her children in the same clothes? Because 3


A. she has so many children

B. she loves her children

C. she doesn't want to take her children home

D. she wants to see her children easily among others

( )39. What kinds of clothes are the children wearing when Mr. Brown sees them?

A. White caps, blue coats and yellow trousers.

B. Blue caps, yellow coats and white trousers.

C. Yellow caps, white coats and blue trousers.

D. White caps, yellow coats and blue trousers.

40. “We don't want to take other children home by mistake.”这句话的汉语意思是:



41.I don’t know the________(pronounce) of this word.

42.He put on his coat and went out_______(quick).

43.He walked too________(慢) to catch the bus.

44.What about reading________(出声的) to practice English?

45.I make __________(错误) in grammar.


46. do, for, how,you, a, test, study


47.have, ever, studied, with, you, a, group


48.It ,too, is, the, understand, voices, to, hard


49.study, by, I, flashcards, making,


50.can’t, English, I, spell, some, words,



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