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1,The doctor_____(tell)him______(stay)at home yesterday.2,Miss Finny____(catch)a very bad cold last night.

3,Look! A cat_________(catch)a bird in the tree.4,Do I need___________(have)a good rest? 5,We’d like _________(have)some tea.6,____Tom often________(play)chess after school? 7,Is your hobby________(grow)flowers?8,Peter wants_________(learn)Chinese.

9,Now Miss Gao_________(begin)her class.10,Look! The boys________(swim)in the river. 11,There____(not be)any pears in the fridge.

12,The doctor______(examine)him and____(give)him some medicine.

13,She____(feel)very bad and couldn’t____(have)dinner.

14,There____(be)a lot of important news in today’s newspaper.

15,There____(be)a meeting tomorrow.16,She____(have)good habits.

17,When I____(get) home, it_______(rain).18,He saw an old man____(stand)under a big tree. 19,What____(happen)?20,If I____(be)free tomorrow, I will go with you.

21,It’s four o’clock in the afternoon. The students_______(play)games.

22,What____your mother____(do)?She’s a teacher.23,Let’s____(put)the books in the box. 24,--What time____ Lily____(go)to bed?--She____(go)to bed at 10:00.

25,What time____ we______(leave)tomorrow.26,--What____ they_____(ask)the teacher?--A question.

27,Mr White____(live)in that street since 1990.

28,Oh,I____(see)the film. I______(see)it about a week ago.

29,Don’t play here. The children____(sleep).30,How many words____ you ____(learn)? 31,Rice____(grow)in many places in Asia.

32,They said they_____(visit)the Great Wall the next month.

33,The reading room____(must clean)at once.34,If it____(not snow) tomorrow, we’ll go shopping. 35,We______(see)the film already, we____(see)it yesterday.36,My father____(get)up at six in the morning.

37,Great changes____(take)place in China since 1949.

38,Mother made a promise that she____(buy)me a new watch the next week.

39,I’m strong enough_______(lift)the ladder.40,Christmas is coming. We_______(have)a party. 41,When I came, the Greens____(watch)TV.42,____Tom____(buy)a dictionary yet?

43,How many times____ your parents____(be)to the Great Wall?

44,How long ____your aunt____(keep)this book?---For one week.

45,--What____ you____(do)when the bell rang?--I____(talk)with Mr Green.

--What____ your brother____(do)at that time?--He_________(play)the piano.

46,Two thieves____(break) into his house last night, and_______(take)away some money. 47,--_____you____(hear)from your uncle recently?—No, I____.

48,If you____(not hurry),you____(be)late for the meeting.

49,English____(speak)by many people in the world.

50,It’s nine o’clock. The students____(have)an English lesson.

51,--____you____(visit)the Summer Palace?--Yes, we____--When____ you ___(visit)it?--Last term.

52,There____(be)an English evening tomorrow.53,These books mustn’t____(take)out of the reading-room.

54,We are very busy. We have a lot of work____(do).55,Don’t make the girls____(cry)any more. 56,It_____(snow)hard now. We’d better______(not go)home right now.

--Why____ they____(not go)to see the play yesterday?—Because they ____(see)it before. --____Tom often____(watch)TV on Saturday?—Yes, he____.

57,____your brother____(read)English every morning?58,Look!Who____(run)over there? 59,I____(not have)my breakfast today. I____(be)so hungry now.

60,Her mother___(save)a lot of people’s lives since she became a doctor.

61___the windows______(clean)once a week?

62,--____you____(read)today’s newspaper?--No. It_______(take) away by somebody.

63,My bad tooth_______(pull)out the day before yesterday.

64,A new road________(build)in our hometown now.65The bowls______(break)by a little boy just now.

66,Who_______(dance)the best in your school?

67,The concert______(be)on for five minutes when we got there.

68,As soon as he______(come),I’ll give the note to him.

69,When his teacher came, he______(talk)with his classmates.

70,____the wounded child______(send)to the hospital just now?

71,It’s not easy______(catch)fish with your hands only.72,The railway station isn’t far from here. 73,Listen!Who______(talk)in the next room?74,Could you tell me if they______(come)here tomorrow?

75,My parents______(not be)in. They ____(go)shopping.

76,If it_______(not rain)next Sunday, we’ll have a football match on the playground.

77,--What____ she____(do)a moment ago?--She________(draw)some pictures.

78,It’s so hot .You’d better_______(open) both the windows and doors.

79,____he____(do)his homework at eight last night?

80,The work _____already____(do).But it____(not do)by the girl herself.

81,The child suddenly______(fall)to the ground when he_______(cross)the street. Then he______(take)to the hospital and the doctor________(operate)on him now.

82,Mike______(know)Beijing very well, because he______(live)there ten years before.

83,I met Li Lei yesterday .We_____(not see)each other since we left college.

84,White my father________(read) newspapers ,my sister and I_______(prepare)our lessons. 85,What’s the matter that she________(come)yet?


1,--I hear your father _______to Japan once.--Yes. He_______ there last year.

A. went ; has been B. has been; went C. goes ; went D. has been; has been

2,His sister ____her hometown for three years. She’ll return next year.

A. left B. has left C. has been away D. has been away from

3,--Where’s Peter?--He _____to Nanjing.A. is going B. has been C. has gone D. went 4,They have ______since the factory opened.

A. left the school B. joined the team C. become a worker D. worked there

5,There______a football game on TV this afternoon.

A. is going to have B. will be C. is going to play D. will play

6,Jim_____the Great Wall many times.A. went to B. goes to C. is going to play D. has been to 7,,Mr King has ______China for over 3 years.A. gone to B. been to C. lived in D. come to

8,We_____from seven to eight last night.

A. were have a meeting B. had a meetingC. would have a meeting D. were having a meeting 9,I don’t know if he _______tomorrow .If he ________,I’ll meet him.

A. will come; comes B. comes; comes C. will come; will come D. comes; will come 10,I don’t know where she has gone .I ___her for several days.

A. haven’t seen B. didn’t seenC. don’t see

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