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Can you help me?

Teaching Content▲Key words

can't may must▲Key sentences

It can’t/may/must be…


Grade 6 or 7Abilities:?SS understand and can make use of modal verbs to express ability.?Be able to understand the meaning and usage of modal verbs through tasks and situations.Characteristics:?Be interested in guessing games.?Be curious to grasp new knowledge.?Have to deal with school examinations.

Teaching Target

?Enable ss to understand the meaning of can't/may/must in expressing "possibility".

?Enable ss to make use of the sentence pattern "It can't/may/must be..." in expressing "possibility."

modal verbs in school examinations.?Enable ss to finish the exercises of

Teaching Method?whole language?task-based

Teaching Aids●PPT

●A sound clip●Handouts

Procedure?Warm-up: Tongue Twister(can)?Presentation:guessing game(meaning)?Practice: pairwork &group work?Production: speaking&writing?Homework: paperwork

I can can a small can in a big can, but I can’t can a big canin a small can.Can you can a big can in a small can?

The final examination is coming.Lucy is very anxiousnow,because she didn't prepare it.

A:Do you knowwhat's the meaning of "anxious"?happy/upset/worriedB: Well, it can’t be“happy”.

A: It maybe“upset”.

B: Oh, yes.It must be worried.She is worried about her final examination.

Everybody is talking about this little girl,she is talented, she can play the piano very well when she was six.sillysmartgifted

A:Do you knowwhat's the meaning of "_____"?B: Well, it can’t be“______”.

A: It maybe“_____.

B: Oh, yes.It must be _____. ...


1.listening material.Guess the meaning of some new words from the passage.2.Paperwork

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