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My favorite job

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My favorite job

During my childhood, what I had always been dreaming is becoming a scientist. Seeing the water flowing from the low ebb to the summit, the air-condition making the house cool and warm, it will give you a illusion that the gold really exist which set off my enthusiasm to this mysterious subject. Now I am getting to explore this area. I find it interesting and proud to research on my experiment. As we all know every country needs strong technology to guard her motherland and everybody couldn’t live without science. That’s to say, science has play an important role in our daily life. I’d feel great honor to contribute myself to this great career.

I know science is a subject full of challenge, but t wouldn’t give in. Since this job requires innovation a lot, I must make good use of my brains. And the basic things are to learn to observe, to think, and to create. I choose it meaning I have made the best preparation.

Taking other job into consideration, I am addicted to the creation and peace of mind. Thus scientist gives me the perfect answer. I just do what I like and do it best.

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