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七年级上外研版英语上Module 4 练习题

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Module 4 Practice


1. There are some _______ in the basketball.

A. orange B. oranges C. orange juice D. orange coat 2. It is a nice house ______ it hasn’t got a garden. A. and B. or C. but D. so

3. There are many ______ in the fridge.

A. potatos B. fruit C. vegetable D. tomatoes 4. --Can I help you, sir? --Yes, I’d like five _______. A. meat B. potato C. potatos D. bananas

5. Vegetables and fruit are ______ food and they are my ______ food. A. healthy; favourite B. favourite; healthy C. unhealthy; favourite D. favourite; unhealthy

6. Many farmers have got lots of and got much money by selling the ______. A. cow; beaf B. cows; beaf C. cow; beafs D. cows; beafs 7. --Would you like something to drink? --_______, please. A. Meat B. Rice C. Water D. Bread

8. --There _____ no milk in the fridge. Could you get some for me, Dick? --All right, Mum. A. is B. are C. was D. were

9. --What do you have for breakfast?--I often have ______ or _______.

A. breads; noodles B. bread; noodles C. breads; noodle D. bread; noodle 10. He is old but he is _______.

A. in good health B. health C. in good healthy D. in health 11. I have got _______pork and________ vegetables.

A. many;many B. a lot of;much C. some;any D. much;many 12.There aren’t______ tomatoes but there is _____onion. A. any;a B. some;an C. some;an D. any;an

13.--What is on the desk? --_______ a glass of water and two cakes. A. There’s B. It’s C. Is D. There are 14. Candy and Coke _______ food and drink.

A. is healthy B. is unhealthy C. are healthy D. are unhealthy 15. Hamburgers and milk are healthy _______ and _______.

A. food; drink B. foods; drink C. food; drinks D. foods; drinks 二、根据句意和首字母或汉语提示完成句子(10分) 1. Coke is a kind of d _______.

2. I have a glass of m______ in the morning. 3. Children like to eat h________ in KFC.

4. Most children like to eat c_______ but it’s bad for their teeth. 5.The chicken is very ________________(美味的).

6. Come over to my house this evening and enjoy the fresh(新鲜的) _______(鱼肉). 7. My _______(最喜爱的) season is summer, because I can go swimming. 8. I like eating _________(面条).

9. ________(蔬菜)and fruit are healthy food.

10. It’s _____________________(重要的)to stay healthy. 三、用所给词的适当形式填空(20分)

1. There are many ________(potato) in the supermarket.

2. Eat some vegetables and fruit every day because they are _______(health) food. 3.They haven’t got any ______ (beef). They want to buy some. 4.Tom has got twelve _______(chicken). He loves them very much. 5.Cola and coffee _________(be) not healthy drinks. 6. There ________(be) some meat on the plate.

7. Let’s go _______________(shop) for some drinks. 8. Many _______________(child) like ice cream.

9. Have you got any ________(rice) or __________(egg)? 10. We should (应该) eat _________(good) and not get fat. 四、句型转换(20分)

1. We have got some beef and pork.(改为一般疑问句) _______ _______ got _______ beef or pork?

2. Coke and coffee aren’t healthy drinks.(改为同义句) Coke and coffee ______ _______ drinks.

3. Chocolate isn’t healthy food. It’s my favourite food. (用连词把两个句子连接成并列句) Chocolate isn’t healthy food ______ _______ my favourite food. 对划线部分提问) _______ _______ favourite drink?

5. We have not got any oranges. (改为同义句) We _____ _____ ______ oranges. 五、根据汉语意思完成句子(20分) 1. 我们有些橘汁在冰箱里。

We have got some _______ _______ _______ the _______. 2. 水和牛奶是健康饮料。

Water ______ _______ _______ healthy _______. 3. –你有胡萝卜吗?--是的,有一些。

--Have you got _______ _______? –Yes, I have _______. 4. 他最喜欢的食品是鸡肉。 His _______ _______ is _______. 5. 他们没有土豆。

They ______ got ________ ________.

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