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A guessing gameZhang Lei

Jiangsu Nantong Beicheng Secondary school英语中考试卷

A guessing game



初中英语阅读理解1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 14132, 4, 9, 122,4,9,121, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 141316, 17, 18, 19, 207,157, 1516, 17, 18,19, 20








3. We can go to visit the Body Image Exhibition _______.B. at night

C. for free D. at 325 Nanjing Road W

The Body Image Exhibition is on! Address: 325 Nanjing Road W Transport: Subway line 1, 2 and 8

Opening hours: 9 a.m. -5 p.m. (No entering after 4 p.m.) Admission (入场费): 20 yuan





Teddy Smith's Fast Food Open: 10:00 am -10:30 pm

Lunch served (服务) till 2:00 pmDinner served till 9:30 pm

Eat in or take away

66. When do they stop serving dinner?A. 10:00 am. B. 10:30 pm. C. 2:00 pm. D. 9:30 pm.


Travel Tips

The USA Pavilion(美国馆) is at the east end of the Expo Garden's Pudong Section (世博园浦东区), which can be reached from Gate No 8. Visitors are advised to visit the pavilion in early afternoon, as most people prefer starting their visits from early morning, when it might take more than an hour to get inside. The whole visit takes about 45 minutes.

2. If you visit the USA Pavilion in early afternoon, _____.

A. you can visit it for free

B. you can visit it in 35 minutes

C. it will take you less time to enter

D. it will be much easier to find Gate No 8


Junko was born in 1939 and grew up in a small town students climbed two mountains, and Junko loved it. She could climb in her own time and ability.

4. When Junko was 10, she ____________.

A. didn't like sports or games

B. often went on school trips

C. realized that she loved to climb

D. climbed mountains by herself








A young girl called Ida in Sweden decided to travel happy life until some kids asked, “Why don’t you look like your mom?” Ida was sent to her adopted (收养)…

76. What can we learn from the passage?

A. Ida hadn't seen her birthparents for at least 22 years.

B. Ida found it easy for her to get used to living in Korea.

C. Ida still couldn't accept who she was after she went back to Sweden.Korea.


About one in three Americans has a problem with sleep. Many of these people cannot fall asleep. The name of this problem is insomnia. Some people say, "I didn't sleep all night." But that's not really true. They may sleep lightly and wake up several times. In the morning, they only remember the times they were awake (醒着), so they think they were awake all night.

13. What does “insomnia” mean in this passage?

A. No sleep. B. Bad sleep.







…After finding out the place of her birthparents, Ida went to Korea in 2008. When she first arrived, she was surprised to see so many people who looked like her. However, apart from her looks, not much could be shared (分享) with others. She knew little about the culture, food…

75. What does the phrase "apart from" in Paragraph 3 mean?

A. except B. as for C. as well as D. besides


首段In 1975, Junko Tabei became the first woman to reach the top of Mount Everest in the Himalaya Mountains, the highest mountain in the world at 29,035 feet.

尾段Finally in 1975, the team went to climb the mountain… Suddenly a huge amount of snow and ice fell on them. One guide saved Junko. She rushed to help others. Everyone was alive but they had injuries, including Junko. However, the team decided to continue their climb. About two weeks later, on May 16, Junko reached the top of Mount Everest. Later she said, "I can't understand why men make all this fuss (过于关注) about Everest -it's only a mountain."

7. What does the author mainly want to tell us?A. Mountain climbing is dangerous.B. Women can do the same things as men.

C. Junko was the greatest climber in the world.

D. Junko had a very hard time before she succeeded.

首段Sleep is very important. A person who does not sleep dies

faster than a person who does not eat. We spend about a third (1/3) of our lives in sleep. That's about 121 days a year!

尾段This is not a new problem. Many famous people in history had insomnia. Some of these people had special ideas to make them sleep. Benjamin Franklin had four beds. He moved from one to the other to fall asleep. Mark Twain had a different way. He lay on his side across the end of the bed!

15. Which would be the best title for this passage?

A. Sleep More! B. Go to Sleep!


主旨归纳题常见题型为最佳标题(title)或中心思想(main idea)等。要准确地抓住文章的主题思想,就要十分留意文章的开头和结尾,在多数情况下,尤其在说明文和议论文中,主题句在文章中的位置通常有三种:开头、文中和文末。



首段Two months ago, I went to Australia for a meeting with my workmate, Chris. We decided to drive across country to Brisbane after the meeting ended. The drive was going to take four days and most of it was across the desert (沙漠).尾段I started laughing but Chris looked very serious. He said his wallet was in the jacket. I started laughing even harder. I stopped laughing, however, when he said that our car keys were also in the jacket!

72. Which would be the best title for this passage?

A. An unusual experience.

B. My Australian meeting.

C. On the way to Australia. D. A clever kangaroo.

16. ______ It has around 3 billion fans -nearly half the world's CBpopulation! And about 300 million people play this game. That's 4 percent of the world's population!17. ______ Many people in old days played early forms (形式) of this modem game. Cu ju (蹴鞠), a ball-kicking game in China, was reported as early as 2,500 B.C. Around the same time in Greece, people were also playing a similar ball game without using their hands.But modern soccer didn't become official (官方的) until 1863. An Englishman called Cobb Morley introduced the idea of a soccer association (联盟). 18._________ From then on, other associations in GAthe countries were set up. They came together-to make up the FIFA, which organizes the World Cup. It's not easy to tell what makes soccer so popular. 19. ________ Soccer DBneeds only two feet and a ball. This makes it a sport that developing countries can easily play. Some of the sport's best players come from these poor nations.20. ________ The sport's no-hands rule makes beautiful dance-like movements on the field. What's more, this sport excites the heart. Teams might score only a few times each match, so matches can turn around suddenly.No one knows who will win at the next World Cup. But one thing is certain: The world will be watching.

A. He also wrote the sport's official rules.B. Soccer is the world's favorite sport.C. Playing soccer is good for your health.D. But one reason is how simple the sport is.E. People love soccer as well as their countries.F. It's hard to say where soccer's birthplace is.G. Soccer performances are pleasing to the eyes




In Thailand, people do not eat with chopsticks, like in China, Japan, and Korea. They use spoons and forks, 81Afirst and then use your fork. 82F83G. The rice is not on the same plate with the other food. It is leave a little on your plate. If you eat anything, it means you want more.84D. The host (主人) will ask you two or three times if you During the meal, never empty your cup or glass. When it is less than B(再加满eye on your neighbor's glass all through the meal.

A. They never use knives B. Never fill your own glass C. People always offer you more food D. Remember to fill your bowl in time E. People often eat from the same bowl F. The spoon is more important than the fork G. People usually have rice in a different bowl

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