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大多数形容词和副词有三个等级 : 1. 原级,即原形。 2.比较级,表示“较……”或“更……一些”。3. 最高级,表示“最……”


1. 单音节词和少数双音节词比较级和最高级的规则变化:

beautiful—more beautiful—(the) most beautiful

3. 由形容词加ly构成的双音节词和多音节词,都是在该词前加-more/most.

quickly—more quickly—(the) most quickly

difficultly—more difficultly—(the) most difficultly

4. 不规则变化:


1. 原级的用法:


A+v.+as….+形容词原级+as B

Tom is as honest as Jack.


Her skin is as white as snow.

My dog is as old as that one. The weather here is not as(=so)cool as the weather in Harbin.

2. 比较级的用法:

1)A+形容词比较级+than+ B

Susan is happier than Jane.

His brother is younger than me.

Beijing is more beautiful than Osaka.

形容词比较级前还可以用much, even, still, a little,far, a lot, a bit, much more来修饰。 Very, so, too, quite 不能修饰比较级。


I’m two years older than you.

She is a head taller than me.


The earth is getting warmer and warmer.

China becomes more and more stronger.

4)the +比较级,the +比较级结构,表示“越??就越??”

The more I study it, the more I like it.

5)which/who +is +比较级

Which city is bigger, Beijing or Tianjin?

Who is happier, you or me?

3. 最高级用法:


1)one of the +最高级

Shanghai is one of the most beautiful cities in China.

Our city is one of the safest cities in the world.

Most people like apples.

Most of the boys are good.

It is our nearest neighbor in space.




1. 原级主要的句型:


Tom runs as fast as Jones.

not as/so+副词原级+as

He didn’t come as/so early as Li Lei.

2)too+副词原级+to do sth.

Jean rides too slowly to catch up with me.

3)so +副词原级+ that

Jean rides so slowly that she can’t catch up with me.

4)副词原级+enough to do sth.

Jean doesn’t ride fast enough to catch up with me.

2. 比较级的用法:


Lily run faster than Mary(did).

2)比较级+and +比较级

The days are getting longer and longer in summer.

3)the more…the more…

The harder you work, the better you will learn.

3. 最高级的用法:


He works (the) hardest of all the students in the class.



tall ____________ ____________ outgoing ____________ ____________

short ____________ ____________ quiet ____________ ____________


little ____________ ____________ quietly ____________ ____________

long ____________ ____________ loud ____________ ____________

early ____________ ____________ loudly ____________ ____________

late ____________ ____________ clever ____________ ____________

big ____________ ____________ funny ____________ ____________

small ____________ ____________ friendly ____________ ____________

fat ____________ ____________ good/well ____________ ____________

thin ____________ ____________ many/much ____________ ____________

heavy____________ ____________ few ____________ ____________

easy ____________ ____________ little ____________ ____________

hard ____________ ____________ far ____________ ____________

busy ____________ ____________ slowly ____________ ____________

happy____________ ____________ quickly ____________ ____________

lazy ____________ ____________ clever ____________ ____________

quick ____________ ____________ smart ____________ ____________

slow ____________ ____________ high ____________ ____________

hardworking ____________ ____________ carefully ____________ ____________

beautiful____________ ____________ popular ____________ ____________

dangerous____________ ____________ interesting ____________ ____________

difficult ____________ ____________ delicious ____________ ____________




1. The air in Beijing is getting much now than a few years ago.

A. clean B. cleaner C. cleanest D. the cleanest

2. — is your grandpa, Emma?

—He’s watering the flowers in the garden.

A. When B. What C. Where D. How

3. Nowadays science fiction isn’t as as cartoons among teenagers.

A. popular B. more popular C. less popular D. the most popular

4. We are glad to see that Shanghai is developing these years than ever before.

A. quickly B. less quickly C. more quickly D. the most quickly

5. The cheese cake tasted so that the kids asked for more.

A. delicious B. well C. bad D. badly

6. She looks very A. tired B. hard C. well D. hardly

7. — do you play computer games? —Once a week.

A. How soon B. How often C. How long D. How many

8. The population of Tianjin is than that of Shanghai.

A. larger B. less C. smaller D. fewer

9. It’s raining . We have to stay at home instead of going fishing.

A. badly B. hardly C. heavily D. strongly

10. —Can you give a hand with this table? I want to move it.

—Sure. are you going to put it?

A. Why B. How C. Where

even A. better, well B. well, well C. well, better D. better, better

12. —Tom is six and he is his sister Jane. How old is Jane? —Three.

A. twice as old as B. two years older than

D. as old as D. When 11. Guo Yue did quite at the World Table Tennis Championship, but Zhang Yining did C. three years younger than

13. —Remember, boys and girls. you work, result you will get. —We know, Miss Gao.

A. The better, the harder B. The harder, the better 5

C. The hard, the better D. The harder, the good

14. Jack has three friends. Mike is the of the four.

A. most cleverest B. more clever C. cleverest D. clever

15. —In our English study reading is more important than speaking. I think. —I don’t agree, speaking is than reading.

A. as important as B. so important as C. the most important D. the same as


I. 用Of, than, in, as填空。

1. This table is as big that one.

2. The yellow book is bigger the blue one.

3. Tom is the best student the class.

4. This lesson is more interesting that one.

5. This apple is the largest all the apples.

II. 单选。

1. John is my friend of all the classmates.

A. good B. better C. best D. the best

2. E-mailing is much than long-distance calling.

A. cheap B. cheaper C. cheapest D. the cheapest

3. Beijing is one of cities in China.

A. very beautiful B. much beautiful C. more beautiful D. the most beautiful

4. The Yellow River isn’t so as the Changjiang River.

A. long B. longest C. longer D. the longest

5. The coat I bought last week is too big for me. I’d like to change it for a one.

A. small B. larger C. nicer D. smaller

6. Who is the , Jim, Li Lei or Ling Feng?

A. tall C. tallest D. much taller

7. Of all the students, Wu Dong runs .

A. fast B. faster C. fastest D. most fast

8. He has grown to take care of himself.

A. tall enough B. enough tall C. old enough D. enough old

9. Tom draws better than his brother.

A. more B. most C. many D. much

10. Who does homework in your class?

A. carefully B. most carefully C. more carefully D. as carefully as


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