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八下英语unit 11-b

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Unit 11 Could you please clean your room?

Section B Period 1 (1a-2c)

make the bed

do the dishes

sweep the floor

fold the clothes

clean the room

take out the trash


1.After dinner, you need to _____________. do the dishes 2. After the washed clothes are dry, you need to _______________ . fold your clothes 3. If the dustbin is full, you have to ______________. take out the trash 4. If there is lots of dust on the floor, you have to clean the floor ___________. 5. After you get up in the morning, you need to ___________. make the bed 6. If your clothes are dirty, you need to ___________. do the laundry 7. If your bike is dirty, you have toclean the bike ____________.

Listen and check the things in Activity 1a that you hear.


√ 1. buy some drinks and snacks √ 2. borrow some money √ 3. clean your room √ 4. invite my friends to a party √ 5. go to the store √ 6. use your CD player
7. take out the trash 8. make your bed

2b Listen. What is Sandy’s mom going to do? What is Sandy going to do? What are Sandy and Dave going to do? Fill in the chart.



Sandy’s mom buy drinks and snacks invite my friends, Sandy borrow some money, clean her room, use the CD player

Sandy and

move the good chairs, clean the living room

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