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The teacher ___________ ___________ the book.

2. 昨晚我给你打电话了,但你不在家。

I _________ _________ __________ last night, but you weren’ t in.

3. They ________ a lot of clothes to the flooded area.

A. gave away B. took away C. ran away D. put away

4. Ann looks like her parents in manners.(同义句转换)

Ann her parents in manners.

5. Jimmy is unhappy. Let’s go and .

A. cheer up him B. take after him C. cheer him up

6. Eton College in England was ________ in 1440 by King Henry VI to give free education to poor students.

A. cleaned up B. set up C. fixed up D. cheered up

7. Our sport meeting has been ___________ till next week because of the bad weather.

A. put on B. put up C. put off D. put down

8. 你能在上课前把地扫干净吗?


看点一:give out give in give back

eg;我们英语老师在铃响的时候分发试卷。(give out)


Rotten eggs a bad smell.

Never give up when you still have sth to give!

Never, never, never give in!" 永不,永不,永不屈服。—— 丘吉尔名言

What we acquire without sweat we give away without regret. 得之不费力,弃之不可惜


1. 我看到一个人在街上发传单。

I saw a man ___________________ handbills in the street. 2. 你必须戒烟。

________________________________________________ 3. 请把我的书还给我。

Please _____________________________________

看点二: in the hospital 在医院 in hospital 住院 eg: My mother works

My good friend was ill and he has been for a week. out of hospital: go to hospital:

go to the hospital:

看点三:volunteer to do sth eg: 我们自愿替那个老人修理房间。


我想当一名上海世博会的自愿者。(volunteer n.)

I want Shanghai World Expo in 2010 看点四:pleasure please pleasant

Eg: 1. ——Andy, you were the only person that was late for the meeting, why. ——Sorry, sir. But I really had a time finding the meeting hall.

A. enjoyable B. funny C. difficult D. pleasant 2. Miss Li is very with what we have done this term. A. pleased B. pleasant C. pleasure ------------------------------------------------我是华丽丽的分割线------------------------------------------------------


1.We need to come up with a plan.


【拓展一】 come up with 意为 “想出”,相当于think up。


【拓展二】 need to do sth 和 need doing sth.的区别,二者都表示“需要做某事”

当主语是人时,常用need to do sth.;当主语是物时,常用need doing sth.。

例句:(1)I need to get some money to pay for summer camp.

仿写练习:He needs to

仿写练习:His trousers need (清洗)


1.We can’t put off making a plan.

(1)put off+ doing “推迟、取消(会议,约会等)如果代词作宾语需放在put和off中间,如:put it off


(2)put sth. away “把??放好,收好”


(3)put down “ 放下,记下”, 例如:


(4)put on “穿戴,上演”,


(5)put up “悬挂,举起”,



1. –Will the foreigners have any problems talking with Chinese in Qingdao?

---I don’ t think so. Now __________ the young ________the old are learning to speak English.

A. only; except B. either; or C. neither; nor D. not only; but also

2. Not only the children but also their father __________ in town today.

A. is B. were C. are D. was

3. 我们不但会说汉语,而且也会说英语。



1.The strategies that he came up with worked out fine.




work out :

eg: 最终我们算出了这道题。

1. They didn’ t prepare for the speech contest like that, but it ___________ very well.

A. kept out B. gave out C. left out D. worked out

2. Our maths teacher will give us only 5 minutes ___________ this problem.

A. find out B. work out C. to give out D. to work out

3. 他正在努力算出这道数学题。



1. ...Who has filled my life with pleasure.……使我生活充满快乐的人。



be filled with表状态,意为“装满了??”,相当于be full of,其主语通常是人或物。 例句:Her eyes were filled with tears.

1. ---The box is too heavy to carry. What’ s in it?

---Oh, it ___________ books.

A. is filled with B. is used for C. is aimed at

2. 刚才房间里满是烟。(smoke)



1.Your donation is greatly appreciated and the money is well used to help disabled people like me.

appreciate v. 感激,欣赏。后跟感激或欣赏的事物,也可跟V-ing ------------------------------------------------我是华丽丽的分割线------------------------------------------------------




如:give up 放弃; turn off 关掉; stay up 熬夜;


give it up; give the chance up = give up the chance

2. 动词+介词


如:listen to 听; look at 看; belong to 属于;

3. 动词+副词+介词

run out of 用完,耗尽

如:come up with 提出,想出

4. 动词+名词+介词

如:take part in参加 catch hold of 抓住

5. be+形容词+介词

如:be proud of 为??而感到骄傲; be angry with 发脾气




1. She a tree and had her arm broken.

2. How many languages can you ?

3. Please the sky, can you anything?

4. Have you the man called Xiao Shenyang?

5. My father a present from my brother yesterday, but he didn’ t it, because he was angry with him.

6. ——There is no ink in my pen, can I yours, Tom? use

——Oh, sorry, I’ ve it to our monitor.

7. I the orange on the top of the tree with a long stick.

8. We should smoking. It’ s not useful for your health.

9. You are clever. It’ s so easy for you to that problem.

5 I have a dream too!

10. It will us about 4 hours to clean the room.


1. They had to the 800-meter race bacause of the bad weather.

A. put on

A. looks after

A. thought up

A. handed in

A. set up

A. help him out

A. put, up

A. sold out B. put off B. looks down B. come up with B. hand out B. put up B. help he out B. full, of B. run out of C. get on C. looks up C. came over C. gave out C. calling up C. help out him C. fill, with C. come out D. get up D. looks out D. walked out 2. She often new words in the dictionary. It’ s a good habit. 3. They finally a plan and solved the problem. 4. At the beginning of test, the teacher the papers to us quickly. 5. Thank you for supporting the organization to help disabled people. 6. He has some trouble. Could you please ? 7. Do you believe a pet sometimes can your life pleasure? 8. Jimmy can’ t buy any new books because he has his money.

9. ——What are you doing now?

——I’ m writing to my cousin. He moved to America two weeks ago. He must be receiving my e-mail.

A. listening to


A. keep on

B. depend on C. decide on D. go on B. looking forward to C. hoping to D. looking for 10. Try to guess its meaning when you meet a new word. Don’ t your dictionary all the

1.The boy ______________________________ his mother.

2. Can you ___________________________________ a good way to learn English well?

3. The new hospital was _________________________________ in 2000.

5. Have you______________ this math problem?


Long ago,in a small village of Wakefield lived two farmers. Harry and Peter.Harry was very hardworking while Peter was ____1___.Every day Harry got up early and came home late,but Peter walked around for fun. One summer there was no ___2___ and the crops(庄稼)were dying.Harry thought,

“I must do something to save


4. I have ______________ money.

these crops,or they shall die.”With this ___3___ in mind,he went out to find a river so that he could dig a canal(沟渠)to his field.He walked on and on, feeling tired and thirsty.After a __4__ search,he found a river full of blue water.He was very happy.He started digging a canal to his field. ___5___ it was noon his wife sent their daughter to bring Harry home___6___ lunch.But Harry did not go.He did not want to leave his work

unfinished.He completed his work ___7____at night. He Was very satisfied. He went home, had a good meal and ____8___ into a sound sleep.

Peter did the same.But he was not at all determined(有决心的).He also___9___ digging a canal to his field but he didn’t have his work completed.His field did not get____10____ water

and all his crops died.

Harry’s field would be watered when needed.He had a good harvest because of his hard work.

( )1.A.cruel B.1azy C.careless D.silly

( )2.A.rain B.wind C.cloud D.river

( )3.A.feeling B.dream C.problem D.thought

( )4.A.quick B.long C.slow D.special

( )5.A.Whether B.Although C.When D.Unless

( )6.A.for B.to C.with D.at

( )7.A.early B.far C.1ate D.deep

( )8.A.fell B.1ooked C.turned D.walked

( )9.A.stopped B.1oved C:forgot D.started

( )10.A.clean B.enough C.1ittle D.fresh



A: Hello, Mr Green! I’d like to be a B: Sure. What of volunteer work would you like to do?

A: Well, I like working kids.

cleaning the parks.

B: OK. We need someone to read stories in the to cheer up the sick people.

shall I start.

B: You can do it any day you like.How about you?

A: Hello, Mr Green! I’d like to be a B: Sure. What of volunteer work would you like to do?

A: Well, I like working kids.

B: Do you know how to play with them? We need someone to help teach basketball.

A: No. I don’ t really like basketball. Is there anything that I can?

B: There is a job——cleaning the parks. It’ s every Sunday.

A: That’s not good. I help to take of my grandmother on Sundays.

B: Oh. I see. Here is another . Do you know how to repair a bicycle?

A: Sorry. I can’ t even mend my own bicycle.

B: OK. We need someone to read stories in the to cheer up the sick people.


shall I start.

B: You can do it any day you like.How about you?

A: No problem.

1._____________ 2.______________ 3.________________ 4.__________________ 5.____________________

6._____________ 7.______________ 8.________________ 9.__________________ 10.___________________


Teaching high school students in a poor mountain village in Shanxi Provice may not be your idea of fun. But it the life of Yang Lei from Beijing. The Peking University graduate went there as a volunteer. The program by the Ministry of Education and Youth League several years ago. Every year 100 volunteers are sent to the mountain areas. If you want to go, you must go to a camp. After training, only can go on the program. Life is new at first. The thin air made Yang Lei sick. Her father and mother her and asked her to work hard. Yang Lei loves the because they all work very hard. Sometimes the students get up at 5 a.m. English.Some families are very poor and often there is not much money for their children to school. “I will go there again some day.” said Yang Lei.

1._________________ 2.______________ 3.________________ 4.__________________ 5.________________

6._________________7.______________ 8.________________ 9.__________________ 10._______________


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