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八 年 级 英 语 试 卷



第一部分 听力(共四节,满分25分)

第一节 听句子,选出与句子内容相关的图画。每个句子听两遍。(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)

( )1.

( )2.

( )3.

( )4.

( )5.

第二节 听句子,选出与所听句子内容相符的正确答语。每个句子听两遍。(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)

第1页 共8页 ( )6. A. Oldies 102.1FM B. English C. Showtime Cinema ( )7. A. I can use yours. B. Sorry, you don’t. C. Yes, sure. ( )8. A. For 2 days. B. In 1981 C. She sneezed like that. ( )9. A. I’m going on vacation. B. To Tibet. C. By bike. ( )10. A. You’re welcome. B. Yes, I do. C. It’s relaxing. 第三节 听对话, 选出能回答问题的正确选项。每段对话听两遍。(共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分。) 听第一段对话,完成11—12题。

( )11. What was the man doing last week?

A. Reading a magazine. B. Writing a book. C. Travelling with his friend.

( )12. How is the woman’s daughter now?

A. She is very busy. B. She is ill C. She is better. 听第二段对话,完成13—15题。 ( )13.What does the woman do?

A. A teacher. B. A student. C. A businesswoman(商人).

( )14.What will the woman do on Tuesday night?

A. Study. B. See a film. C. Go out for dinner.

( )15.When will the party on Friday night start?

A. At 8:00 B. At 6:30 C. At 6:00


( )16.How many times did the man hear the hear the phone ring?

A. One or two times B. Two or three times C.Three or four times. ( )17.Where are they now ?

A.At home. B.In a zoo. C. In the office. 听第四段对话,完成18—20题。 ( )18. What’s Ted going to do?

A. Learn to play soccer B.Make a soccer team C. Join a soccer club ( )19. How is Ted going to do that?

A. Play soccer every day B. Practice basketball every day C. Work hard in the football team

( )20. What’s Lisa going to do next year?

ALearn to play soccer B.Learn to play the guitar C. Learn to play the piano

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( )21.A.Jimmy B.Mike C.McDonald’s ( )22.A.Birthday meal B.Seeing a film C.Swimming in the park ( )23.A.At the school B.At the park C.At the gate of the restaurant ( )24.A.11:50 B.11:45 C.11:30 ( )25.A.On foot B.By bus C.By like

第二部分 英语知识运用(共三节,满分40分)

第一节 词语释义(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分) 选出与句中划线部分意义最相近的解释。

( A. soon B. now C. later

( A. famous B. friendly C. great

( A. all the time B. all day C. every day

( A wild B. calm C. clever

( A. After that B. Finally C. In the future

第二节 单项填空(共25小题,每小题1分,满分25分) 从A、B、C、D四个选项中选择能填入空白处的正确答案。 ( )31.— ________ does she go to Tibet?

—Twice a month. A.How often B.How C.When D.How long

( )32.In North America, most students get to school ________.

A.take the bus B.in the bus C.by the bus D.by bus

( A. two B. two teaspoons C. two teaspoons of D. two teaspoon of ( )34. I am hungry. I would like to eat_______ . A. anything delicious B. delicious something

C. something delicious D. delicious anything

( )35. My best friend is very funny. He always makes me______.

A. laugh B. laughing C. to laugh D. laughs ( )36. —My mother was ill yesterday. —_________.

A. I am sorry. B. I’m sorry to hear that. C. Oh, she is poor. D. That’s Ok.

( ) 37、“________ give up (放弃), then you can be successful.”

A. Always B. Sometimes C. Never D. Please

( ) 38、 I’m a little bit ______. I want to drink some water.

A. hungry B. tired C. angry D. thirsty ( ) 39、—______are you staying there?—Just for two days.

A. How long B. When C. How often D. How many

第3页 共8页 ( )40、 I’m not feeling well. I to see a doctor tomorrow.

A. am going B. will C. am going to D. be going

( )41、Lily and Lucy are good math.

A. at B. for C. in D. with

( )42、—What are you doing for your vacation?—______________.

A. I’m going hiking. B. I went to the beach. C. I often go to the mountain. D. I like going bike riding.

( )43、My sister is only two years old, and I have to _____ her on Sunday.

A. look for B. look after C. look like D look at

( )44、You________ see the dentist when you have a toothache.

A. may B. need C. should D. can

( )45、He didn’A. yesterday B. tomorrow C. now D. in the future

( ) 46. _____ milk is there in the bottle?

A. How many B. How much C. How often D. How far ( )47. How many women workers are there in your factory? About two___.

A. hundreds B. hundred C. hundreds of D. hundred of

( )48. He _______some milk _______ the banana shake?

A. added; to B. added; in C. put; to D. added; /

( )49. This room is ____ small ____ hold(容纳) these people.

A. so, to B. too, that C. too, to D. so, that

( ) 50. She was born __________ January 13, 1998.

A. at B. in C. on D. from ( ) 51、—Who’s,Tom or Tim? —Tom is

A. quieter B. healthy C. Worst D. best ( ) 52、What did he start ______?

A. play piano B. playing piano C. playing the piano D. play the piano

( )53.Do you want__________ with me?

A. have supper B. has breakfast C. to have a meal D. having lunch ( )54、—What’s the matter, Tony? —I have ______fever.

A. an B. / C. a D. the

( )55、________is important to eat a balanced diet.

A. That B. This C. One D. It

第三节 完形填空(共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分) 从A、B、C、D四个选项中选择能填入空白处的正确答案。

Mr. Green a bank clerk. He is very . Every day he has to and talk with many people. So after work he’d like at home.

第4页 共8页

Every year he has a long vacation. At the of the vacation, he always takes a good rest and to meet some of his old friends. Last winter, he and his family went to Harbin to see snow. they don’t often see it here in Kunming, they a week there and really were to see the thick snow there.

Their son says, “We hope we are having this activity every year.” “Then ( )56. A. is B. was C. does D. did ( )57. A. thin B. heavy C. busy D. free ( )58. A. look B. pay C. meet D. listen

( )59. A. to laugh B. sitting C. laughing D. to sit ( )60. A .begin B. beginning C. close D. closing ( )61. A. have B. take C. has D. takes ( )62. A. And B. But C. So D. Because ( )63. A. took B. spent C. waited D. paid

( )64. A. surprised B. interested C. surpring D. interesting ( )65 .A. you B. your C. my D. me

第三部分 阅读理解(共15小题,每小题2分, 满分30分)


Dear Julie,

Last weekend was a busy time for our family.

On Saturday my parents went shopping for clothes at the mall. My brother Gary played basketball with his friends. My sister Gina stayed at home in the morning and played the piano. I stayed at home, too. I studied for a math test. In the afternoon I went to the beach. On Saturday night, my family and I had dinner at home. Then we went to the movies.

On Sunday morning, my family stayed at home. I cleaned my room, and Gary played computer games. In the afternoon my grandparents visited us. We were happy to see them. They stayed at our house for dinner. After dinner, we watched TV. I was tired on Sunday night. I went to bed early.

David 阅读短文,判断正(T)误(F):

( )66. David stayed at home on Saturday morning.

第5页 共8页 ( )67. Julie is Gary’s sister.

( )68. On Saturday evening David and his family went to the movies. ( )69. Gary cleaned his room on Sunday morning.

( )70. David went to visit his grandparents on Sunday evening.


( )71. Henry will have test.

A. a chemistry B. a math C. a piano D. an English ( )72. will have a birthday party.

A. Henry B. Alice C. Ted D. Henry’s grandpa ( )73. Ted will on Tuesday.

A. go to a move B. study for a test C. help his parents D. do homework ( )74. Henry and Ted both like .

A. playing tennisB. playing soccer C. fishing D. going to the movies ( )75. likes surfing the Internet.

A. Henry

B. Alice C. Ted D. Ted’s friends


Most children like watching TV. It’s very interesting. By watching TV they can see and learn a lot and know many things about their country and the world. Of course, they can also learn over the radio. But they can learn better and more easily on TV. Why? Because they can hear and watch at the same time. But they can’t see anything over the radio. TV helps to open children’s eyes. It helps to open their minds(智力) ,too. They learn newer and better ways of doing things.

Many children watch TV only on Saturday or Sunday evening. They are always busy with their classes. But a few children watch TV every night. They

第6页 共8页

go to bed very late. They can’t have a good rest. How about you, my young friends?


( .

A. are busy with their classes B. do their homework C. watch TV D. listen to the radio

( )77. Children can’t see anything .

A. in the radio B. over the radio C. on TV D. by watching TV

( )78.TV helps to open children’s.

A. eyes and minds B. minds C. ears D. eyes ( )79.----Why do many children watch TV only on Saturday or Sunday

A.TV is not good B. they don’t like watching TV C. they have no time D. they want to play tennis


A. they like to watch TV B. they can hear at the same time C. they can watch at the same time

D. they can hear and watch at the same time

第四部分 写作 ( 共三节,满分25分)

第一节 根据句意,用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。(共5小题.每小题1分,满分5分)

(wash) some clothes. (get)on the bus. _(visit)that factory last week. ___(look)after the little boy. ____ (cry).

第二节 将下列句子中汉语部分译成英语,注意使用适当的形式。(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)

86. She can by herself.(洗衣服) 87.He is a great (电影明星)?

88. He (到达学校) at 7:00 in the morning. (后天)? (超过) 50 students in my class. 第三节 书面表达(15分) 要求:

第7页 共8页 1. 根据所给题目及提示,用英语写一篇短文. 2. 意思表达连贯正确,语言流畅,卷面整洁。 3. 短文字数在60个左右。

请以My last day off为题进行写作。


八 年 级 英 语 试 卷 答 案


1—5 A A B A C 6—10 C C A B B 11—15 B C B C A 16—20 B A B A C 21—25 A A C C B 第二部分

26—30 B A B C B 31—35 A D C C A 36—40 B C D A A 41—45 A A B C A 46—50 B B A C C 51—55 A C C C D 56—60 A C C D B 61—65 C D B A B 第三部分

66—70 T F T F F 71-----75 A B C B C 76-----80 C B A C D 第四部分

81. washes 82. is getting 83. visited 84. look 85. cry 86. do the laundry\ do some washing 87. movie star

88. gets to school\ arrives at 89.the day after tomorrow 90. more than\ over 作文: 略

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