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clean water. In the future, it may be a big (4). So we should not w


(6) water during the daytime. Take shorter shower

(淋浴). Five to ten m (7) is enough. D (8) leave the

water running for a long time.

(10) water for years and years.


(2) last Monday

(7). A

at once. Jim had to stay in bed for a week and felt that he should be more c

(10) next time when he goes swimming.

综合填空(三)分数 ___________

remember many rules.

The next day, Mr White (5) up early in the morning and he wanted to v

(6) a famous museum. But he didn’t know the w(7), so he had to ask a

(8) English woman in the street. He spoke to (9) in English, but the

综合填空(四)分数 ___________

Most American families are smaller than the families in other countries.

Children in the USA will leave their homes when they grow up.

They usually live far from their parents because they want to find good (2).

They often w(4)


Parents usually (6) their children choose their own jobs. Americans think it


(9) their houses. And in many families,

children are (10) for doing some housework so that they can learn how to

make money for their own use.

综合填空(五)分数 ___________

He knows that things are now. But he forgets the old days. He likes to talk about them. He often (4) about his

favourite birds, the robins(知更鸟). “When I was a boy, these houses were not here. There were

wide fields and tall trees. Every (5) the robins came. Thousands of them

(6) . Some built

(9) there were no trees.


for the robins. They do not come any more.”

综合填空(六)分数 ___________

(1) a rich man in England. He had a lot of money,

(2) all the time.

One day he went to see an old man to ask about happiness. The old man had a look at him,

(4) many places,

up to the farmer and asked, “Could you tell me if you feel happy ?” “Yes, I’m quite happy,” the

farmer answered. “Please tell me how you have found happiness,” asked the rich man. The farmer

answered with a on his face. “That’s very easy. If you work h

(9) any worry, you’ll be the h

(10) man in the world.

综合填空(七)分数 ___________

(1) Year’s Day. People usually give parties to celebrate it. Then the

(3) their houses and do a lot of shopping. On the eve of the

festival, family members meet for a big dinner. After dinner they TV

welcome the New Year and wish each other good luck.

May 1 is Labor Day. Big celebrations are held in public places. Teachers’ Day is on S

(7) to their teachers to express (表达)

their (8). The Mid-autumn Festival comes in September or October. People

(10) moon. October 1 is our National Day. We usually have a get-together to celebrate it.

综合填空(八)分数 ___________

China. It has an area (地域) of about 36,000 square(平方) kilometers and it has a p


of over 22,000,000. Taiwan is rich in natural resources(自然资源(4)

(6) a lot of travellers come for a visit.

Taiwan has one part of China since ancient times (自古以来). Most

(8) from Fujian and Guangdong province. The people on

(9) of the straits (海峡(10) to unite (统

一) our motherland as soon as possible.

综合填空(九)分数 ___________

(2) everything at school and a teacher cannot teach his students everything they want to know. His

(4) how to think. So much more is to be learned outside school by the students t


(7) to learn something, but it is difficult to use it to solve problems. Great inventors do not get

(8) many things and change the world a


How can the inventors do all of this? One of the answers is: They know how to study. A lot of

things are not in the classroom. They get a lot of k

(10) by reading outside school. They work hard and never give up all their lives.

综合填空(十)分数 ___________

Someone says, “Time is money.” But I think time is even more i____________________(1)

than money. Why? B______________________(2) when money is

s______________________(3), we can get it back. But when time is gone, it’ll never return. That

is the reason(原因) that we mustn’t w_____________________(4) time.

It’s said that the time is usually limited(有限的). Even a second is very important. We should

make full use of our time to do something u_____________________(5).

But it is a p____________________(6) that there are a lot of people who do not know the

importance of time. They spent their time i__________(7) smoking, drinking and playing. They

don’t know that wasting time m________________________(8) wasting part of their own life.

In a word, we should s______________________(9) time, and never p______________(10)

off till tomorrow what you can do today. Remember we have no time to lose.


综合填空(一)1.wash 2.Without 3.enough 4.problem 5.waste 6.less 7.minutes

8.Don’t 9.save 10.clean

综合填空(二)1. swimming 2.hot 3.after 4.poeple 5.up 6.jumped 7.hurt 8.water

9.hospital 10.careful

综合填空(三)1.went 2.in 3.took 4.sure 5.got 6.visit 7.way 8.an 9.her


综合填空(四)1.parents’ 2.jobs 3.write 4.telephone 5.holidays 6.let 7.for

8.themselves 9.around 10.paid

综合填空 (五) 1.so 2.different 3.never 4.talks 5.spring 6.winter 7.down 8.didn’t

9.because 10.places

综合填空(六)1.was 2.unhappy 3.nothing 4.visited 5.either 6.working 7.smile 8.hard

9.without 10.happiest

综合填空(七)1.New 2.China 3.clean 4.watch 5.twelve 6.September 7.flowers

8.thanks 9.eat 10.round

综合填空(八)1.in 2.largest 3.poputation 4.for 5.beautiful 6.that 7.been 8.come

9.sides 10.wish

综合填空(九)1.useful 2.learn 3.work 4.and 5.themselves 6.important 7.easy 8.make

9.taught 10.knowledge

综合填空(十) 1.important 2.Because 3.spent 4.waste 5.useful 6.pity 7.in

8.means 9.save 10.put

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