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一、单词辨音(5分) ( ) 1. A. there C. those ( ) 2. A. teach C. watch ( ) 3. A. why C. what ( ) 4. A. know C. now ( )5. A. certainly C. clean

B. with D. thing B. school D. French B. where D. whose B. window D. yellow B. carry D. excuse

? ? ? ?

二、用所给单词的正确形式填空: (10分) 1. There ________(be) some fish in the bowl. 2. Does she like ____ (eat) cakes? 3. His father likes chicken and _____________(vegetable). ? 4. I never do ________(some) exercise. ? 5. We plan ___________(go) hiking this weekend. ? 6. I often go swimming _________(two) a week.

? 7. People need exercise _________(keep) healthy. ? 8. She is good at __________(play) basketball. ? 9. Please give me eight _________(glass) of milk. ? 10. We can eat meat every day without __________(get) fat if we take exercise often.

三、选择填空: (15分) 1. A: What do you have ________ lunch? B: I have ______ egg and a carton of milk. A. at, an B. for, an C. for, an D. with, the 2. How many ___________ and how much ____________ can you see on the table? A. meat, water B. orange, lemons C. apples, bread D. pears, cakes 3. I’d like a cup _____tea. What ____ you? A. of, of B. with, about C. of, about D. for, and

4. ____________ can help you keep healthy. A. Do exercise B. Doing exercise C. Did exercise D. Does exercise 5. A: Would you like __________? B: No, thanks. A. some soup B. any soup C. some soups D. any soups 6. A: How many sheep __________ there on the grass? B: Let me see. Oh, there _______ only one. A. are, are B. is, is C. is, are D. are, is

7. I want three ______of ___ . A. cup, tea B. cups, teas C. cups, tea D. cup, tea 8. A: Who are they? B: They’re ___________. A. woman doctor B. women doctor C. woman doctors D. women doctors 9. Are you going to buy two _____________? A. kilos of mangoes B. kilos of mango C. kilo of mangoes D. kilo of mango

10. A: How often do you play tennis? B: ____________. A. Twice B. In the afternoon C. At school D. Every day 11. We eat meals three __________ a day. A. time B. some times C. some time D. times 12. Can you finish ___________ that picture before nine? A. drawing B. to draw C. draw D. draws

13. Thank you __________ me the presents. A. for give B. to sending C. for sending D. to send 14. A: Happy New Year! B: _______________ A. The same to you. B. Thanks a lot C. I’m happy D. You are good. 15. Can you help me ____________ my English? A. on B. at C. with D. to

四、句型转换: (10分) 1. What fruit do you like best?(同义句) ________ is ______ _________ fruit? 2. We sleep about nine hours every night. (对划线 部分提问) _______ ________ do you sleep every night? 3. She plans to go swimming twice a week. (对划线 部分提问) _______ ________ ______ she _________ to go swimming? 4. I’d like two kilos of apples. (对划线部分提问) _____ ________ kilos of apples would you like?

5. There are some eggs in the box. (改为单数形式) There is ________ _______

__ in the box. 五、根据汉语提示用正确的词填空 (10分) 1. I will _____________(搬) two bags of rice to your home. 2. Jack and his friend are ___________(躺) on the grass. 3. There are some ___________(女) teachers in the office. 4. I often eat a lot of ______________(花生). 5. He likes having _______________(汤).

6. Fish can’t live ___________(没有) water. 7. How many ___________(公斤) of sugar do we need? 8. Kate usually drinks a ___________(瓶) of milk for breakfast. 9. There are five ____________(小刀) on the shelf. 10. I need a lot of ____________(能量) to dance.

六、汉译英 (8分) 1.学好英语对我们来说是重要的。 It’s very ______for ___ ___ ___ English well. 2.让我们用颜料涂墙吧。 Let's _______ the walls _________ ! 3. 他们给我能量,但是他们不健康。 They ______me _______ but they are __________ ____________. 4.如果他们不招待我们,我们就捉弄他们。 ___ they _______give us a ______, we can _____ a ______ on them.

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