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Ⅰ. 单项选择 (15分)

( ) 1. — The little girl her seat to the old man on the crowded bus. — What a kind girl!

A. took B. brought C. borrowed D. offered

( ) 2. Our newspaper every Tuesday.

A. looks out B. comes out C. takes out D. turns out

( ) 3. She is planning on hiking. Let’s help her some good ideas.

A. look up B. make up C. use up D. come up with

( ) 4. I work very hard because I don’t want to my parents.

A. let down B. give up C. break off D. deal with

( ) 5. Those books are yours, and the rest mine.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

( ) 6. — You are a good girl. You dealt with the thing well. — Thank you.

A. even B. such C. probably D. fairly

( ) 7. — Don’t worry. Mum will come to solve the problem.

— she won’t come?

A. Why not B. What about C. What if D. How about

( ) 8. — I’m going to Larry’s party. But I don’t know what to wear.

— If I you, I wear a dress.

A. am; will B. were; will C. were; would D. am; would

( ) 9. I can’t send an e-mail. Would you please teach me it?

A. how doing B. when to do C. what doing D. how to do

( ) 10. — Is she really ill?

— . She’s in hospital.

A. I am afraid so B. I hope so C. Not at all D. Help yourself

( ) 11. — Come and join us, Jimmy!

— I’m sorry, but I’m really busy now. If I time, I would certainly go.

A. have B. have had C. had D. will have

( ) 12. If the teacher us any homework tomorrow, we will go bike riding.

A. gives B. doesn’t give C. will give D. won’t give

( ) 13. After the discussion, the students asked their teacher next.

A. which to do B. what to do C. how to do D. when to do

( ) 14. — What about playing football this afternoon, Sam?

— I would rather at home than football. It’s too hot outside.

A. stay; play B. stay; playing

C. to stay; to play D. to stay; playing

( ) 15. — What is your Chinese teacher like? —

A. He is tall and thin. B. Sorry, I don’t like him.

C. He is strict but friendly. D. He doesn’t look well today.

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