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一、听力(共20小题;1-10每小题1分,11-20每小题2分 计30分)

A) 从A、B、C三幅图中找出与你所听内容相符的选项。听两遍。

( ) 1. What fruit does Kitty like?


B. C.

( )2.What does the boy often do after school in spring? A B



)3.What does Millie do at 7:30 today?



( )4. What sport does Tommy like best?




B. 根据所听的内容,选择正确答案。听两遍。

( ) 5. When is Millie?s birthday?

A. Friday B. Saturday.

( ) 6 . What?s her telephone number?

七年级英语 第1 页 共 8 页 C. Sunday.

A. 84351978 B. 84561968 C. 83561958

( ) 7. What colour is Lily?s blouse?

A. White. B. Red. C. Black.

( ) 8. What does Millie like best?

A. Noodles. B. Rice. C. Dumplings.

( ) 9. How does the girl?s school look?

A. Beautiful. B. Big. C. Clean.

( ) 10. Where are they talking?

A. In a library. B. In a bookshop C. In the classroom.

C. 听对话,选择正确答案。


( )11. Are Amy and her cousin at home now?

A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren?t. C. We don?t know.

( )12. Who?s playing a new computer game?

A. Amy. B. Her cousin. C. Amy and her cousin.

( )13 A、Two B、Three C、Nine ( )14 A、By bike B、On foot C、By bus

( )15 A、Playing the violin B、Playing the piano C、Playing the guitar


( )16. How many Chinese festivals does this passage(短文) talk about?

A. One. B. two. C. Three. ( )17. What kind of name does each Chinese year have?

A. A plant name. B. An animal name. C. A family name. ( )18. What do Chinese people do on New Year?s Eve(除夕)?

A. They clean their houses.

B. They visit their friends.

C. They have a big dinner.

( )19. What do people do on Chinese New Year?s Day?

A. They put on their new clothes and go to visit their friends.

B. They are busy shopping.

C. They stay up late to welcome the New Year.

( )20. What is this passage about?A. It?s about animals.

B. It?s about Spring Festival.

C. It?s about a big dinner.

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( )21. 选出下列划线部分发音与众不同的选项。

( )22.找出下列选项中含有/ u:/ 的选项。

A. book B. good C. food D. look

( )23. There is “u” and _______“m” in the word“ umbrella ”and there is umbrella behind the door.

A. a; an ;the B. an; a;the C. a; an ;an D. an; a;an

( )24.Does Sandy go swimming ________ Sunday morning ?

A. in B. on C. / D. at

( )25. Where _____ your English teacher come from?

A. do B. is C. does D. are

( your e-dog?

A. look at B. look after C. look up D. look over

( )27. ________ is fun. I like ________.

A. Read; reading B. Reading; read

C. Reading; reading D. Read ; read

( )28. The library _________ at weekends. You may borrow books you like.

A. closes B. is closed C. opening D. is open

( )29. It?s time ______ us ______ have lunch now.

A. to; to B. for; to C. with; to D. of; to

( )30. The parents? meeting begins at 3:30. After that, I?d like ____________

Mum around the school.

A. to show B. showing C. to see D. seeing

( )31. There ________ a lot of juice in the fridge.

A. has B. is C. are D. have

( )32 Simon with Andy sometimes _____ me with my Maths. I _____ well in it.

A. helps; am not B. help; don?t do

C. help; am not D. helps; don?t do

( )33.---________ woman is Daniel?s mother? ---The one in the red coat.

A. What B. Where C. Who D. Which

( )34.---______ do you sleep every day ? --- For 8 hours.

A. How often B. How long

C. How far D. How soon

( ) 35---What about buying some stamps ? I know he likes collecting them.


A .You are welcome B. Good idea.

C. That?s all right. D. Not at all


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Dear Kitty,

How are you? I?very big and you like your school very much .And mine is big and beautiful .

My best friend is Sally . We are in the _38_class. We often help each other. I teach Chinese food. Hmm! How much I like Chinese food! _44_there. After school, I like to play tennis, but she likes to play football. We_45_like to play badminton, so we always play badminton together at weekends. It is easy for me to get_46_ after so much exercise. I go to the Badminton Club _47_Tuesday to Friday .Our_48_ badminton player is Lin Dan, China?s top player in the badminton world. We always watch his games and listen to radio programmes(节目) about him. The news makes _49_ happy and excited. Today Sally _50_ to write an article(文章) about Lin Dan .

I am looking forwards to seeing you !



( )36. A. happy B. sorry C. welcome D. late

( )37. A. my B. mine C. your D. yours

( )38. A. big B. small C. same D. some

( )39. A. teach B. teachs C. teaches D. to teach

( )40.A. with B. of C. on D. in

( )41.A.chat B.chatting C. chats D. chating

( )42.A. what B. how C. when D. which

( )43.A. far B. near C. big D. beautiful

( )44.A getting B. gets C. to get D. get

( )45.A three B. all C. both D. too

( )46.A. sorry B. strong C. tired D. angry

( )47.A. from B. between C. on D. at

( )48. A. best B. good C. well D. favourite

( )49. A. we B. us C. our D. ours

( )50.A. want B. wanting C. wants D. to want



Millie is a Chinese girl. Millie is her English name. She likes English best. So she reads English every morning. At school, she studies hard and often talks to her friends in English. She likes listening to her MP3. Her father gives it to her on her birthday . Does Mary like sports? No, she doesn?t. But she likes music. She can play the guitar. Millie has a happy family. Her father is a doctor and her mother is a teacher. Her parents like her very much. And all the teachers and her friends like her, too.

( )51. Millie is from ________.

A. the USA B. Canada C. China D. England

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( )52. ________ is her favourite subject. A. English B. Chinese C. History D. Maths ( )53. Are Millie?s parents teachers ? ____________

A. Yes , they aren?t B. No , they are C.Yes ,they are D. No, they aren?t B

There are 6 people in my family. They are my parents, my sister, my brother, his wife (妻子)and I. In America , a family like this is a very big one. My father is a boss (老板). He has a company(公司)with 200 people . My mother is an art(美术) teacher. My brother is a doctor. He works in a hospital(医院). His wife works in a hospital, too. She is a nurse . My sister is student. She likes singing very much and can sing very well. So she wants to be a singer(歌手). She studies hard and well. I?m now in China teaching English and learning Chinese. ( )54. Where do I come from?

A. China B. America C. England D. Canada

( )55. Where am I now ?

A. In China B. In America C. In England D. In Canada

( )56. Who works in a school in my family?

A. My sister B. I and my mother C. My father D. My brother

( )57. My brother and his wife work _________.

A. as teachers B. as nurses C. as doctors D. in a hospital

( ) 58. Daniel has _______ on Wednesday.

A. rice B. chicken C. pizza D. noodles ( ) 59. Daniel?s favourite sport is_______.

A. volleyball B. tennis C. yo-yo D. football ( ) 60. What time does Daniel get up?

A. 6:00a.m. B. 7:00p.m. C. 7:10a.m. D. 7:15a.m.

( ) 61. On evenings , Daniel can?t_______.

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A. watch TV B. do his homework

C. play computer games D. visit friends


In the United States, every year, Thanksgiving Day is on the fourth Thursday of November. Because Canada is north of the United States, and is colder. The harvest comes earlier in the year.In Canada, people have Thanksgiving Day on the second Monday in October.

The harvest brings a lot of food to the people.On Thanksgiving Day people in Canada and America like to have a big meal with their friends and family just like Chinese people do at Mid—Autumn Festival. Many Canadians and Americans put flowers, vegetables and fruits around their homes to say “Thank you” for the harvest.

At a Thanksgiving Day dinner, many Canadians and Americans will eat turkey, potatoes, and pumpkins pie.These are food like the food of many years ago.They are saying “Thank you” for the harvest that comes every year.

( )62.Which country has the Thanksgiving Day like the United States?

A. Japan B. China C. Canada D. Korea

( )63.In the United States, Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday of


A. January B. May C. November D. December

( )64.The harvest brings___________ to people.

A. flowers B. turkeys C. food D. pumpkins

( )65.What do people usually say on Thanksgiving Day for the harvest?

A. Good morning B. I?m hungry C. Hello D. Thank you.



66.---Which subject do you like best? ---_____________ (地理)

67.---Do you like ________(购物) ?--- Yes ,I often go to the Lotte Mart in Guanyun

68.People often ___________(敲)on their neighbors? doors and shout “trick or treat”.

69.Do you have _________________ (足够)money to buy an iphone 4s ?

70.--- Can I help you ? --- I?d like some ______________(西红柿)

C_____71_____ is coming soon . It is on 25th ,December every year . It is the most i_____72_____festival in Western countries .It is about family and friends , fun and food . People all over the world c_____73_____ it .People sing songs and carols and eat different kinds of delicious food. Children like it b____74____ they can get and give p____75___ to each other .


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76. --- ________________ do you take a walk ? --- Sometimes .

77. How nice the hair clip is ! I think it ______________ your T-shirt well .

78. Wendy with her friends _______________ her face on Halloween .

79.Do you __________________________ at the party ?

80.My father ________________ to work on Sunday . He stays at home .

81.Please buy _______________________ for me when you go to the supermarket .

82.Thank you for ___________ me ______________ the Halloween.

83.He loves hamburgers and cola . He needs _______________________________.

84.Daniel ___________________, so he goes to the kitchen to look for some bread .

85.If people don?t give us a treat , we can _______________________ them .


86. I ________________________________ (计划去游泳) every week .

87. She ________________________________(跳舞半个小时) every day .

88.We hope his dream___________________(实现).

89.Please _________________________ ( 为…作好准备)the singing competition!

90.Maybe he isn?t _________________________ (感兴趣) music .



Do you know Uncle Bird ? His name is Psy . He is 35 years old . He is from Korea. He has twin daughters(女儿) . He is famous for Gangnam Style (江南style) . What does it mean ?

In Korea , the Gangnam district (江南地区) is full of So this style represents(代替) fashion . Many famous stars invite him to their concerts. He flies all over the world to give shows so that( 因此) he doesn?t have much time to rest. Do you know Chengjun ? He studies his MV and creats(创造) Lianyungang style. When people watch the MV ,they try (尝试)to learn the riding-horse dance(骑马舞) .

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1、我的名字叫 Simon ,我又高又强壮,留着短发,带着眼镜。




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