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Unit 1
Where did you go on vacation?


Free talk

Where did you go on vacation?

the Great Wall

the beach

Where did you go on vacation?

teacher visited their teacher visited museums

What did you do on vacation?

I went bike riding.

What did you do for vacation?

We went fishing

went to summer camping

went to the mountains


1. Can you _____ a name for the cute dog? C

A. think about
C. think of

B. think over
D. think for

A 2. I’m going to ______ the plan. A. think about C. think of B. think at D. think for

3. She’s planning ______ a vacation A next week.

A. to take B. taking C. for taking D. on take 4. I miss my parents a lot. I can’t wait ______ them. C A. for seeing B. for C. to see D. to seeing

5. --What are you doing for vacation?

B --____________________.
A. Go to see a movie D. Went to see a movie
C. To go to see a movie

B. Going to see a movie

D 6. It is a ____ trip. You will feel very___.
A. relaxing; relaxing
C. relaxed; relaxed

B. relaxed; relaxing
D. relaxing; relaxed

7. I just finished_____ my homework. A
A. doing B. to do

C. do --_____ a week.
A. When; About

D. to doing

C 8. --_____ are you going to stay there? B. How; For

C. How long; For

D. What; About


Fill in the blanks with the proper


for 1. What are you doing vacation? 2.___ is going camping with his friends. He ____ 3. She is going ___ for 15th. on 4. We are staying ___ two weeks. for 5. Show me your photos when we get back __ school. to 6. He’s going hiking ___ the mountains. in 7. What’s the weather ____ today. like

8.Can I ask you some questions about _____ Vacation plans? 9. She’s leaving ___ Hong Kong on Tuesday. for

10. He decided ___ going to Beijing. on

? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

常用的感叹句的结构: 1)What +adj.+ 复数名词 / 不可数名词+主语+谓语! 2)What +a/an+adj.+可数名词单数+主语+谓语! 3)How +adj. +a/an+可数名词单数+主语+谓语! 4)How+adj./adv. +主语+谓语! eg: 1.What an interesting book it is! = How interesting a book is! 那本书多么有趣啊! 2.____a clever girl she is! A.Who B.What C.How D.Where 3. clever a girl she is! A.Who B.What C.How D.Where 4._____important jobs they have done! A.What B.Who C.How D.Where 5._____sweet water it is! A.Who B.What C.Where D. How 6._____interesting the dog is! A.Who B.What C. Where D. How

Let’s go camping
What do we do when we go camp? First, we work out a plan. We take food, clothing, a knife, and things for cooking and eating. We take things to keep us away from insects and the sun. Then we put everything into the car and we drive to the woods. We look for a place for campers (露营者) and we look for a good place for our tent(帐篷). The place should have a lot of moving air. This will keep some insects (虫子) away. High land with water on both sides of it is good. Then we put up our tent. We put everything into the tent, and we

are ready for fun. We can swim in the lake, walk in the woods, climb a mountain, row a boat, or go fishing. In the evening we come back to the tent, we build a big fire because it can keep the insects away. We sit around the fire and talk. We may tell interesting stories or we may sing songs. At night we lie down on the grass. We can look up at the stars. It is a busy day, so we try to go to sleep early. Everything is dark. Everything is quiet. We hope we won’t hear music from the radio in the next tent. We hope it won’t rain.

A 1. Before going to camp we should first ___________. A. draw up a plan B. take some food C. take things to keep us warm D. take something for cooking and eating 2. We go to camp _________. B A. by bus B. by car C. by bike D. on foot 3. Campers can take part in ________ activities. C A. one or two B. only a few C. many D. two or three C 4. In the evening we build a fire because ________. A. it is cold at night B. it can keep us warm C. it can keep the insects away D. it is dark and quiet 5. The campers like to ____ at night. B A. hear music from the radio B. go to sleep early C. have rain D. be busy

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