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九年级,unit 12 单词,选择,句子

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九年级英语单元自测题Unit 12


1、摇动、震动 v. 2、风俗,习惯 n.

3、鞠躬,弯腰 v. 4、放松的,宽松的 adj. 5、擦,抹,揩 v. 6、问候,打招呼 v.

7、刺,戳,插 v. 8、粗鲁的,无礼的 9、指,指向 10、(常pl.) 礼貌,礼仪n.

11、逐渐地,渐渐地 12、特殊地,独特地 13、垃圾,废物 n. 14、不熟悉的,陌生的15、挤满,充满 v. 16、情感,感情n.

17、试验,实验 18、满意的,高兴的 adj. 19、通常,正常的 20、称赞,恭维 二.单项选择

1. ---Who taught____________ French?

---Nobody, he learned all by _________.

A. himself; his B. he; himself C. him; himself D. your; mine

2,. The spaceship __________ will be launched (发射) in 2008 will be called

Shenzhou VII. A. who B. that C. what D. when

3 .We must do something to stop people from __________.

A. to throw litter about B. to throw litter into

C. throwing litter about D. throwing litter into

4.--You' ve never seen dinosaur eggs, have you?

--____________. How I wish to visit the Dinosaur World!

A. Yes, I have B. No, I haven' t C. Certainly, I have D. Of course, I haven' t

5. The woman with two Children_________ for nearly one and a half hours.

A. have left B. has left C. have been away D. has been away

6. ---David has made great progress recently! (近来). ---______, and ________.

A. So he has; so have you B. So he has; so you have

C. So has he; so you have D. So has he; so have you

7 . It is over_________ from Shijiazhuang to Beijing.

A. three hours' drive B. three hour's drive

C. three hours' drives D. three hours drive

8 . Oh, this is really a big shop. Do you know When it_________ ?

A. built B. was built C. has built D. has bean built

9.--Mum, could I have an MP3 like this?

--Certainly, we can buy___ one, but as good as this. The price of this kind is a little

high. A. a cheap B. a cheaper C. a small D. a smaller

10. ---This is _________song I' ve told you about. Isn’t it ________beautiful one?

A. the, a B. the, the C. a, a D,a, the

11. After class, I like playing computer games and chatting______ my friends____the Internet. A. to; by B. with; on C. for; in D. about; through.

12. We'll try our best to do the work with_________ money and _________ people.

A. few; little B. little, few C. less; fewer D. fewer; less

13. --Must I park my car behind-the building?

--NO, you ________ .You ___________ park it here.

A. mustn't; may B. may not; must C. don' t have to; may D. shouldn' t; must

14. I won' t leave my office until my work___________.

A. finish B. will finish C. are finished D. is finished

15. ---could you tell me__________?---Yes. To take back my dictionary.

A. why did you come here B. when do you come here

C. why you came here D. when you come here

16.________ of them knows French, so I have to ask a third person for help.

A. Neither B. Either C. Both D. None

17. The food on the plate smells________. You can' t eat it.

A. delicious B. badly C. well D. bad

18.---Jimmy, your books are everywhere on you desk.

---Oh, sorry. I' ll________ right now.

A.put them away B. put them up C. put them on D. put them down

19._________ exercise you take, ________ you will feel.

A. Much; healthy B. the more; the healthier C. more; healthier

20. Mary said she preferred to_________ rather than_______ TV.

A. swimming; watching B. swim; watching C. swim; watch


1、我认为你本应该问一问你应该穿什么。(be supposed to)

2、我们经常拜访朋友的家。(drop by)

3、他们特地让我有宾至如归的感觉。( go out of)

4、许多电子邮件英语词汇也许对我们很陌生。(look unfamiliar to)

5、你可以轻松的学习。(learn …by oneself)

6、你用筷子指着别人是不礼貌的。(point at)

7、我逐渐习惯了一些事情。(get used to)

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