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1.Mary sometimes goes shopping.( 划线提问) 2.He usually plays basketball on Friday afternoon. ( 划线提问) 3.She often goes shopping .(改一般问句) 4.Most students do homework every day. ( 划线提问)

5.My favorite program is Animal World. ( 划 线提问)

6. He eats something for lunch. (改为否定 句) 7.It started about two days ago. ( 划线提问) 8.I am going skating with Tom. ( 划线

提问) 9.Show your photos to me when you get back to school.(改同义句)

10.She is going shopping on Saturday. ( 划线提 问) 11.Tom takes a bus to get to school every day. ( 划线提问)

12.It’s about 6 kilometers from my home to the station. ( 划线提问) 13.Mr Green often takes a boat to work.( 改同意 句) 14.My sister takes a subway to the park.改一般问 句)

15.It takes 25 minutes to walk to the zoo. ( 划线提问)

16.He goes to school on foot. ( 划线 提问)
17.It takes him about five minutes to get home by bus. ( 划线提问) 18.Linlin’s home is about 10 kilometers from school. ( 划线提问)

19.Tom takes the bus to go to school. (改同意句)

20.Her bike is not as new as yours. (改同意句)
21.Jim is twelve years old. Tim is twelve years old, too.(改同意句)

22.His desk is smaller than your desk. (改同意句)

23.This book is not as interesting as that book.(改同意句) 24.The boys have to practice soccer every day.(该一般疑问句) 25. This book is not as interesting as that book.(改同意句

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