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1. wear glasses 2.be interested in 3. on the swim team 4. speak in front of a group

5.walk to school 6.chew gum a lot 7.go right home 8.chat with sb

9.read comics 10.pay more attention to 11.to his surprise 12.in the end= at last 13worry about 14an eight-year-old boy 15decide (not) to do 16 It’s+形+for sb to do sth


1. be afraid/ terrified of doing= be afraid to do 害怕做某事

例如:I am afraid/terrified of speaking in front of the class

I am afraid to speak in front of the class.

2.spend…doing= it takes sb some time to do sth 某人花费时间做某事

Spend…on = pay… for 某人花费多少钱做某事

例如: I spend an hour doing my homework every night.

It takes me an hour to do my homework every night.

3. it seems that = sb seem to 似乎做某事

例如,It seems that she changed a lot. =She seems to change a lot.

4..decide to =make a decision to 决定做某事

5.give up doing =stop doing 放弃做某事

6.no longer =not …any longer no more= not… any more 不再……

7.take pride in= be proud of 以…为骄傲


1. I used to be afraid of being alone.

2. He used to wear glasses, didn’t he?

3. I’m more interested in sports.

4. He used to be on the swim team.

5. I go to sleep with my bedroom light on.

6. I used to eat candy all the time.

7. I use to spend a lot of tome playing games with my friends.

8. I hardly ever have time for concerts.

9. My life has changed a lot in the last few years.

10. His mother couldn’t afford to pay for her child’s education. afford to do sth负担得起做某事

11. 12. He was not interested in studying and he often got into trouble with the police

13. In the end, she made a difficult decision.

14. Even though my father was no longer with us.

15. He always takes pride in everything good I do.

16. I have tried to make my mother pay more attention to me.

17. It’s important for parents to be there for their children.

18. How was he able to change.

19. She didn’t give up trying to help him. give up doing 放弃做某事

20. He doesn’t play tennis any more




1.戴眼镜 2.对---感兴趣 3.在游泳队 4.在众人面前讲话

5.步行上学 6.嚼很多口香糖 7.直接回家 8.和某人聊天

9.读漫画书 10.更多关注于 11.令他吃惊的是 12.最后

13 担心人或物 14一个八岁男孩 15决定(不)做某事 16 对某人来说做某事怎样


1. 我过去常常害怕独处。

2. 他过去戴眼镜,对吗?

3. 我对体育更感兴趣。

4. 他过去在游泳队中。

5. 我开着灯睡觉。

6. 我过去吃大量的糖。

7. 我过去和朋友花大量的时间玩游戏。

8. 我几乎没有时间去听音乐会。

9. 我的生活在过去的几年里发生了很大的变化。

10. 他的母亲负担不起孩子的教育费用。

11. 他尽可能好地照顾好他。

12. 他对学习不感兴趣,经常和警察发生冲突。

13. 最好,她做出了一个艰难的决定。

14. 尽管父亲不和我们在一起了。

15. 他对我所做的每一件好事感到骄傲。

16. 我尽力使我的母亲更加关注我。

17. 对父母来说和孩子在一起是非常重要的。

18. 他是如何变化的。

19. 他没有放弃尽力去帮助他。

20. 他不再打网球了。


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